Prove It! Testimonials That Sell

Earn great testimonials. Collect them. Use your testimonials to gain instant credibility, and close many more sales.
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How do you ask a customer for a testimonial?
What questions do you use to get the best testimonials?
Where do you use testimonials in the sales cycle?
How do you collect video testimonials?


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When you say it about yourself, it's bragging. When someone else says it about you, it's proof.

There is nothing more powerful than a customer switching from your biggest competitor and then telling everybody else about it.

After this webinar, 

  • Most will agree with us about the importance of testimonials. 
  • Most will commit to earning them from customers. 
  • Most will plan to make testimonials a key part of their sales and marketing strategy. 
  • Few will understand to the point that they're motivated to action. 
  • Few will actually put these tools and truths to work.

Don't be like most.

Who this course is for:

  • Small business owners
  • Sales professionals
  • Entrepreneurs

Course content

2 sections11 lectures1h 2m total length
  • Introduction
  • Proof Positive: The Real Power of Testimonials
  • "So What" Testimonials vs. Testimonials That Create Buying Power
  • Get 'Em, Earn 'Em, Use 'Em
  • WOW! Testimonials
  • Big Answers To Questions Everyone Asks
  • The Imperative Of Testimonials


CEO at Ace of Sales and Self Marketing Hero
Andy Horner
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Both a communication artist and sales champion, Andy invents and imparts breakthrough ideas to inspire salespeople and business owners to communicate at a higher level and succeed on their own terms. He demystifies the world of self- marketing that every front line business person is now required to master.

Andy, CEO at Ace of Sales, is the inventor, product manager, and creative force behind, the online communication platform built just for salespeople. Through software, webinars, speaking and consulting, Andy helps business leaders differentiate themselves, activate their creativity, and achieve their goals.

King of Sales
Jeffrey Gitomer
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The master of selling and customer service, Jeffrey Gitomer, is the author of the top selling sales book of all time, "Little Red Book of Selling," as well as 11 other best-sellers. Jeffrey, a "Speaker Hall of Fame" presenter, trains salespeople at his entertaining, educational, and riotously funny sold-out public and corporate seminars all over the world.

Hundreds of thousands read and rely on Jeffrey's articles each week in syndication and via his "Sales Caffeine" ezine. Jeffrey's style is edgy, creative, off the wall, to the point, and on the money.

The webinars he creates and produces with his right hand man and personal marketing expert, Andy Horner, are no different. Jeffrey and Andy's training courses cover selling, customer service, marketing, branding, business social media, and personal development. Each idea, insight, and inspiration-filled session is engineered to help you reach your goals, grow your business, and make more money.

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