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Understanding pelvic floor, risk, functions, how to take care of it and exercises!
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What is the pelvic floor and wich functions have?
How can your pelvic floor loose strenght?
How you can take care of your pelvic floor?
What you should feel when you exercise your pelvic floor?


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Have you ever heard of the pelvic floor?  Or Kegel exercises?  Have you been told that doing this can improve your sexual activity and you don't know what is it about?

With this wonderful course you will learn what the pelvic floor really is, where it is located, the multiple functions it has, how and why for us women/men it is so important we work and take care of it.

I faithfully believe this is information is for all women/men, regardless their age, we should know!  It is a subject we should be taught from a young age, to know our body, how it works and how to take care of it. Especially this part that is so important for our quality life.

Knowing about the pelvic floor and understanding how it works and what things can affect it, will help you understand how to take care of it beyond the famous kegel exercises.  You will be able to incorporate different healthy habits into your daily life activities and will help you to have a healthy and functional pelvic floor. Besides all this you will be able to identifying if there is something you do routinely that could be harming it and you had no idea.

Taking care of your pelvic floor is taking care of your sexual health and your quality life.

Who this course is for:

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Camila Boettiger
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I am a kinesiologist and since I graduated I started working in the obstetrics area and then I added pelvic floor rehabilitation.


During the years that I have been working in this area. I became aware of the lack of information that exists in this area, being the woman the main character of it.  It is she who needs the tools to face the different stages and take care of her health. The problem is that the tools are difficult to acquire due to lack of information.

This is why I have dedicated, both in the public and private service, to trying promote this and make this area more widespread. So women can enjoy their pregnancies, births, postpartum periods and femininity throughout their life.

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