5 Secret mistakes made by all Public Speakers in 2021

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1. The skill to speak with anyone and without hesitation.
2. The subtle art of not giving a damn to anyone when it comes to Public Speaking.
3. Being the change maker once and forever.
4. Learning a highly paying skill in just 30 minutes


  • You need to be passionate to believe, free to dream and hungry to learn


Actions speak louder than words. This is the complete and one of the most comprehensive courses on Udemy.

Public Speaking has been one of the most ignored and feared topics.

But we've got you covered, now onwards you are really going to enjoy every bit of speaking in public and that's the bottom line. We all love to share our thoughts and express our views with our friends and family so why not let's expand and diversify our range and reach and why not spread our wings and conquer all unknown territories.

"THE BEST WAY TO PREDICT FUTURE IS BY CREATING IT," said Abraham Lincoln and that is what we believe because you believe and you become.

This course is all about the tips, tricks, and techniques we all or rather say anyone can use to be a good Public Speaker.

The benefits of this course are:-

1. You will learn a lot about Public Speaking within 30 minutes.

2. A live one on one with me when you end this course.

3. Learn every tip and trick that will make you a better public speaker

If you want to change your future and create a better future for yourself then,

I will see you in class.


Manas Roy.

Who this course is for:

  • Whoever is ready to live life on his/her terms.
  • Beginners in Public Speaking
  • Intermediate students interested in public speaking
  • Advanced students interested in learning Public Speaking


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Manas Roy | GenAI Instructor
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"The future is now..."

Manas has taught over 60000 students globally and is now spreading the wisdom of Cryptos and NFTs and Blockchain and is a huge supporter of Defi and Web 3.0.

He believes that education and that too of Web 3.0 can be one of the biggest changes in human history for everyone.

The best way to educate someone is by edutaining them which means teaching them something valuable in an entertaining way. That's the trend of the century and we all are in the process of making education entertaining for everyone in this world.

Education should not and should never be restricted to the narrow walls of richness, classism, racialism, and discrimination, that is why Manas is trying to make education available to all and in the simplest of ways possible. Education was, is, and always will be for every human being present on this Earth.

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