仁和太极内功基础八桩 2.攀地柱桩法 Tai Chi Internal Skill Lesson Two

人老腿先衰,攀地柱内功可以有效延衰老。People's old legs fade first. Pan Di Zhu internal skill can effectively prolong aging.
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人老腿先衰,攀地柱内功可以有效延衰老。People's old legs fade first. Pan Di Zhu internal skill can effectively prolong aging.
可以有效遏制上盛下虚体征,有助高血压、糖尿病、肝阳上亢的康复。Effectively help to restore hypertension, diabetes and hyperactivity of liver yang.
将太极内功一步步地练到桩身上来,告别太极操。Your Tai Chi will be no longer gymnastics.
用太极内功训练下盘功夫。Training Kung Fu on the lower body by Tai Chi internal skill


  • 对学员没有特殊要求,适合全人群 There are no special requirements for students, suitable for the whole population



From the perspective of learning, it is necessary to practice Pan Di Zhu after practicing Ding Zhuang Gen. Pan Di Zhu is the step into the concrete internal skill. The Di Zhu is the two legs and root. Chinese Kung Fu attaches importance to the lower body training, and the training by the concrete sentience belongs to the method of internal schools of martial arts, which is more efficient. Pan Di Zhu is mind-leading along the Yin and Yang meridians on the legs and foot.


鈼?There are almost 20 mind-leading points on the Yin and Yang meridians on the legs and foot. Pan Di Zhu starts by the single training of the mind-leading points one by one. There are 4 mental methods in Pan Di Zhu Stance, each of them has its own rules. For example, the mind-leading line on the meridians is Yin rising and Yang falling, turning the wheel is Yin Shun and Yang inverse and so on.


The health care effect of Pan Di Zhu is not only to promote blood circulation, but also to curb the hyperactivity of liver Yang, prevent cerebellar atrophy and effectively enhance the balance ability. The role of the strengthening Tai Chi movement ability is particularly prominent. The commonly used Tai Chi footworks, such as Horse step, one-leg standing step and Taiji step, and the mind-leading training is directly integrated into them, which realizes the internal and external practice of Tai Chi. So that beginners do not take detours, and for those who have never learned the internal skill should make up lessons.

Who this course is for:

  • 希望通过太极拳养生保健的习练者 Practitioners who hope to maintain health through Taijiquan
  • 学练过其他太极拳内功的习练者 A practitioner who has learned other Taijiquan internal skills
  • 希望提升自己水平的太极拳教师 Taijiquan teachers who want to improve their level
  • 希望提高自己太极拳修炼层次的习练者 Practitioners who want to improve their Taijiquan cultivation level
  • 从事运动康复的医学工作者 Medical workers engaged in sports rehabilitation


Taichi Master from Chinese mainland with 7Dan in Kungfu
Jiping Zhang
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Mr. Zhang Jiping,Tai Chi Master from Chinese mainland, is a disciple of Mr. Feng Zhiqiang (1928-2012), and a descendant of Chen Style Tai Chi for 11 generations, the Secretary General of the International Hunyuan Tai Chi Federation, the vice president of Jilin Martial Arts Research Institute, the wrestling instructor of Jilin Judicial Police Corps, with the 7-Dan of Chinese martial arts.

Mr. Zhang Jiping provides high-quality online courses to Tai Chi practitioners. The courses are "Hunyuan Tai Chi 24 Forms",  "Hunyuan Tai Chi Cannon 32 Forms", "Hunyuan Tai Chi 48 Forms", "Hunyuan Tai Chi Cannon 46 Forms", "Hunyuan Tai Chi Sword", "Hunyuan Tai Chi Saber", "Stance training", "Basic of Tai Chi Kungfu", "Tai Chi boxing and kicking", "Joint-locking up skill", "Tai Chi Tumbling and Wrestling", "Tai Chi hitting pile".

In view of the foreign Tai Chi Teaching lagging behind the Chinese mainland for 30-40 years, Mr. Zhang Jiping presents Hunyuan Tai Chi to friends from all over the world for the first time, to help them improving their level of Tai Chi and synchronizing with the development of Tai Chi in China now.

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