Teach Kids Speak English Naturally in 70 Days
4.0 (25 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
105 students enrolled

Teach Kids Speak English Naturally in 70 Days

Learn to teach children English verbal skills in the classroom naturally, like the way you learned your mother tongue.
4.0 (25 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
105 students enrolled
Created by Arsalan Tosifi
Last updated 6/2018
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What you'll learn
  • Understand the fundamentals of 5+1 main classroom elements: Content, Medium, Method, Student & Teacher + Classroom Management.
  • Apply the verbal loop method to practice second language the way we learned our mother tongue through LISTENING, IMITATING, UNDERSTANDING and SPEAKING.
  • Assimilate the new language foundations within 70 days into children’s subconscious mind and enable them to speak the basics as bilinguals
  • Learn to interact with your students 100% in English and practice speaking naturally and progressively.
  • Learn the progressive cycles of “Practice Pattern Routine ” to speed up the language learning process.
  • Know why existing education failed in teaching a new language to children.
  • Understand how we learned our first language, as well as the principles of learning the mother tongue.
  • Understand the shortcomings of learning languages through grammar teaching and translation.
  • Use the six mediums of teaching tools provided for practicing language effectively.
  • Get tips on how to collect and use applicable contents that are most suitable for ESL teaching.
  • Give proper homework and learn to motivate your students towards doing it.
  • Acquire basic classroom management skills that will make you an effective teacher in managing classrooms and the behavior of bilingual students, in a fun and respectful atmosphere
  • In the classroom: Internet connection, a computer, a big screen and speakers.
  • At home: any small or big computer device with Internet, such as smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.
  • No teaching experience is required.

If you are looking to transform your boring and ineffective ESL lessons into a fun, engaging, and efficient environment, this course will help you to achieve that by understanding and learning:

  • The shortcomings of existing ESL education approaches

  • Principles of learning the mother tongue

  • How the bilingual brain works

  • Five main elements of a classroom setting  

  • Types of content children like to learn

  • Types of mediums to apply

  • The most efficient and natural methodology

  • Progressive Practice Pattern

  • How to manage yourself and your students 

  • How to manage yourself and lead your students

And much more…

What makes me qualified to teach you?

My name is Arsalan Tosifi, also known as Teacher Alen in the education field. I have more than a decade of experience in early childhood ESL teaching and business management.

My experiences and achievements include:

  • Taught various types of ESL curriculums with a deep understanding for each.

  • Designed and authored EnglishKidsYoga curriculum that garnered wide amount of interests from kids and parents.

I am also the founder of EnglishTrip ESL Kindergarten in South Korea, where I successfully:

  • Created and implemented the Project-Based Learning umbrella with hundreds of lesson plans running on the philosophy of “Learning by Doing”, Out-Of-Classroom activities, as well as the rich exploration of the natural learning process for bilingual children.
  • Conducted trainings for teachers and parents.

My promise to you

Having been an English teacher for many years, I understand exactly the frustrations and stress you are facing each day in the classroom. Teaching English to students who are not interested in learning a second language can be very challenging. There are huge amounts of pressure and high expectations for teachers to carry out their duties, achieve results, and yet keep the classes fun and stress-free.

That is why I developed the EnglishSeed “Teach Kids Speak English Naturally in 70 Days” Method which guarantees the satisfaction of everyone. You will gain confidence as a teacher, raise student interests, and achieve tangible results in the process that will make parents and school managers proud and satisfied!

BONUS for this Course

  • You will receive a whole-section on Classroom Management tips and basic guidelines at the end of this course. The full-course will be available for purchase separately in the near future.
  • You will also receive a summary of the course in downloadable PDF format.

Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I'll see you in Lesson 1!

All the best,

Teacher Alen

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner, advanced kindergarten and elementary English teachers.
  • Parents who want to teach their kids English at home.
  • School managers looking for a more effective and proven language method than the current approach.
  • All language teachers can benefit from this method, as it be applied to any languages.
Course content
Expand all 54 lectures 02:51:39
+ Introduction
8 lectures 41:59
  • This video introduces you to the course and tells what you will and can achieve in 70 days. It also explains the important things about the course that you need to know in order to accomplish good results.

Preview 13:19

Understand who this course is created for and what to expect when learning the course.

Preview 01:34

This video gives you an overview of the main course and what you will learn throughout the course sections.

What Exactly You Will Learn and Achieve

Get to know Teacher Alen, the founder of EnglishSeed. Find out how he learned five languages and the reasons that inspired him to develop a new method of teaching and learning the English language.

My Story & How EnglishSeed Was Founded

Know how education today must be approached and understand how EnglishSeed is different from the existing education system.

How Education in This Age Should Be Like

Know the real reason why people find it difficult to learn a new language. Understand why the existing education system or method of teaching a second language is ineffective.

Why Schools Fail Teaching Second Language

Find out why teaching English or a second language must not involve translation and grammar.

Why you should stop translation and grammar teaching

Understand how parents approach language teaching and how a baby learned his or her first language naturally.

How We Learned Our First Language
+ Fundamentals of 5 Main Classroom Elements
25 lectures 51:20

This video introduces you to the Five main classroom elements (Content, Medium, Method, Student & Teacher) that are essential in teaching English naturally and effectively to children

5 Elements Overview

Get to know EnglishSeed Verbal Loop Method and the four steps involved. 

Method - The Verbal Loop Method Introduction

Learn the importance and function of LISTENING, which is the first step in the verbal loop, and building awareness for the language

Method - Step I (Listening)

Learn why IMITATING the language is crucial before understanding it. Know the differences between verbal imitation and physical imitation.

