+17 Tutorials to Rocket Your Ping Pong Level (Intermediate)
3.6 (58 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,600 students enrolled

+17 Tutorials to Rocket Your Ping Pong Level (Intermediate)

Become an Expert in Ping Pong. From Amateur to Advanced in only 4 weeks. Personal coaching with the best coach in China.
3.6 (58 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,600 students enrolled
Last updated 8/2018
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What you'll learn
  • Improve table tennis skills fast with Chinese coach
  • Understand the principle of table tennis
  • Develop your skills: From Fundamental to Advanced techniques
  • Understand about Chinese coaching, and top Chinese player's equipments
  • Win more matches in the tournaments. And have more fun!
  • No previous table tennis knowledge or experience needed.
  • Know the basic term in table tennis, like topsin, forehand, backhand, footwork.
  • Know the basic rules of table tennis.

Table Tennis Coaching for Adults - Learn ping pong at home

  1. Basic table tennis techniques by the Chinese table tennis coach.

  2. Analyze the common error of new players

  3. Correction and tips

  4. Fundamental strokes in table tennis: backhand topspin, backhand drive, backhand flip

  5. Forehand strokes: forehand topspin, forehand drive, forehand pendulum serve

  6. Best 5 tips to improve in table tennis, based on Chinese philosophy

  7. How to improve the feeling of table tennis

  8. Adjust your table tennis grip

  9. Table Tennis Footworks

  10. Advanced table tennis techniques: Tactics, Mental, Coaching

  11. How to win more with 3rd ball attack (Chinese Method)

  12. Good coach tips from Chinese coaching

Who this course is for:
  • Competitive players who wants to improve fast with Chinese coaching
  • Anyone who wants to learn and improve table tennis skills
  • Ideal for beginners and intermediate players.
  • Parents who want to coach their children
  • School teachers who deliver table tennis classes for beginner
  • New coaches in table tennis who wants to learn Chinese table tennis techniques
Course content
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+ The Foundation of this Sport
5 lectures 42:23

An introduction to my course 'Table Tennis Lessons by Chinese Coach'. Why need to learn the Chinese techniques? 

Preview 01:29

Today, let’s learn how to return a sidespin serve, short and safely with Michael Maze. Maze announced his retirement in 2016. I will give you 3 tips to return the sidespin serve correctly.

  • Tip 1: Early timing in service returning

  • Tip 2: Contact near the racket handle

  • And Tip 3: Receive the serve on the “rotation axis”

If you don’t know, why top players prefer doing the sidespin serve, watch this video for the real reason.

Preview 09:02

If you don’t know how to train efficiently, then you cannot improve fast in table tennis even after years of training. In this video, I explain you the best 5 tips to develop your table tennis skills using the Chinese training“.

Many of us have trained from years to years, but we don’t improve or improve slowly. Why the Chinese kids just learned table tennis for 2 years and they improve so fast. Why? You also train in a table tennis club with a coach, but it seems your level can’t grow up. Not many Western coaches know how to coach correctly. To improve fast, the coach and the player must understand the PRINCIPLES of table tennis.

  1. Focus on Feeling

  2. Hit by the legs

  3. Fix the hitting position

  4. Relax, Explode and then Relax

  5. Learn the tactics in table tennis

5 Tips that helps you improve very fast

"Holding a table tennis bat" is the first table tennis lesson. Having a good grip in table tennis is crucial as it allows you to optimize your technique. Without a correct grip, you cannot do the strokes correctly and never improve to a high level of table tennis.

In China, the coach shows the principles of the grip and lets the young kids play with the ball (without the table) at least one week. The kids must feel his racket and adapt his grip properly. This first lesson is very important as the way you hold your bat will stay with you all of your table tennis life.

How to hold a racket correctly

What is the optimal distance from the table in table tennis? And what is the correct ready position and stance? What is a good table tennis standing position is a common question of a new player.

So what is the stance in table tennis? The stance is the position or bearing of the body while standing. Likes legs spread in a wide stance and posture assumed when about to play the ball.

In sports, the relative position of the feet, as in addressing a golf ball or in making a stroke is called as the "ready position".

Or some coaches advice that you should put "eye on the net". Is it a good advice?

In this video, I will explain you the good stance and the basic footwork in table tennis!

Stance and footwork in table tennis
+ Basic Strokes
5 lectures 17:13

Coach EmRatThich explains to you how to do a strong backhand flick in table tennis. This backhand technique is becoming the standard stroke in table tennis nowadays. It is used to attack the short ball, with topspin or underspin at your backhand side. This tutorial is in the series of “fundamental table tennis lessons”.

