仁和太极内功基础八桩 4.运阴阳桩法 Tai Chi Internal Skill Lesson Four

拳谚云“太极身法运阴阳”,用内功练就阴阳变换的身法。Practice the Yin Yang transformation with internal skill.
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拳谚云“太极身法运阴阳”,运阴阳桩法练就太极拳阴阳变换的身法。Practice and master the Yin-Yang transformation of Tai Chi on the body.
用实感内功训练阴阳虚实,直接了当,立竿见影。Training Yin-yang transformation by Renhe Tai Chi internal skill, the effect is straightforward.
运阴阳桩法轻松揭开对“太极拳放松”的神秘面纱,不玄虚,不困惑,明明白白练功。Yun Yin Yang stance can easily uncover the mystery of "Taijiquan relaxation".
运阴阳桩法不仅具有很强的养生康复功效,还为推手对抗打好基础。To get strong health preservation and rehabilitation effect, also lays a good foundation for hand pushing.


  • 对学员没有特殊要求,适合全人群 There are no special requirements for students, suitable for the whole population



We often say that tai chi moves Yin and Yang. What is Yin-yang in Tai Chi exersice? From the perspective of the internal skills, Yin-yang is first of all the mind-leading status. In Renhe Tai Chi Internal Skill, the mind-leading is neither abstract nor imaginary, but real feelings called as Being Sentience. The movement of Yin-yang is to train the feeling of the body and the arm. What does it feel like? Feel the degree of force. To achieve no excessive force, no excessive force is the relaxing. Therefore, the fundamental of Yin-Yang Stance is to train relaxing.


There is no absolute relaxation in Tai Chi, because you are exerting force all the time, the pile body should be supported, the balance should be maintained, and the arms are also doing all kinds of movements, so we say that exerting force is relaxation. How can we make no effort? By feeling. The yin-yang pile method is to teach you to control force with feeling. For example, your mind and feeling should always follow the center of gravity when the body moves, and to feel the weight of the elbow and wrist from time to time. It's not mysterious to practice.


The Yun Yin Yang stance is to solve the problem of the relaxing. It trains the relaxation of the arm by loosening the shoulder and elbow; it train the relaxation of the pile body through the Tumbler mind-leading, the Horse step pile, to achieve a clear distinction between virtual and real; Through the comprehensive training of the Wild horse's mane, the virtual and real transformation of body is realized, and the relaxation of force is realized. This will lay the foundation for the internal skill in the routine and for the future push-hand training.

Who this course is for:

  • 希望通过太极拳养生保健的习练者 Practitioners who hope to maintain health through Taijiquan.
  • 学练过其他太极拳内功的习练者 A practitioner who has learned other Taijiquan internal skills.
  • 希望提升自己水平的太极拳教师 Taijiquan teachers who want to improve their level.
  • 希望提高自己太极拳修炼层次的习练者 Practitioners who want to improve their Taijiquan cultivation level.
  • 从事运动康复的医学工作者 Medical workers engaged in sports rehabilitation.


Taichi Master from Chinese mainland with 7Dan in Kungfu
Jiping Zhang
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Mr. Zhang Jiping,Tai Chi Master from Chinese mainland, is a disciple of Mr. Feng Zhiqiang (1928-2012), and a descendant of Chen Style Tai Chi for 11 generations, the Secretary General of the International Hunyuan Tai Chi Federation, the vice president of Jilin Martial Arts Research Institute, the wrestling instructor of Jilin Judicial Police Corps, with the 7-Dan of Chinese martial arts.

Mr. Zhang Jiping provides high-quality online courses to Tai Chi practitioners. The courses are "Hunyuan Tai Chi 24 Forms",  "Hunyuan Tai Chi Cannon 32 Forms", "Hunyuan Tai Chi 48 Forms", "Hunyuan Tai Chi Cannon 46 Forms", "Hunyuan Tai Chi Sword", "Hunyuan Tai Chi Saber", "Stance training", "Basic of Tai Chi Kungfu", "Tai Chi boxing and kicking", "Joint-locking up skill", "Tai Chi Tumbling and Wrestling", "Tai Chi hitting pile".

In view of the foreign Tai Chi Teaching lagging behind the Chinese mainland for 30-40 years, Mr. Zhang Jiping presents Hunyuan Tai Chi to friends from all over the world for the first time, to help them improving their level of Tai Chi and synchronizing with the development of Tai Chi in China now.

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