Surpassing Pain - Overcome Pain for Good and Radiate Health
2.9 (19 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,450 students enrolled

Surpassing Pain - Overcome Pain for Good and Radiate Health

Taking action dealing with pain symptoms to advance natural, spontaneous and unconscious abilities of healing.
2.9 (19 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,450 students enrolled
Created by Wiktor Gembalski
Last updated 1/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Increase Your Self Awareness and Healing Skills
  • Make Pain Your Healing Force
  • Use Secret Pain Controlling Tactics used by secret services such as CIA.
  • Advance your natural, unconscious and spontaneous abilities of healing
  • Become Excellent in Self-Inquiry
  • Attract More Happiness
  • Have an ongoing experience of pain
  • Work with someone who has ongoing experience of pain
  • or being happily pain free while planning to stay that way

Surpassing Pain - Overcome Pain for Good and Radiate Health

Sometimes when I listen carefully, I hear them calling my name..

They are the dreams I lost somehow, somewhere along the way. Now, once again, one by one I find them. And this time, I bring them home to stay. 

Hello, thanks for staying in my home, and welcome to "Surpassing Pain" training designed to help you take action dealing with pain symptoms to advance your natural, unconscious and spontaneous abilities of healing. My name is Wiktor Gembalski and if you don't mind I'd like to help you help yourself feeling good.

I'm guessing that you are here because you want to make changes, HAVEN'T YOU ... already made lots of changes during your life? So you already know how to bring into view differently a greater range of options actually occurring now. Isn't that interesting that you've never looked at it that way until now?

Right now is the right time for you to restart your life with positive promise and endless opportunity. 

No matter how exhausting is the Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia.
No matter how heart-breaking is the break up, divorce or loss of the loved one.
No matter how deep is the Depression
No matter how aching is the Chronic Lower-Back Pain
No matter how dull is the Arthritis
No matter how difficult is the Post-Surgical Pain
No matter how disturbing is the Premenstrual Pain
No matter how scary is the Anxiety
No matter how attentive is the ADHD 
No matter how severe are the Burns
No matter how damaging is the Cancer
No matter how excruciating is the Childbirth
No matter how unbearable are the Kidney Stones
No matter how agonizing are the Tooth Abscess
No matter how torturous is the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
No matter how mind-blowing are the Headaches or Cluster Headaches so called "Suicide Headaches"
No matter how...

No matter where you've been until now, you have a life of unlimited potential in front of you, and you're just now getting started.

  • "Surpassing Pain" now brings you the pain controlling methodologies that hypnotherapists from all over the world have used for years during their therapeutic interventions.

  • "Surpassing Pain" uses the same pain controlling strategies as the US Army Secret Services or CIA.

  • "Surpassing Pain" applies the same INNER GAMES of handling pain used by Mixed Martial Arts Fighters.

  • "Surpassing Pain" utilises Mindfulness and Compassion Meditation approach which is consistently rated by Pain Management Clinics as one of the most useful, effective, and helpful approaches, in dealing with severe and chronic pain symptoms, they have ever come across.

By taking this training you choose to be strong, confident, sure of yourself, unafraid, know what you want to do, have an incredible attitude, know you can do it, get past the pain, focus everything you do on the most positive outcome which is HEALING ... and do it.

By knowing that you already have all the resources to deal with pain symptoms successfully and are open to understand the Mind-Body connection you will quickly and easily realize the importance of taking your life in your own hands. 

By becoming more aware of your Kinesthetic system you will quickly learn how the process of developing feelings and amplifying them works. 

You will learn how motivation and environment modulates the pain experience. You will understand the pain from scientific point of view and you will know what genes are responsible for its function. 

  • Rossi E L (2002), effectively argues that novel experiences in and out of hypnosis facilitate brain plasticity through gene expression and rewiring. That is, maladaptive subconscious reflexes are rerouted. So, the hypnotic ability to  dissociate provides a psychophysiological link to the neurocellular processes that alter our responsivity to pain.

You will learn the hypnotic dissociation and the power of suggestion. 

  • Esdaile is reputed to have performed a multitude of painless amputations on magnetized patients during the nineteenth century. There is also a detailed account of a mastectomy performed in the early part of the nineteenth century on a magnetized patient Weitzenhoffer A M (1989).

And finally you will learn how to transform the pain into healing by simply applying the laws of physics. You will have much better understanding of healing process. 

"Surpassing Pain" isn't yet another pain management clinic program. I don't even like the term "Pain Management". Because what does it mean to manage pain?? It clearly presupposes that doesn't matter what you do, the pain is still there. Also "Pain Management" clinics don't appreciate the essential dual nature of pain experience: physiological and psychological. Their therapy practices mainly focus on physical pain and often approach is a heavy use of drugs. 