Preview 03:37

Forehand flick is a difficult technique in table tennis to deal with the short ball on your forehand side. Some players tend to move further to the right side and perform a backhand flick. However, if you don’t have a quick footwork, you can do the forehand flick to return the ball aggressively. This stroke is also called as the forehand flip. 

Forehand flick

How to do a powerful forehand topspin in table tennis? The old forehand technique which is mostly taught in table tennis club has some problems. I will show you the Chinese techniques of the forehand loop with consistency, spin, and power. 

In this video, I will explain the basic of forehand topspin technique.

Why Chinese players dominate the table tennis rally with their powerful loop and counter topspin? The secret will be explained in this tutorial. By using the slow motion videos of the top Chinese players, I will analyze the techniques to perform a powerful forehand attack. You can easily apply these tips in your daily training. 

Forehand topspin/drive

You can’t survive in the modern table tennis without a good backhand topspin or backhand drive technique. Coach EmRatThich gives you the best 3 tips to perform the aggressive backhand attack. This stroke is not as powerful as the forehand topspin, but it’s a quick attack close to the table. 

Backhand topspin

The push technique is the fundamental technique. The push technique is very important.

It’s one of the best ways to control the ball when you don’t have the opportunity to attack. A good push can also prevent the opponent to attack first.

There are 2 types of push technique:

  • Forehand push

  • Backhand push

Forehand Push and Backhand Push
+ Service
3 lectures 23:07

 Table Tennis serve is very important, and is the first shot in table tennis that you should learn. I will explain the best way to serve and how to serve short with side spin in table tennis.

Coach Xiao Zhan, the personal coach of Zhang Jike, is considered one of the best coach about technical aspects in China. He has helped Zhang Jike to incorporate the reverse pendulum serve in his backhand quick attack playing style. Today, I will talk about “how to do a good table tennis serve in table tennis according to the Chinese coaching philosophy”.

Preview 07:53

Today, we will learn one of the most common serve in table tennis “the forehand pendulum serve”. This serve is so popular because with slight adjustments it can make underspinsidespintopspin or no-spin, while the stroke will look quite similar. This service is used to put pressure on the opponent. 

Forehand Pendulum Serve

There are 2 types of serve (or service) in table tennis: set-up serve and trick serves. Today, I explain the best tips to perform the “ghost” serve of Ma Lin. Ghost serve is a tricky serve with a lot of underspin. If you don’t know how to return this tricky serve, the ball will go directly to the net. 

Special Tricky Serve "Ghost Serve"
+ Advanced Techniques and Tactics
4 lectures 43:17

Today I will explain to you the key points of how to do a 3rd ball attack in table tennis. The 3rd ball attack is your first attack or a shot to open a series of attacks later. Who attacks first, in general, will have a higher chance to win the point.  I want to discuss the differences between the Chinese philosophy and the Western philosophy about this shot. In China, if you ask your coach about the “3rd ball” in table tennis, he might not understand. But if you talk about the “first direct attack” (直拍第一), he can answer you quickly. So there is a difference between the 2 systems. 

Table Tennis Tactics - 3rd ball attack

Today, I talk about “How to get more spin in your table tennis shots: serve, loop, push, forehand topspin, backhand flip, topspin serve, etc. Spin is the “heart” of this sport. When you master the “spin” in table tennis, your tablet tennis level increases dramatically. Without spin, table tennis is no longer table tennis. Professional table tennis players can make the ball spin up to 9000 rpm (rounds per minute)

How to Spin like a Pro

China always has the best training system in table tennis. Today we learn the fundamental Chinese table tennis training methods “Power From The Ground”. One of the most important philosophy in table tennis that you should know.

Why You Need Chinese Table Tennis Training Methods

Because there are the differences between the old techniques and the Chinese table tennis techniques. Chinese training methods help the player improve faster. 

"Power from the Ground" Chinese Secret Concept

Chinese table tennis coaching and education always focus on the solid foundation of techniques. Today, we learn how to improve the shot quality in table tennis.

In the beginning, every new player should learn table tennis step by step and slowly. Chinese coach guides the new player in the very small detail.

The key to improve the power in the Forehand topspin, is to incorporate the lower part of the body in the forehand shot. Not only, snap the ball with your forearm, but you should also do the weight transfer, and rotate your body. 

How to Improve the Power and Speed