Introduction to Systems Engineering and INCOSE ASEP Exam

An introductory course designed for you to pass the INCOSE ASEP / CSEP Exam
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Systems Engineering core concepts
The mandatory concepts you need to know to pass INCOSE ASEP / CSEP Exam
What a day in the life of a ASEP / CSEP qualified engineer looks like
How to start your journey to passing INCOSE ASEP
How to further understand the necessary parts for the ASEP / CSEP Exam


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If your looking to learn more about Systems Engineering, this course is for you. This course covers core Systems Engineering topics and the route to professional development, in particular, passing the INCOSE ASEP Exam.

The course content includes:

  • What is systems engineering?

  • How can you apply systems engineering to your project?

  • What does a systems engineer do?

  • What day to day activities do systems engineers do?

  • Who are INCOSE?

  • Benefits of becoming an INCOSE member

  • Route to professional development


  • Content covered in the INCOSE ASEP Exam

  • Next steps for revising for the exam

Who this course is for:

  • Early career Engineers looking to learn the core components of Systems Engineering to pass the ASEP / CSEP Exam
  • Experienced Engineers who want to understand the exam components covered in the INCOSE ASEP / CSEP Exam
  • Interested Science, Technology, Mathematics or Engineering person's who wish to understand and learn about Systems Engineering.

Course content

7 sections • 9 lectures • 37m total length
  • Introduction


Systems Engineer
Connor Miller
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Hello, I'm Connor!

I'm a Systems Engineer, based in Bristol, United Kingdom. I've worked across multiple engineering projects in industry including areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Defence, Aerospace, Maritime & Rail.

I have an M.Eng Systems Engineering degree from Loughborough University. Im an INCOSE qualified Associate of Systems Engineering Practitioner (ASEP) and sit on the INCOSE UK Advisory Board.

Member of the Institute of Engineering & Technology (IET) and INCOSE UK.