Taking your Business to the Next Level
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Taking your Business to the Next Level

Why and how to apply Systemic Intelligence in your business to unleash its full potential
4.4 (2 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
6 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • To get the most out of their business by becoming aware of its full potential through operating at different and often neglected levels with the aid of "Systemic Intelligence"
  • No. This is itself an introductory course to Systemic Intelligence

This highly competitive market that business owners and managers are dealing with today requires that they "upgrade" to a new level of understanding and interaction with the reality that they are operating in.

Systemic Intelligence is a resource that we all possess, and that we unconsciously use from time to time when we "dare" to approach problems and strategies in an unconventional way, i.e. when wew start focusing on the process rather than on the results we want to achieve.

Generally, however, this resource lies dormant within us. Until now, this wouldn't have caused great damages; today, however, failing to think systemically in business can result in serious drawbacks and loss of competitiveness because our conventional way of thinking (which is still valid, of course, but no longer exclusively so) cannot handle the complexities of today's market and world. And it's not going to get better in the future.

Taking a business to the next level is not just about aggressing the market with more impetus; it's about developing a new and more engaging vision of reality, adopting new and more adequate paradigms that will enable business owners, managers and entrepreneurs to navigate this reality with a deeper awareness and sense of certainty.

This is not a "How to" course. It doesn't teach new entrepreneurial techniques or approaches that will help you get better results at a fraction of the time, money and effort that you're investing now: one year down the line, and you'll find yourself in the exact same position as you are at this moment. Not that you shouldn't work on these aspects, but by themselves they will no longer do the job.

Systemic Intelligence does not replace your technical intelligence (the one we usually use): it supports and guides it, as they operate at different levels of thinking.

The purpose of this videocourse is to help you, as an entrepreneur, business owner or manager:

  • become more aware of the dynamics that take place at the root level of reality, which heavily affect the outcomes in your business;

  • make stronger and systemically sustainable decisions that will positively impact your business;

  • work on yourself and draw out essential resources that you've exploited very little until now;

  • understand the very structure of reality, made of operational layers interacting with each other harmonically. This understanding alone will change the way you look at and relate to your business;

  • interact within and without your business in a far more effective way, as a result of becoming aware of what really goes on inside yourself and outside...

Again, this videocourse is not about what you do or should do... it's about you going from someone who has just something to sell to someone who has a place where people want to go.

Who this course is for:
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who feel there's more to their business that they need and want to unleash.
Course content
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+ Introduction
3 lectures 36:00

Systemic Intelligence is a way of thinking that differs from the usual way of approaching problems and situations, as it helps you figure out more effective and constructive ways to lead your business.

Preview 15:52

There was no real need for Systemic Intelligence until 2 or 3 decades ago, i.e. until the world started to become more and more aware of its interconnectedness, as a result of globalization and internet. These two elements drastically changed the rules by which businesses have been run until then, challenging them to adapt to a new concept of business which has to consider the unique role every single business has to fulfill the new needs and wants in a global system. This is an irreversible process, which will unfold even more in the very next future.

Why is S. I. so important, especially today?

For most people only utilizing "conventional" intelligence, business is just a means to either earn oneself a living or to achieve some kind of success, whatever that means for each one of us. This heavily minimizes the actual importance of a business, and as a result, it limits our outreach to the ultimate goal (again, whatever that may be), and the strategies that we can use to achieve it. Only Systemic Intelligence enables you to see your business as part of a bigger design, where it can express its full potential.

How does S. I. affect your business?
+ The Three Predominant Negative Emotional States
3 lectures 16:35

A "pain", in this context, is not necessarily something that is hurting you; rather, it's a state that makes you feel ill at ease, doubtful, fearful, and it doesn't let you follow through with the certainty and determination that leading a business requires. When you recognize your predominant pain (which we all have to some degree) you can then use it as a stepping stone to move forward on a totally different wave.

Defining pain, and why it's good for you

Awareness and Action are the two elements that you can work on to define your predominant pain, and this  lecture focuses on a test that enables you to do that.

Awareness and Action

Here you are instructed on how to plot the results that you obtained in the test from the previous lecture, and how you can overcome your major negative emotional state.

