technical analysis of forex, Trendline

Forex trading - Forex with all concepts-how to use powerful trend line & trend channel methods for Forex trading success
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (11 ratings)
2,242 students
technical analysis of forex, Trendline
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (11 ratings)
2,241 students
what is a trend line?
how to confirm a trend line
learn how to draw the best trend line with good quality .
advantages and disadvantages of trend line
characteristics of trend line
difference between bullish and bearish trend line
factors which are to be done in bullish and bearish trend line
One benefit of using trend lines is that it helps remove emotion from your trading decisions.
you should always be on the "right" side of the market.
trading value, a necessary factor you need to know
common mistakes during drawing trend line


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regardless which specific methodology is preferred, trend line and trend channel analysis is one of the foundation elements of technical trading approaches that every single trader simply has got to understand and master. our course provides this instruction, and is the only product of its kind available at. simply put, you will not find a more compelling treatment of this subject anywhere.

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Course content
2 sections • 7 lectures • 46m total length
  • what is trendline? what is it used for?
  • types of trendline
  • advantages & disadvantages of trendline
  • characteristics of a trendline
  • common mistakes in drawing trendline
  • what is trading value?
  • pullback, powerful signal for buying & selling

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