"Surpassing Pain" is a drug free methodology and approach. It's a thorough study of the pain and healing phenomenon based on modeling 4 groups of professionals: 

  • Hypnotherapists
  • CIA agents 
  • Martial Artists 
  • Meditators

By having all their knowledge on board as well as your awareness of your own body and mind, you will learn how to transform the pain symptoms into healing process in a very empowering ways.

Even though what you read here might shock you, it has already started working, because we are all designed to be healthy.. 

Life isn't about recycling processes that don't serve you.

Life isn't about lying down in bed all day ever day. 

Life isn't about continuing to be anxious about your future. 

No patient in their right mind would initiate successful pain symptoms therapy without having it researched beforehand."Surpassing Pain" will take you from weeks, months or perhaps years of research to continues and successful pain handling self development that you can take to another level by utilising numbers of different approaches taught in this course. 

I invite you to try "Surpassing Pain" for 30-Day with no questions asked, Money-Back Guarantee. 

Also before we advertise in Google and Amazon, you can reserve your personal copy of the "Surpassing Pain", research based book on our website for a price of 1 pack of Ibuprofen.

Who this course is for:
  • Drug-Free Pain Relief Seekers
  • Professionals Dealing with Pain Symptoms
Course content
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+ Introduction and Setting Frames For The Course
6 lectures 18:49

This video is just a promo of the online course, live course and the book released and published under the same title "Surpassing Pain". It's a little controversial and a little funny. Hope you will enjoy it.

Preview 01:03

The video was shot near Soto de la Marina, Cantabria in Spain on 17th August 2016. It's a brief pre introduction to the whole course. The weather wasn't so good but I had a great company.

Preview 01:01

This is more proper introduction into the course I recorded after completing my 1st Surpassing Pain Live training in London. Enjoy!

Surpassing Pain Introduction Recorded on the Training in London 2016

A few words about myself.

Preview 03:16

This video is VERY IMPORTANT as it sets the frames and direction for the entire course. This course is specifically dealing with our kinaesthetic system therefore it is advisable to "watch it" and "listen to it" with your entire body. We will be dealing with feelings and feelings are a domain of the body, not the mind. So it's really important that for the moment of going through the course we use more the body rather than the mind.

Preview 04:01

This video was suppose to be the main promo video for the course but I realised it might not work without proper pre-pacing I've included in previous videos. This is my normal hypnotic session I would go though with my clients in order to help them connect with the root cause of their symptom that is manifesting in the body. At the beginning I wanted to create an atmosphere of more dramatic and intense feelings that would hopefully allow you regress to the root cause of your symptoms. And at the same time give you a real experience of hypnotic, therapeutic session. 

Preview 05:32
+ Results Come From How You Define The Pain
1 lecture 00:59

There are many definitions of pain and even more theories. I've chosen this one as in my opinion it perfectly captures the real experience of pain phenomena.

Preview 00:59
+ Clean Up This First or You Never Get Rid of Pain
7 lectures 30:09

Mind body connection as a one cybernetic system is a very important and helpful tool used to tackle pain symptoms. Being aware of it and knowing how to use it means having a powerful Emotional Intelligence resource that can be utilised doesn't matter where you go or what you do. 

Mind-Body connection

Cause vs Effect is a theory that describes distinctions between being passive and active, between being dependent and independent, between taking your life in your own hands or letting others do it for you. It is a very crucial equation that suggests to keep shifting your life into the "cause side" if your goal is to change, if your goal is to get rid of the pain symptom without any external expectations. 

Cause vs Effect
Kinaesthetic is one of our perception systems designed to help us perceive the world we live in. Humans are feeling systems. As a system we have a capabilities to feel. That's the universal truth. 
We Are Designed to Feel
Rossi E L (2002) effectively argues that novel experiences in and out of hypnosis facilitate brain plasticity through gene expression and rewiring. That is, maladaptive subconscious reflexes are rerouted. So, the hypnotic ability to   dissociate provides a psychophysiological link to the neurocellular processes that alter our responsivity to pain.
The condition presented in video occurs as a result of an extremely rare genetic mutation in the SCN9A gene, which is found on chromosome 2.
The loss-of-function mutation in the SCN9A gene leads to a complete insensitivity to pain, while leaving all the other sensory modalities intact – the people with the mutation are still sensitive to touch, temperature changes and proprioception (the position of their limbs in space). 
The people in the study are otherwise healthy and have ‘normal’ levels of intelligence, so it is possible that any analgesics which target Nav1.7 may alleviate pain without having any side effects.
Symptom of Pain is a Common Humanity Event / Experience

Knowing that we really already do have everything we need to deal with pain is an important believe that empowers you into action.

