Systematic approach to stock pick & return acceleration

A short course to set your path to investing success. Learn systematic approach to invest in stock market.
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  • No specific prerequisites is required
  • An open mind & willingness to learn


This is a quick course for investor to learn to invest in a systematic approach instead of buying thru rumors. 

When it comes to stock market investing/trading, most retail player just lack of the knowledge to do it systematically, especially beginner.

Most retail player buy/sell based on news, based on rumors and often times by just listening to others. 

This short course listed down some of the paths that been proven successful for our students. 

You don't need to be a "financial expert" to be successful in stock market. 

In this course, you will learn 

  1. What are the choices you have?
  2. Path to Stock Pick & Return acceleration
  3. Small details that matters. 

This is a short course, as good to know information that does not affect your investing decision is not included. 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who want to invest in stocks
  • New investor who want to know invest using systematic approach
  • Investor who want to turn professional and no longer invest by listening to rumours

Course content

5 sections14 lectures35m total length
  • Introduction
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Entrepreneur, Stock Investor & Trader & Educational Trainer
KamMeng Mok
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KM is a entrepreneur, investor/trader & educational trainer. 
He served as a senior management in a global MNC specialized in engineering sales for more than 15years and is now full-time trader & educational trainer. 

He started to trade options & stock since 2003, and had been thru ups & downs. He learnt and traded different strategies throughout the years, and managed to combine different strategies for better uses.

He believes that if you can achieve success with simple method, don't go complicated. 

With his passion in sharing his knowledge in different areas, he founded Value Incubator, a non-academic training provider, with a few experienced professionals in different field. Value incubator focus on non-academic knowledge that is crucial to achieve success in life and in professional career.