Swift Singletons. The Difference When Using Class & Structs

Created by iOSBFree. Understanding the differences between class and struct singletons in Swift iOS.
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Understand why & when you would use the Singleton pattern
Understand the behaviour of a struct singleton
Understand the behaviour of a class singleton
Understand the essential engineering behind these coding decisions


  • Basic knowledge of iOS


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In This Course

1. We create two singletons in a Playground.

2. Each singleton is created using either a struct or a class.

3. We examine the advantages and disadvantages of each approach

Learning Objectives

· What is a singleton

· The behaviour of a struct singleton

· The behaviour of a class singleton

The Goal Of A Singleton

Together, we’ll examine the behaviour of two different approaches when creating singletons. The more classic approach is to create each singleton using a class due to its memory management - when the singleton is created it will exist in only one area of memory and never be duplicated. However, the opposite can be true when dealing with struct singletons.

Our Recommendation

Our recommendation would be to always use a class singleton due to the principle of a singleton itself, which is to maintain only one of its kind within the system. One manager handles the inflow and outflow of certain behaviour. If we want to ensure that we don’t duplicate our singleton, we should stay away from struct value types that use such behaviour by default.

Sample Code

Sample Code Is Always Included and attached to each video. You can download the same project used in each episode of the course.

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This course is free. We aim to publish as many short courses as we can to help new iOS Developers apply for jobs in iOS and enter a high paying profession. We want those developers to write great apps that are robust, work correctly, and are maintainable. By supplying this information for free we hope we can reach as many people studying in the pandemic as we can.

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Our goal is to provide direction to those who want to learn Swift in order to better their lifestyle or livelihood. I can fully recommend iOS and Swift as fantastic opportunities to live a wealthy, healthy and happy life, working fully remote as a computer programmer.

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Our Teaching Style

We have taken the official Swift documentation and translated the official programming guide into Xcode playgrounds. We then simplified the content creating a guided tour of the Swift programming language with a course project. Inside each one of our videos you will find the attached sample code to interact with every given example. This is a hands on course that focusses on writing code first and watching videos second. This provides a full customer experience as more stimuli have been catered for. By providing both written interactive coding examples alongside a guided video explanation learning can be efficient as possible, significantly reducing the time required to increase knowledge.

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Some Coding Tips

We use many technical terms within the industry and perhaps some of the most frequent are ‘design patterns’ and ‘architecture’. You can think of design patterns as a type of blue print used to structure a certain type of communication between a cluster of objects. As an example we may chose to use the Factory pattern to write a class that produces cars to a fixed specification already configured. This term can then be used in conversations to describe the behaviour and type of structure you have used to construct a certain feature or area of the codebase.

Architecture is essentially very similar and is used to describe the entire infrastructure of every component within the system itself. Design patterns are used to design and build the architecture and a solid system cannot built without this type of order. Perhaps when we think abut this term architecture we should think of the term ‘structured code’ and remember the importance of structure communication between files.

How To Become An iOS Developer

Most companies that offer iOS developer jobs simply need to maintain an existing Swift system that has previoiusly been put in place. Creating the architecture and thinking about performance can be difficult and may require some expert knowledge, but they are not the needs of most companies. In fact, if you are interested in maintaining an existing system then the technology industry will be a huge market place in which to advertise your skills.

With the interest of both parties in mind (the business and the employee) having great Swift knowledge and being able to write safe code will be the biggest focus, which is great news.

This means, all you need to do is learn Swift.

Why Learn Swift

To become an iOS developer with a great salary who can work anywhere in the world using only a laptop and an internet connection.

By studying the language all of the other pieces of the puzzle will fall into place. With a clear grasp of the Swift programming language it will be much easier to apply for jobs and to pass each test they provide. The rest will be provided to you as you learn whats required within that role for that specific company.

Our Goal / Motivation

We are trying to consolidate more than a decades commercial experience combined with the official Swift documentation into short online courses (created for fast learning), so that our students can live happier and wealthier lives - Swift engineers are well-paid and can work anywhere in the world.

Why not think about becoming an iOS developer making apps for Apple software.

Thank You

A big warm hug and thank you to all of our students. Repetition is the key. Just keep writing code each day and then the only remaining factor is time. You can do it, I promise.

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