We Have All The Resources We Need to Be Able to Deal with Pain Successfully

We are the strongest people on earth. If we weren't designed to be healthy our species wouldn't survive. With each generation our health blueprint gets improved and we are much stronger and more intelligent than the previous generations therefore we are the best examples of human perfection.

We Are Designed to Be Healthy

It's a simple yet powerful contrastive exercise that expands flexibility of dealing with our sensory input and it's interpretation which is just an interpretation, deleted, distorted and generalised. There are always positive secondary gains in any aspects of our life. The is always a positive intension behind the process. Even Pain has a positive intention. 

Inside / Outside of The Box
+ Be Brave and Become Aware of How Does The Perfect Experience of Pain Unfolds
1 lecture 04:37

You can find a thorough description of how the CIA recommends interrogating a subject in the released by the Freedom of Information Act document.

For example in "Threats and Fears," the CIA authors note that "the threat of coercion usually weakens or destroys resistance more effectively than coercion itself. The threat to inflict pain, for example, can trigger fears more damaging than the immediate sensation of pain." 

Under the subheading "Pain," the guidelines discuss the theories behind various thresholds of pain, and recommend that a subject's "resistance is likelier to be sapped by pain which he seems to inflict upon himself" such rather than by direct torture.

This information is important in order to become aware of how unconsciously we might cause pain to others or to ourselves. Domestic Violence is a perfect example of that. Those days physical violence isn't allowed although the biggest damage comes from Psychological Violence initiated equally by men as well as women.  

CIA interrogation techniques
+ Spontaneous Ways of Escaping The Pain in Order to Build Up Resources
7 lectures 56:40

Dissociation is a fundamental phenomena used in dealing with pain symptoms.

Hypnotic Phenomena

The understanding of pain perception itself has long been in dispute until discovery of the correlation between an attention to sensory aspects of the pain experience and the primary somatosensory cortex, a part of the brain which main role is to percept pain, 1998 (Dubner R, Gold M). 

Primary Somatosensory Cortex

Want that to happen .. expect it to happen .. and watch it happen - 3 suggestions used by Dave Elman. I though it was worth it to mention them in here as they do set strong frames for change.

Motivation, Openness, Enjoyment - Elmanian Hypnosis

This is a simple comparison of Conscious and Unconscious mind delivered hypnotically.

Unconscious Mind

Everything we say and do has an effect on others therefore everything we do or say is a suggestion therefore is a hypnosis. In this video you will learn different ways of delivering powerful suggestions to deal with pain symptoms. 

Suggestions - Direct vs Indirect

There was a period when many friends were coming to me asking to be hypnotised. They liked it and were coming for more until I didn't have the time. So I've recorded one of the hypnotic sessions and it comes out to be very trance so if you are like my friends looking for a drug free altered state experiences then you will like this one.

Having an experience of hypnosis

Analgesia, Anesthesia and Amnesia are 3 probably the most common hypnotic phenomenas used in helping people deal with pain symptoms. I have included in the video a few sweet powerful suggestions that induce those states. Enjoy.

Analgesia, Anesthesia, Amnesia - Eliciting Hypnotic Phenomena
+ The NAEDH System of Working with Pain Symptoms
8 lectures 25:19

There are different descriptions of pain quality but all of them describe or presuppose the movement.

The Meta Quality of Pain

In order for something to move there needs to be a mass and acceleration and that is the Energy.

The Energy of Pain

In this video I'm explaining what is health and what isn't, where it comes from and where it goes to.

The Healing Concept of Hurting

Here I'm revealing one of the most important techniques for generating the Energy, therefore generating the Health.

Quantum Healing

Here as well I'm highlighting an importance of Meditation and its powerful impact on our health.

The Healing Power of Meditation You Never Been Told About

This video was recorded in Barceloneta, Barcelona on 23 of September 2016. It is a sun rise of important questions to be asked:

• What does it mean to heal?

• What is the value of healing?

• What is essential in healing?

• What is the larger purpose that healing supports?

Take some time to think about it and write the answers down.

What Fascinates You About Healing Process?

It is a little demo I've made in London during one of my trainings. It teaches you how to set frames around your pain and how to observe it. Very effective technique to deal with pain symptoms. Hope you will enjoy it.

Mindful Healing of Pain Experience - Demo

That's the exact exercise script.

Mindful Exploration of Pain Experience
+ Building Powerful Resources Through The Art of Compassion Meditation
6 lectures 54:47

This video is a pretalk to the Compassion Meditation practice, a very powerful school of meditation that tackles the strongest experiences of pain, that tackles suffering such as Post Traumatic Stress disorders and more.

