Create a Live Update chat app with Swift IOS8 and Xcode.

One on one tutorials on how to develop a cloud storage, Live Update chat app with Swift Programming language in IOS8.
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 (79 ratings)
10,520 students
Create a Live Update chat app with Swift IOS8 and Xcode.
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 (79 ratings)
10,520 students
Design and develop a live status update IOS application in Swift
Familiarize with Xcode and it's component.


  • Mac
  • Xcode
  • Basic to none Swift programming skills

Welcome to this Swift programming course where you will learn how to develop a cloud powered Live Update chat application.

My Name is Ronny and I am a software developer at Team App Creative. I have been programming online for over 5 years where I Initially started with PHP and Wordpress plugin development.

Currently I am focused in programming with Java, Swift, Android and IOS applications.

I designed to course first of all because I love to teach. I have an extensive list of videos on youtube teaching different programming languages. Secondly, it is for those seeking to learn and develop an IOS application regardless of programming skills and/or background. newbies, pros, students, entrepreneurs e.t.c.

We will be using a common software development methodology known as Model view controller (MVC) pattern where we will separate data from view and controllers and see how to make them interact appropriately.

Aside from the IOS course in Swift, I also include a FREE and COMPLETE video course for the same app but in Android using Java. You will learn everything it took to get this same app up and running in Android. In short, you are getting a complete mobile developer package program for pennies if you ask me.

The IOS course covers everything you need to know on how to start and deploy a working chat application. Along the process, you will learn how to work with button, textfield, table view, view controllers, views, parse, segues, auto-layout and many more.

Join now as you have 30 day days no question money back guarantee by Udemy. If at any moment you feel unhappy about any video, you can request a refund within the 30 days of enrollment. You really have nothing to lose.

See you inside!


Ronny Kibet.

Who this course is for:
  • Students
  • Enterprenuers
  • Web and mobile developers
  • Swift programming enthusiasts.
4 sections • 16 lectures • 2h 30m total length
  • Introducing Parse IOS SDK
  • Adding parse to Xcode project
  • Creating connection between parse and app.
  • Views and Viewcontrollers
  • Auto-layout
  • User registration page
  • Seques
  • Storing user objects in parse.
  • Creating user status objects in parse
  • Working with table views
  • Populating table views
  • Getting status from server to app.
  • Logout users
  • Login users and more authentication.
  • Sharing data between view controllers
  • Source Code

Ronny K
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Ronny Kibet is a software developer and web development tutor specialized in Java, Android, JavaFX, Cocoa, C#, Python, Swift and Unity3D,. He is also equipped with web development skills in PHP, MYSQL, Javascript. He also develops Wordpress plugins and has a comprehensive tutorial on Youtube that has helped many get started with Wordpress development.