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Technical SEO
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Technical SEO is one of the most integral parts of Search Engine Optimization. We can define Technical SEO as making necessary adjustments in the technical aspects of a website in order to make it more compatible with search engine algorithms. In this way, search engine crawlers can more easily understand your website and index, rank accordingly.

There are many important factors in terms of Technical SEO. In our course we tried to give a detailed Technical SEO checklist. We mentioned important Technical SEO elements in such as Optimization of CSS Resources, Robots.txt, Meta Tag, Crawl Budget and many more. In addition to these, we mentioned the importance of Canonical URL, LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) and XML Sitemap as well as Mobile-First Indexing.

Here are the elements of a mobile priority index update checklist:

  • All of your website's category links should also be on mobile pages.

  • You must include all links within your website in the mobile version.

  • The number of products and content shown on the listing pages should be the same on mobile and desktop.

  • You should place the category and product descriptions on mobile pages.

  • Mobile user-agents should be able to see all of the structured data markups on the desktop.

  • You should also include breadcrumb links in the mobile version.

  • You must include user content such as comment fields and reviews in the mobile version.

  • CSS, JS resources should be open to crawling by mobile user-agents.

  • You must include metadata such as an open graph, Twitter cards, meta robots in the mobile version.

  • You must place annotations such as canonical, prev-next, and hreflang on mobile pages.

  • Googlebot Mobile should be able to access the sitemap of your website.

  • You should optimize your mobile website speed performance.

Who this course is for:

  • For those interested in Search Engine Optimization, specifically Technical SEO


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