Method - Step II (Imitating)

Know the three modes of UNDERSTANDING a new language and which of them are effective for learning naturally.

Method - Step III (Understanding)

Know why constant practicing of speaking in English is necessary for learning the language effectively. Get tips on how to create interactive situations for the students.

Method - Step IV (Speaking)

This video summarizes the Verbal Loop Method, explaining the main functions and importance of each of the four steps.

The Verbal Loop Method Summary

Learn what expression-based language learning is and the types of content used for effective language teaching.

Content - Introduction

Strategies on how to collect and utilize your content material. Understand what expressions are and the importance of creating an expression list.

Content - Expressions Explained

Know the difference between common and general expressions. Learn why common expressions are more important for teaching children at this stage.

Content - Common vs General Expressions

Get tips on how to start creating an expression list suitable for the children’s age and interests. Learn ways to expand on the list as learning progresses.

Content - Building an Applicable Expressions List

Learn how to choose songs suitable for teaching and learning English as a second language, and identify ESL educational nursery songs that non-native speaking students will enjoy.

Content - Choosing and Evaluating Songs That Do The Job

Know what type of stories are suitable for ESL teaching. List of criteria and materials you need when telling or teaching stories.

Content - Choosing and Evaluating Stories That Do The Job

Get valuable tips on finding sources for free contents.

Content - Where to Find Free Songs & Stories

Learn the proper ways to arrange your contents into Levels.

Content - Dividing The Songs & Stories Into Levels

This video summarizes the three main points in creating, finding, and arranging your contents. 

Content - Summary

Learn the other philosophies and strategies that are unique to EnglishSeed content materials. Recognize how effective and efficient they are for teaching English as second language.

EnglishSeed Created Content

Know the differences, functions, importance and relationship of these six mediums that you should use as teaching tools.

Medium - 6 Mediums/Teaching Tools Introduction

Learn how to incorporate audio mediums into the Listening and Imitating steps of the Verbal Loop Method.

Medium - Audio

Learn the different types and functions of videos used in the EnglishSeed course, and how they are essential for effective understanding of the lessons.

Medium - Video

Get ideas on how to use books and other literatures for enhancing the verbal skills of the students.

Medium - Book

Know how to use flashcards as supportive teaching tools to improve listening, imitating, and understanding skills.

Medium - Supportive Flashcards

Understand how students could contribute effectively as means of learning the second language.

Medium - Student

Learn and appreciate the significance of a teacher’s or operator’s role in contributing to overall academic success.

Medium - Teacher

This video summarizes the importance, functions, and relationship of each mediums used for teaching ESL.

Medium - Summary
+ Put It Into Practice And Enjoy The Results!
12 lectures 43:02

This video provides a summary of essential elements of teaching verbal skills: content, mediums, method, students and teacher / operator.

1 Minute Review

Get tips and techniques on how to effectively learn a new language through practice.

Practice Language Like Practicing Drum

Familiarize yourself with the Practice Pattern Routine and Pattern Cycles, how to be consistent and keep track of the cycles using a counting table.

The Routine Pattern of Practice Cycles + Counting Table

Learn why progressive practice or repetition are essential for bilingual students to grasp the language effectively.

Understand Progressive Practice

Know how to apply progressive practice for songs step-by-step. Take note of tips for teaching songs, creating actions, and developing your own textbooks to reinforce kids’ learning.

Practice a Song Progressively

Learn the progressive steps of practicing a story. Get tips and ideas for fun and effective storytelling and ESL teaching in the classroom.

Practice a Story Progressively

Be familiar with the progressive steps of practicing flashcards and how to use them efficiently in this practice.

Practice Flashcards Progressively

Interaction plays an important role in developing speaking skills. Learn how to create interactive opportunities and applying it to various scenarios in a progressive manner.

Interact Progressively - Part 1

Acquire new ideas and tips on progressive interaction by creating a 100% English-speaking environment and encouraging students to speak the language.

Interact Progressively - Part 2

Learn the progressive ways to review songs and stories.

Review Songs & Stories Progressively

Rationale on why clarity of pronunciation is more important than the accent in learning to speak the second language.

The Correct Pronunciation

Know the most fundamental and only homework for your students, as well as when and how you should give it to them. Also, learn ways to motivate students to do their assignments.

The Only Homework
+ Classroom Management For Optimum Results
6 lectures 19:28

Learn proven and meaningful strategies on dealing with disinterested students.

Dealing With Disinterested Kids

Learn how to manage the classroom and create a conducive and fun learning environment.

Classroom Management Intro

Understand the qualities every excellent ESL teacher should possess to manage a classroom effectively. Discover new skills and how you can maximize your full potential as a teacher.

Manage Yourself First for Full Performance

Discover proven classroom management techniques to keep students attentive, organized, motivated and academically productive during class

Manage Students With Ease for Maximum Outcome

Get more tips for managing your students by playing with the classroom pulse. Also, learn how to apply the skills effectively.

Play With The Classroom Pulse

Learn how to grab your students’ attention and stay connected with them.

Stay Connected With Students - Summary
+ Summary To Take Away
3 lectures 15:50

Understand the four sections of every lesson. Learn to confidently select the relevant activities during each part of the lessons while employing techniques learned for classroom management.

45, 60 or 90 Minutes Lesson

This video and PDF summarize all the important components of this course and the key points you need to take note of when you use and re-visit it.

Summary To Take Away

A big congratulatory message to you on your courage and commitment to make improvements and a positive change in teaching ESL.

Thank You