Automating Web/Mobile/API applications with TestProject

An community driven test automation tool to automate everything !
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (183 ratings)
17,554 students
Automating Web/Mobile/API applications with TestProject
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (183 ratings)
17,554 students
Complete understanding of working with TestProject
Complete understanding of working with android app automation
Complete understanding of working with iOS app automation
Complete understanding of working with Web app automation
Working with advanced concepts of TestProject


  • Basic understanding on Web application automation with Selenium
  • Basic understanding on mobile application automation with Appium/Xamarin
  • Basic understanding of Java

Automating Web/Mobile/API applications with TestProject course is designed to show the rich unified features TestProject has got.

TestProject is Web based automation testing platform which is aimed to test applications such as

  • Web

  • Android

  • iOS

  • API

In all the platforms such as

  • Windows 10

  • MacOS

  • Linux

The unique cross-platform power of TestProject differentiates itself from different automation tool sets available in the market.

TestProject is the first ever tool to support running iOS mobile application testing from Windows or Linux environment, thanks to the modern Web service workers and Web platform to make it happen.

This course curriculum is aimed to cover all the different testing platform support from complete basic though advanced. As that said, this course covers topics such as

  • Automation iOS applications (Native and Hybrid)

  • Automation Android applications (Native and Hybrid)

  • Automation Web applications (Cross browser support)

  • Understanding the power of TestProject tool set

  • Extending TestProject with Addons

  • Extending Testcases with Page Object Models

Hope you will like the course and this course is ever growing, meaning, it will be updated every now and then whenever there is a new release of feature in TestProject

Who this course is for:
  • Developer
  • QA
  • DevOps
8 sections • 26 lectures • 4h 33m total length
  • Introduction
  • Installing TestProject agent
  • Top 5 distinguished features of TestProject
  • Introduction and configuration
  • Testing Hybrid Ionic Mobile Application with TestProject
  • Managing and working with element locators
  • Managing elements and applications
  • Introduction -> configuration -> quick run
  • Testing application using Record and playback with TestProject on iPhone X
  • Running iOS mobile app test from Windows 10
  • Working with test data parameterization
  • Data Driven testing with CSV
  • Working with Jobs
  • Working with Test case steps (detailed)
  • Working with Test step types
  • Calling Test within Test with TestProject for Mobile automation
  • Testing web applications with TestProject using record and playback
  • Cross browser testing with Jobs
  • Working with Addons (Part 1)
  • Creating custom Addons to click all menu items in menubar (Part 2)
  • Testing custom Addons with runners and publishing Addon to TestProject
  • Source code for custom Addons
  • Coded Test in TestProject using Selenium Page Object Model (Part 1)
  • Coded Test in TestProject using Selenium Page Object Model (Part 2)
  • Source code for Page Object Model test
  • Testproject vs Katalon studio

Software Architect, Consultant,Youtuber and Best Seller
Karthik KK
  • 4.2 Instructor Rating
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I am Karthik K.K. I do consulting, blogging and researching on various different tools and technologies which inspires my interest. I have been into Software Automation Testing for over 12 years now and my interest in learning new stuffs which enables automation has never been compromised.

Due to my passion in automation testing I got fully exposed to tools and languages like

Desktop & Web : QTP, Selenium, Specflow, VS Coded UI, Ranorex ,Test Complete and Cucumber
Mobile : Appium, Robotium,Calabash, Espresso, Selendroid
Languages : C#, Java, Ruby, Powershell, Javascript, VBScript 
Cloud Tools : Azure, Dockers
Misc Tools: Mockito, Rest-assured, Bound-Box,FluentAutomation
Interested in: MVC, Entity framework, LINQ, Fakes, Distributed deployment, SAAS