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Since February 2018, I have not touched sweets, fried foods, chocolate, ice cream, or any form of junk food whatsoever. Is this some extra-ordinary achievement? Do I have crazy will power? Am I putting myself through suffering? Am I depriving myself of the joys of the world? Is this some display of strength of character?

My answer to all of these questions is NO. I am just another person. I used to fill up foam cups with peanut butter M&Ms and chocolate-coated almonds and "drink" them during office meetings. I had previously tried to eat healthier but could not sustain it for more than a few weeks and would inevitably relapse back into my old patterns. Then some profound realizations changed my entire perspective and enabled long-term success in eating healthy.

You see, in my world view, there are no easy things or hard things in this world, only things that you already know how to do and things that you don't yet know how to do. (There are also things that you know that ain't so. Watch out for those too!)

If you have been unsuccessful at eating healthily over an extended period of time, all that that means is that there are things that you need to learn, keys that you need to find in order to unlock doors. Find the keys; transform your life.

I am making this course to share with you the same realizations that have allowed me to permanently transform my eating and never look back.

Best wishes for your health ambitions! And remember: If I can sustain healthy eating, you can too!

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We live in a time when it is easier than ever before to share knowledge, realizations, and experiences with each other. We need to take advantage of this, learn from each other, teach each other whatever we know, empower each other, encourage each other, learn together, grow together, and be happy and healthy.

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