Technical Writing: A Quick Start to Software Documentation

A quick and direct overview of the end-to-end processes for writing software documentation
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What is Software Documentation
Who is a Technical Writer and What Technical Writers Do
What is the Writing Process to Develop Software Documentation


  • Be interested in providing documentation for software app for the end user


In this quick start course, we start with a quick and direct overview of the end-to-end documentation creation processes.

By the end of this course, you should get a basic understanding of what technical writing in software documentation is all about. You will be able to name the main assets (deliverables for your customers) that you create using technical writing skills and techniques. For example, such are the software documentation itself, images, as well as instructional videos, and multimedia.

For several years now, JPDocu School of Technical Writing has been designing and delivering training on user assistance for:

  • technical writers (information developers)

  • information architects

  • software developers 

The instructor, Jordan Stanchev, a User Assistance Development Architect has personally trained hundreds of people in the classroom, online courses, universities, and internally at a Fortune 500 company! 

Jordan says: "The goal for me has always been to deliver practical information, to make sure my trainees get ready for delivering real content, right after the course is over. 

I am so proud of my students who come back to me and share how they have started their first job as a technical writer or how they have advanced in their career using what they have learned in my courses!

That's the reason I have started devoting my time to teaching technical writing skills, on top of my regular job as a User Assistance Development Architect."

So, enroll now and see how easy and simple it is to deliver help for your software app customers!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Technical Writers and Information Developers

Course content

2 sections18 lectures1h 12m total length
  • Introduction
  • Who is a Technical Writer and What Technical Writers Do
  • Who Does Technical Writing?
  • What is the Result from Technical Writing?
  • The Job of the Technical Writer
  • Types of Documentation
  • Functional Documentation
  • Functional Documentation Example
  • Functional Documentation in Software Documentation
  • Strategy for Writing Functional Documentation
  • Task Oriented Documentation
  • Strategy for Writing Task-Oriented Documentation
  • Task Oriented Documentation Example
  • Technical Writers in Development Team
  • The Technical Writing Process
  • Exercise
  • The Ultimate Purpose of the Technical Writer


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