Taste Coffee Like a Pro
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Taste Coffee Like a Pro

Elevate your daily coffee ritual! Learn from a coffee professor how to brew the perfect cup and taste it like a pro.
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4.8 (18 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
49 students enrolled
Created by Karen Attman
Last updated 6/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Learn the secrets to brewing coffee at home that would even impress your barista!
  • Learn to evaluate and discuss coffee quality like a professional coffee taster
  • Discover 8 ways coffee experts determine if coffee is good
  • You'll have access to my exclusive coffee tasting tools
  • Understand - and describe in your own words - each characteristic of coffee
  • Guidelines on how coffee should be bought, stored and ground
  • Learn to set up a coffee tasting with friends or for work
  • Sharpen your coffee tasting skills with our easy activities
  • Be willing to taste some awesome coffees!
  • Love learning about the world's most delicious product

Want to become a coffee expert? You can do it with Karen Attman, the founder of the Latin American Coffee Academy.

You drink coffee every day. But the reality is...a lot of people drink it wrong.

What could be a memorable experience becomes...a simple shot of caffeine.

When you learn to drink coffee the right way, you open up a world of taste experiences. Because coffee is much more than just a strong drink.

It's an amazing brew that connects you with faraway communities...while at the same time connecting you to your own daily rituals.

Learn with me, a university professor of coffee, the founder of the Latin American Coffee Academy, and the author of Permission to Slurp, a book on coffee tasting.

Make each day that much better...with fantastic coffee. 

What will you learn in this course?

Basically, this course will make you feel like a coffee expert! I cover purchasing coffee, brewing it at home, storing it the right way, tasting it the way the pros do. And I'll tell you how you can share your knowledge with your friends and family.

In this fun, dynamic, 1.5-hour course I'll help you understand:

  • How to brew coffee that impresses your barista

  • How to do coffee tastings like the professionals do

  • How to understand and describe each characteristic of coffee

  • How coffee should be bought, stored and ground

  • How you can do coffee tastings with friends or for work

  • How you can sharpen your coffee tasting skills

  • How coffee experts know if coffee is good

Why should you learn about coffee with a professor?

Frankly, why would you want to learn with anyone but an expert? I live in a coffee-producing country (Colombia) and worked as a coffee professor at the prestigious La Sabana University until I started my own coffee academy.

I have taught people from every continent - even coffee professionals! - about coffee in Latin America. I have years of experience taking a complicated subject and making it easy and fun.

That's why people call me The Coffee Lady (seriously, you can Google it).

Try the course out to see why most of my students give me a 5-star rating! I'm always here to support you and to answer all of your coffee questions.

What if you don't like coffee?

Many of my students don't actually like coffee! But they recognize that learning about coffee is an essential life skill...and along the way, some of them learn to love the brew.

What if your English isn't perfect?

My students live around the world and have learned English as a second language. So don't worry if your English isn't perfect - my students tell me the information I teach is easy to understand (and the videos have captions that I personally edited!). Also...hablo español, eu falo português, et je parle français.

Who this course is for:
  • Coffee lovers from around the world
Course content
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+ Why should you learn to evaluate your coffee like the pros do?
3 lectures 08:13

Are you ready to learn how to evaluate coffee like the professionals do?

Through this workshop we will take you into the world of the coffee pros to see how they judge coffee. In fact, this is what coffee professionals around the world do every day.

Perhaps you don't work in the coffee industry and don't have any plans to start.

However, feeling like a pro is always an advantage. 

Not just because you'll impress your friends (although that does count in your favor).

The biggest reason why you want to feel like a coffee pro is that you'll enjoy coffee so much more! Your everyday cup of joe will become something memorable - a true highlight of your day.

So how do the professionals evaluate coffee? When you visit specialty coffee shops, you'll often see baristas, roasters, and coffee buyers doing coffee tastings.

What are they doing? How can what they do help you love your coffee even more?

You'll learn all about it in this course.

Preview 01:42

Your instructor for this course, Karen Attman, is a well-known coffee personality.

Karen is the founder of the Latin American Coffee Academy. She was also a professor of coffee (yes, that's a thing!!) at the prestigious La Sabana University in Bogota.

She is the author of Permission to Slurp, a guide to tasting Colombian specialty coffee. The book has been widely accepted by experts in the coffee industry as well as coffee lovers who are just beginning their journey into specialty coffee. In fact, the book was nominated for the category of Best Coffee Books by the Gourmand Awards in 2018.

Her boutique coffee education experiences, the Flavors of Bogota Specialty Coffee Workshops, teach foreigners and locals in Colombia about specialty coffee and what it can mean to Colombian coffee growers and others involved in the coffee industry. Between her in-person and online courses, she has taught thousands of people to understand coffee basics in a fun and engaging way.

She is also a food journalist who has written for CNN, Eater, Sprudge, Esquire and many more books, newspapers, and magazines.

She speaks at international coffee events and fairs. She has judged international coffee competitions and has appeared on TV and been interviewed on the radio numerous times.

That’s probably why people call her the Coffee Lady.

Preview 02:56

I have to confess something. I slurp soup.

