The 100K Coaching Program Introduction

How to grow a thriving hypnotherapy, coaching & NLP business online from scratch (without funnels, ads or free sessions)
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How to make money as a hypnotherapist
How to make morney as a coach
How to grow a coaching & hypnotherapy business from scratch
How to correctly set up and operate a coaching & hypnotherapy business
How to find the correct niche, price their service and find paying clients online


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How to grow a thriving hypnotherapy, coaching & NLP business from scratch (without funnels, ads or free sessions)

Welcome the introduction to my 100K Coaching Program.

This program has been designed to help you grow a thriving hypnotherapy, coaching & NLP business from scratch...without...

  1. Paying for ads or funnels

  2. Giving away free sessions

  3. Networking

  4. Writing a book

  5. Or using any confusing technology and software.

This program has been responsible for helping 100s of hypnotherapist & coaches start their business from scratch - to operating the fastest growing businesses in the industry.

The 100K Coaching Program is a proven 7-week online program that teaches you how to build your business from scratch.

Without: paid ads, funnels free challenges or free sessions. Our direct focus on finding your profitable niche, pricing, Youtube marketing, Facebook marketing, business tracking, scaling, systems and automation has helped our students start and grow their business from scratch to dominating their niche, business, sales, social media and scaling within just months.

During this mini-course, you will have FREE access to 3 very important videos from Module number 1:

You will learn:

  1. It’s all systems (Input – process – outputs - asymmetry system)

  2. Systems thinking – Systems lens

  3. Becoming T shaped

  4. Antifragile parts

  5. Compounding momentum and growth

  6. The offer equation

  7. Pricing your service correctly

  8. MOS packaging

  9. Action item: Monthly Income Business metrics

Being this is just an introduction to our program you will not have access too

  1. All of the worksheets and action items.

  2. Our private Facebook group

  3. Personal mentoring with me

But these lessons will show you exactly what can be done with your business, operations, systems and scaling when you follow these exact steps.

Welcome to the program.

-Scott Jansen

Who this course is for:

  • Hypnotherapists
  • Coaches
  • Life coaches
  • Health coaches
  • NLP
  • Healers
  • Entrepreneurs

Course content

1 section6 lectures1h 47m total length
  • It's all systems
  • Inputs/process/Outputs system - How we build your business from scratch
  • Becoming T-Shaped - anti-fragile systems thinking
  • Getting clear on your niche (blue ocean niche)
  • Pricing your services correctly using MOS
  • Pricing your business correctly + metric business tracking sheet


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Scott Jansen
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Hi! And welcome to my programs.

My name is Scott Jansen and after a career as a hypnotherapist helping lawyers quit smoking my passion now is helping more than 1500 coaches, hypnotherapists, NLPs, and healers start, grow and scale their business online, and trained more than 22,000 students globally master advanced conversational hypnosis and build the best reputation in the industry.

With over 1500+ success stories for 6 figure and multiple 6 figure businesses. This has helped our students generate over $6,000,000 in extra revenue for their business.

I realised that by focusing on the core elements of business - just like them - you can start and grow a successful business too.

With complete focus on:

*Conversational Hypnosis

*Advanced Conversational Hypnosis

*Advanced Covert Hypnosis

*Inputs/process/Auto/Output system and protocol set up – business infostructure.

*Niche/Solution/Offer/Price system for finding profitable niches.

*MOS service/packaging (speed, less moving parts, less effort, less friction)

*Reverse engineering specialist offers to be unique in oversaturated niches.

*PCV specialist pricing structure. – Monthly retainer structure and presentation.

*Future value pricing/by-product pricing and presentation – Future Value deck.

*Automated organic client attraction systems – automated VA system.

*Asymmetry tracking for long term profits.

*Productising your service for scaling into a new niche.

So, if you’re looking to master conversational hypnosis, build your hypnotherapy and coaching business – my courses are for you.

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