The Complete Technical SEO Course for WordPress [Urdu/Hindi]

Master Technical SEO with this complete Technical SEO Course, Improve your website crawl ability and User experience
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In this technical SEO course, you will learn how to make your website technically sound, to rank higher in search engines


  • You need a website to practice and apply technical SEO techniques


You can't rank higher in google and in other search engines only by doing on-page and off-page SEO (doesn't matter how well you do it).

That's true.

If your website has technical issues and crawlers can't crawl your website then don't think of getting any traffic from search engines.

If your website is technically optimized then crawlers will easily crawl your site, understand your content and index it. Moreover, with technical SEO, your user experience will improve and people will love to read your content and come back again.

I am in the SEO field for the last five years. I am successfully running multiple blogs that are getting huge traffic from search engines.

Why I created this course?

I have seen my students making basic mistakes that ruin all their efforts. I thought to create a course to teach them all the steps they need to take to technically optimize their websites for search engines and also for users.

This is my second course on Udemy. In my first course, I talked about SEO from start to end. But in this technical SEO course, I want to walk you through the entire process of technical SEO so you can learn and apply to get a quick traffic boost.

In my opinion, technical SEO comes even before keyword research, on-page, and off-Page SEO. The reason is simple, it's so important that Google and other search engines are offering free webmaster tools. They want you to fix technical issues so they can crawl and index all your pages.

Moreover, search engines want to show websites higher in search results that are offering great user experience. It's in their interest to show high-quality websites because if they don't do it, people will lose their trust in them.

Contents and Overview

This is a step by step technical SEO course. I will start from the basics and then move on to the more complex topics.

In this first section, I will tell you how search engines work, what is technical SEO, why it's important, the difference between on-page, off-page, and technical SEO. I will also tell you how to do basic settings in WordPress. 

In the second section, I will tell you about different webmaster tools, how to add your website in them, what are XML sitemaps, how to create one for your website and also how to optimize your robots.txt file.

In the third section, we'll see how to improve user experience by adding an HTML sitemap, adding social media sharing buttons, monitoring uptime, checking the responsiveness of your website, installing SSL on your domain and checking broken links.

The fourth section is devoted to WordPress speed optimization. Website speed is one of the known SEO factors. Therefore, I have put together all the steps that you can and must take to improve your website speed and make it load under 3 seconds.

In the last and fifth section, I will give a downloadable technical SEO checklist so you don't miss a thing.

The Ultimate Technical SEO Course

This is a complete technical SEO course for WordPress. You'll not only know what to do but also how to do it with relevant examples and case studies. If you apply all the tips given in this course, you'll be ahead of your competitors in a very little time.

You'll also receive bonus materials that reinforce the concepts you've learned. I will also give you new tricks to improve your rankings.

During this course, if you have any questions you can contact me, I will be very happy to respond as soon as possible. 

Take this course NOW and let's Get Started.

Asim Ali

Who this course is for:

  • SEO beginners who want to learn technical SEO from start to end

Course content

5 sections25 lectures1h 56m total length
  • How Search Engines Work?
  • What is Technical SEO?
  • Difference between on-page, off-page & technical SEO
  • Basic Settings in WP Dashboard


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