Not a good thing, huh??

But...with coffee, we need to slurp.

What's the purpose behind slurping your coffee? This video explains it all.

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+ Get ready to do coffee tastings
2 lectures 03:34

Get ready to do coffee tastings!

Starting with Section 3 we will begin cupping coffee.

If you’re asking yourself “What in the world is cupping???”, don’t worry. We’ll teach you all about it in Section 3. (But briefly, I will tell you now that cupping coffee means tasting coffee).

Since you need to practice your cupping (or tasting) skills to get them razor-sharp, we’ll be cupping often throughout this workshop.

Of course, to cup coffee you have to have coffee and brewing methods. So you might want to start preparing now - this video will help you see what you need and where to get it.

We also included the list in a downloadable document in case you'd prefer to print it out or have it on a mobile device.

So check your list and see what you need to be prepared. In the next lecture we're going to discuss how to use the Coffee Tasting Tools we've provided.

(So cool, think of it like your coffee toolbox! Just hit the Complete and Continue button to discover what is in that caffeinated toolbox).

Preview 03:19
Download my essential coffee tasting tools
+ Brew Coffee that would Impress your Barista
3 lectures 31:27

Here we give you all the secrets to brewing amazing coffee at home.

We start with the grind and finish with the different brewing methods you can use.

Since we'll be doing coffee tastings throughout the workshop, it's important to brew the best coffee you can! This guide gives you all you need to brew coffee that impresses yourself, your family and your friends, and yes, your barista.

This is a 3 step process, and we're going to walk you through it in Lecture 5, 6 and 7. Each lecture has its own video as well as a PDF that's downloadable.

There's a lot to process in each part, so take your time and then continue with the next video.

Understanding coffee roasts, freshness, grinding, and how to store coffee
Essential coffee tools, water temperature, and brew time

And now for one of the most hands-on sections of this course - coffee brewing!

Pour-over brewing methods and how to make the best coffee
+ How coffee professionals know if coffee is good
2 lectures 06:37
The secret steps coffee professionals take when they slurp
8 ways coffee professionals determine coffee quality
+ Characteristics of coffee
7 lectures 13:56
The first two characteristics
Characteristic #3 - The surprising one
Characteristic #4 - The tough one to understand
Characteristic #5 - This one is easier
Characteristic #6 - The fun one
Characteristic #7 - Bringing it all into harmony
Characteristic #8 - The last one that lingers
+ Put your knowledge into practice
2 lectures 11:55

Let's hone those coffee tasting skills you've been working on!

Join us for a coffee tasting to discuss what characteristics you find in your coffee while we cup a coffee from the Cundinamarca region of Colombia.

Watch the video files as we walk you through the coffee tasting and concentrate on your Flavor Wheel, the Tasting Sheets, and most of all, the flavors in your cup.

Happy slurping!

Sharpen your coffee tasting skills

Now you know all the element of a coffee tasting, and you want to share your knowledge with your friends. That’s a fantastic way to explore new coffees and also develop your abilities to discover the characteristics in coffee.

After you invite a few friends to your next coffee event, what should you do?

In this video we'll go over how to prepare for the tasting, what to keep in mind during a tasting, and even what foods - if any - you can serve.

How you can organize a coffee tasting with friends
+ Continuing your coffee journey
2 lectures 01:55

This is the end...and the beginning.

The end of this online workshop. And the beginning of your personal coffee journey.

A comment that we hear a lot at the Latin American Coffee Academy is: "You changed my life." Regarding coffee, that is.

Because what we teach in this course isn't just a fun way to spend a few hours, or a different way to learn about coffee. It will, hopefully, touch your life in a deeper way.


Because you have learned to understand coffee quality on a whole new level. And perhaps you'll even be motivated to work int he world of coffee.

Please let us know how you feel that this course has changed you. Write to us at courses@latinamericancoffeeacademy.org.

And please visit us over at LatinAmericanCoffeeAcademy.org to continue learning about coffee in general as well as coffee in Latin America.

Thanks for joining us on our coffee journey. Happy slurping!

This is the end...and the beginning

There are many ways to continue your coffee education. The internet is filled with videos, guides, and articles about coffee from around the world.

If you'd like to continue learning about coffee in Latin America, I invite you to visit our site, LatinAmericanCoffeeAcademy.org. There you'll find free resources like articles and guides about coffee.

We also have courses that can help you get deeper into the world of coffee.

Slurp Fast! Crash Course for Coffee Professionals - helps people entering the coffee industry understand coffee fast

The Good, the Bad and the Stinky - a (somewhat quirky) guide to understanding coffee quality

Learn to Slurp in Spanish - will teach you all the coffee vocabulary you need when discussing coffee in Spanish.

Slurp Fast for Restaurant Professionals - Everything you need to improve coffee service in your restaurant, café or hotel

Check out our courses and see which one would help you go further in your coffee goals. If you have questions, get in touch with me at courses@LatinAmericanCoffeeAcademy.org.

Thanks for learning about coffee with me! I hope you enjoyed the journey with the Latin American Coffee Academy...and I look forward to seeing you in another coffee course soon.

Tools to continue learning about coffee