Swift Programming for Beginners

Now updated for Swift 2. This course is now free since no more updates will be occurring.
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Prepared To Master Cocoa Touch to Build Elegant iOS Applications.
Converse Over Swift with Other Developers Without A Problem.
Read Swift Code And Understand What is Going On.
Write Clean and Concise Swift Code.
Understand The Best Programming Practices
Comprehend Basic Object-Oriented Principles


  • You Need Mac OS X Running Mavericks or Later.
  • You Don't Need to Install Xcode Before This Course, We Will Cover Everything You Need In The Videos.
  • A Strong Interest or Passion in iOS Development and Technology.


Are you ready to build elegant iOS apps? A prerequisite to that is learning Swift, Apple's maturing Programming Language for iOS Development. This is the course for you if you're curious about iOS, or if you even know it already. Let's dive into the specifics about this course.

What Do I Need to Take This Course?

  • Mac OS X 10.10 or Later
  • Strong Interest and/or Passion for Technology and iOS Development

How Experienced Do I Have to Be For This Course?

  • My Target Audience For this Course is a Beginner to Intermediate Programmer
  • If You've Never Coded in Your Life, You Will Finish This Course Without a Problem.

Why this course?

  • I've Spent Over 250 Hours Perfecting This Course For My Students
  • I Relate to Beginner Programmers To Explain Things In a Way They Can Understand
  • I Spent A While of Time Reading Not Only The Swift Docs, but Other Books On Swift
  • I Put Nearly 20 Challenges With Solutions For The Sections
  • I'm Active! Any Question You Have, I Will Answer Them Quickly
  • After Completing This Course, You Will Be Ready to Learn Cocoa Touch

How Much Commitment Do I Have to Have To Complete This Course?

  • Spending 30 Minutes A Day: Complete it in 24 Days
  • As Long as You Have A Passion For Learning Swift, You'll Be Fine

How is This Course Structured?

  • This Course Covers Swift Front and Back
  • We Start Out By Installing Xcode, and Move Our Way Up To Generic Types
  • There Are Challenges After The Sections To Practice What You've Learned

Whether You're New To Programming Or You're Experienced In It, This Course is For You Because You're Going To Be a Master Of Swift By The End Of The Lectures.

Who this course is for:

  • This Course is Meant For A Person Who Is Either New To Programming, or Experienced In Programming.
  • This Course is Not For You if You Are Not Passionate About The Field, and Are Just Worried About Making Apps For Money. The Money will Come If You Build Amazing iOS Apps.
  • If You Have An Interest in Building iOS Apps With a Purpose, This Is The Course For You.

Course content

27 sections295 lectures11h 46m total length
  • Watch Me, I'm Important!
  • Swift 2 is Here!


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Juke Jaster
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In a society where aesthetics is becoming a leading standard, I utilize computer science to craft simple, elegant solutions to complex problems. I value user experience and design equally in relation to actual functionality. This is why I take the design of everyday things seriously in attempt to make things easier for humans to progress exponentially. The main pursuit I’m currently undertaking to assist in my endeavor to solve our problems is teaching, building software for iOS, Front End development, and UI/UX design.

Teaching is something I thoroughly enjoy because I firmly believe that knowledge should be shared at all costs. My teaching style is kept simple for the student. I am always looking for ways to improve, so I welcome to critique of my teaching from others with open arms.