Plotting your nr. 1 negative emotional state
+ The Three Operating Levels
5 lectures 57:13

This is the first, basic dimension that all businesspeople are very well aware of, as all businesses are run at this level. It's about the various technical components (productive, administrative, financial, etc.) that enable a business to operate in our reality. The options at this level are very limited, and when one reaches those limits, it's when one feels that he/she should "take the business to the next level"... Right, but how?

The Physical/Material/Technical Level - Part 1

See Part 1.

The Physical/Material/Technical Level - Part 2

This represents a very important evolution in our way to relate to our business and to the context that it operates in. We don't see it as just an "income-machine" anymore, where you just press buttons to get things done, but we start to realize that it must be approached differently, with strong human interactions.

The Emotional/Relational Level

This is the real break-through level, where one starts to see a business for what it really is: a living system governed by natural laws and principles, the same that govern everything else... why should a business be any different? This is the level where Systemic Intelligence becomes essential in order to be able to lead it effectively and proficiently, cutting down most of the conflicts and crises that businesspeople normally encounter.

The Mental/Systemic Level

The previous lectures of this section explain how the single levels function and operate, and how we relate to each one. Here, you learn how they work together, as a system, helping the student to more easily identify the real cause of a problem, and to implement a solid and sustainable solution.

Managing and Integrating the three operating levels
+ The Two "Forces" That Constantly Drive Us
5 lectures 47:53

We are all systems, as human beings, exactly like the business one leads and the market it interacts with; and because of this, the success that a business can achieve depends heavily on how a business owner is able to understand what systems are, how they work, and why things happen the way they do.

The "Outer" Force: Systems

We all carry (not only human beings) a biological software whose purpose is to ensure our survival, and it does so by driving us away from what it considers to be potentially menacing, making us focus solely on our needs. Most of our decisions, especially in business, are based on this dynamic ("What's in it for me?"), which on one side gets us to constantly seek what benefits us, which is okay, but at the same time it detaches us from the rest (the outside world), making us live in constant stress, and miss on enormous opportunities.

The "Inner" Force: Inner Control System (I.C.S.)

There are five conditions that must absolutely be met in order to feel serene, relaxed, and focused. If even just one condition is not met, then the I.C.S. uses a specific detonator that will flood our emotional system with all kinds of negative feelings and emotions to make us do something about getting the situation back on track. If we are aware of this when it happens, then we can at least control the magnitude of the detonation, avoiding to make decisions based on this negative state. This information is precious when it comes to selling, because it enables to understand the states that our prospects are going through, and intercept them effectively.

The 5 Emotional Detonators

Nobody sees reality for what it is, and how each one of us relates to reality depends on what our belief and value systems suggests us reality to be. Therefore, our perception of reality is totally subjective, and because of this, nobody can say if our perception is right or wrong... the results we achieve, however, can. Systemic Intelligence can help a business owner interpret the events that occur in a way that he/she can use this information to adopt the most effective paradigms, so he/she can improve and grow.

The "Machine" vs "Nature" Paradigms

There's nothing good or bad in our world. Things simply are, and have a very specific purpose. This duality and apparent contrast between the two forces discussed in this section, is essential to create the movement that will get us somewhere. And "somewhere" is exactly where we end up, unless we understand how to profitably and proficiently use these two forces together.

How to Profitably Use the Two Forces
+ The "Formidable Trio"
2 lectures 14:01

This lecture provides an explanation on the three elements that compose the so-called "Formidable Trio" defined formidable because it is extremely powerful in how it determines each and everybody's destiny. This information is precious for any business owner who wants to lead his/her business with the necessary awareness of what they need to focus on to make the business prosper.

The Three Outstanding Elements

The real power of the Trio is not in the three elements as such, but in how they interact with each other and in how they virtuously reinforce or viciously weaken one another depending on how we relate to them.

Interaction between elements
+ Conclusion
2 lectures 15:27

As for any type of intelligence, even Systemic Intelligence needs to express itself through specific skills. It makes no sense being highly intelligent if you don't have skills through which you can manifest that intelligence. This lecture provides an overview on these skills.

The 7 Systemic Skills

No student can expect to master all this information at once. It's a very different approach with respect to the conventional way of managing a business, and it takes time to digest all the concepts presented in this videocourse so that they can even start to make any sense. This last lecture leaves the student with a strong message that wraps it all up in a nutshell.

Implementing S. I. in your business