What Is ARC In iOS? Swift Memory Management System

Created by iOSBFree. Exposing the iOS ARC memory management system, how it works and how to use it.
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Understand the counter system of ARC
Understand what ARC is
Know the 3 reference types (for memory management)
Think about the engineering & how to use ARC


  • Basic iOS knowledge


Learn From One Of The 1st iOS Developers In The World

Our instructor Matt, has 13 years of experience in iOS and created the world's first iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch apps. Now, he dedicates his time to recording courses for iOSBFree (pronounced "iOS Be Free").

In This Course

1. We introduce the concept of ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) and the 3 different options available for storing objects in memory.

2. We create some simple code within a Swift Playground. The Playground files are always included and attached to each video as a resource (the same with all our courses). Please follow along and try it for yourself!

Learning Objectives

· What is ARC
· About the counter system
· The 3 options for storing data in memory
· How objects are captured within a closure
· Engineering decisions when altering the way objects are stored or released from memory
· Networking requests should always fire their callbacks. Always.

Sample Code

Sample Code Is Always Included and attached to each video. You can download the same project used in each episode of the course.

This Course Is Free

This course is free. We aim to publish as many short courses as we can to help new iOS Developers apply for jobs in iOS and enter a high paying profession. We want those developers to write great apps that are robust, work correctly, and are maintainable. By supplying this information for free we hope we can reach as many people studying in the pandemic as we can.

Our Service (iOSBFree Ltd)

We are a unique career-building service sharing over 13 years of successful experience shaping the iOS industry into what it is today. Our unique information, point-of-view and service can be utilised to build highly successful and profitable careers in iOS.

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What We Teach

Career building, CV writing, interviewing skills, industry secrets, industry stories, real-life experience, iOS fundamentals, ARC memory management, Swift, architecture and best engineering practices.

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What Is SwiftUI?

SwiftUI is a newly released UI Framework introduced to iOS. It aims to solve a lot of problems with apps, such as running on all platforms, reducing bugs, improving stability and bringing more developers to iOS - because it's easier to write apps!

Learning SwiftUI is an absolute must for any iOS developer looking to develop a career over the next 5 years.

The Instructor

Check out our Instructor profile (just briefly) and glance over Matt's incredible unparalleled experience. After 13 years of specialising in iOS, he created a company helping people build their own successful and profitable careers in iOS too.

Our unique information cannot be found anywhere else on any platform. We not only teach code, syntax and architecture but we provide tried & tested strategies to boost your career forwards and build a better life!

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Not only is our instructor one of the first iOS developers in the world, but our service is also the first of its kind in the world!
iOSBFree is a truly unique one-of-a-kind service. There is no single other service offering Matt’s level of experience in any other coding course, software engineering tutorial, or career-building service anywhere in the world.

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Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who want to know about iOS


CEO/Founder, iOS Contractor, System Specialist, Instructor
Matt Harding (iOSBFree)
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Our instructor Matt..

- Is one of the worlds first iOS developers

- Has 14 years experience specialising in iOS

- Created the worlds first iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch apps

- Was invited to Apple Headquarters to work on a secret project

- Is the developer behind the 10 billionth downloaded app

- Earned 6 figures as a consultant

- Has generated millions in revenue for his clients

- Led many teams

- Helped direct new companies with their mobile development

Free Courses

I provide free step-by-step mini courses (1 hour) to learn SwiftUI whilst also teaching architecture.

I record these courses to provide a little direction with how we structure our SwiftUI projects. There are many amazing SwiftUI tutorials and sample code available on YouTube, Udemy and the Apple developer portal, but they mostly miss some key points in basic architecture. My aim is to help teach students on Udemy some best practices, how to analyse projects, how to analyse architecture

- Learn SwiftUI

- Layered Architecture

- Code Review techniques

- How to examine code

- Memory management


How To Write High Quality Code

My aim is to help teach students on Udemy some best practices, how to analyse projects, how to analyse architecture and how to write maintainable apps - your career will benefit from it!

- Layered Architecture - (Networking, Data and Presentation Layers)

- KISS - always write simple solutions

- Single Responsibility - types should only do one thing

- Readability - code should be understandable by juniors, mid and senior developers

- Maintenance - ensure code is not constantly re-written or edited

- Never connect systems that shouldn’t be connected

- Cover every error scenario - don’t think of errors as an edge case

- Edge cases are equally as important as success cases

- Never create an instance of FatalError()

What Is High Quality Code?

Code that is readable by everyone = all levels of developers

Solutions that are simple in nature = less moving parts = less potential problems

SwiftUI Is The Future

Prepare for the future and learn SwiftUI. Apps are buggy, crash too often and developers are having to constantly re-write code. Apple are focussing on more stability for the future. SwiftUI together with the Swift language are great tools to write simple and safe solutions. SwiftUI also uses the Reactive Programming paradigm to create solutions.

It’s time to learn SwiftUI.

Great Projects = Understanding Architecture

You wouldn’t trust a brick layer to build a sky scraper and perhaps you shouldn’t trust someone who only writes code to build an app. We need more. We need to understand architecture. We are engineers constructing our solutions using thought and structure - we call this architecture.

- Layered Architecture

- Never connect systems that shouldn’t be connected

- Single Responsibility


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