Building Resources to Be Able to Deal with Suffering - Introduction


• Please find a friendly, comfortable posture in which your body is supported and you don't need any effort to remain in that position for the entire meditation.

• Take a few slow, easy breaths to release unnecessary tension, letting the eyes close partially or fully. Placing a hand over the heart (or anywhere it is soothing) as a reminder to bring affectionate awareness to our experience and to ourselves.

• Now finding your breath, wherever you can feel it most easily. Perhaps at the tip of the nose, the belly, or perhaps as a gentle movement of your whole body? Letting yourself notice the simple sensation of breathing. Just feeling your breath for awhile.

• Letting yourself incline inwardly toward your breathing as you might incline toward a child or a beloved pet, with curiosity and tenderness.

• Don't worry about how often your mind wanders. When your mind wanders, gently escorting it back to the sensation of breathing like redirecting a puppy or a child who has wandered off.

• Noticing how your breath nourishes your body even when you're not paying any attention to it. Letting your body breathe you. There is nothing you need to do.

• Feeling your whole body breathe, gently moving with the rising and falling of the breath, like the movement of the sea.

• Allowing your body to be rocked and caressed - internally caressed - by the breath.

• Perhaps giving yourself over to the breath, becoming the breath.

• And now, releasing the breath, and allowing everything that comes to awareness to be just as it is, just for now.

• Slowly and gently open your eyes.


Small introduction to Loving Kindness meditation

Loving-kindness - Introduction


• Please find a comfortable position, sitting or lying down. Letting your eyes close, fully or partially. Taking a few deep breaths to settle into your body and into the present moment.

• Putting your hand over your heart, or wherever it is comforting and soothing, as a reminder that you are bringing not only awareness, but loving awareness, to your experience and to yourself.

• After awhile, feeling your breath where you notice it most easily. Feeling your body breathe in and out, and when your attention wanders, noticing the gentle movement of your breath once again.

• Then gently releasing the breath and offering yourself words of kindness and compassion, over and over .. . words that you need to hear, words you can savor.

o If you already have phrases that are meaningful to you, please use these.

o If you are new to meditating with phrases, please open your heart and mind to what you need to hear- words of wisdom and compassion that speak to you in the deepest way- and whisper them gently into your own ear, again and again.

• Allowing the words in, allowing them to fill your being, allowing them to be true, at least for this one moment.

• Whenever you notice that your mind has wandered, refreshing your aim by feeling the sensations in your body. Coming home to your own body. And then feeling the importance of your words. Coming home to kindness.

• Finally, releasing the phrases and resting quietly in your own body.

• Gently opening your eyes.


A little intro to the Giving and Receiving Compassion Meditation

Giving and receiving compassion - Introduction


• Please sit comfortably, closing your eyes, and if you like, putting a hand over your heart or another soothing place as a reminder to bring not just awareness, but loving awareness, to your experience and to yourself.

• Taking a few deep, relaxing breaths, noticing how your breath nourishes your body as you inhale and soothes your body as you exhale.

• Letting your breathing find its own natural rhythm. Continue feeling the sensation of breathing in and breathing out.

• Now, focusing your attention on your in-breath, letting yourself savor the sensation of breathing in, noticing how your in-breath nourishes your body, breath after breath .... and then releasing your breath.

• As you breathe, breathing in something good for yourself ... whatever you need. Perhaps a quality of warmth, kindness, compassion, or love? Just feel it, or you can use a word or image if you like.

• Now, shifting your focus now to your out-breath, feeling your body breathe out, feeling the ease of exhalation.

• Please call to mind someone whom you love or someone who is struggling and needs compassion. Visualize that person clearly in your mind.

• Begin directing your out-breath to this person, offering the ease of breathing out.

• If you wish, intentionally sending warmth and kindness - something good - to this person with each outbreath.

• Now begin feeling your body breathe both in and out-breathing in for yourself and breathing out for another. "In for me ... and out for you." Savoring the breath.

One for me ... and one for you.

• If you wish, you can focus a little more on yourself, or the other person - whatever you need.

• Or you can send love to more than one person .

• Allowing your breath to flow in and out, like the gentle movement of the sea, flowing in and flowing out. Letting yourself be a part of this limitless, boundless flow. Breathing in and breathing out.

• Gently ring the bell.

+ Interview With a Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapist, Christopher Germer, PhD
1 lecture 15:39

I met with Chris Germer in 2014 and it was an absolutelly amazing experiance to talk with someone who's been practicing mindfulness meditation for over 20 years. We were able to find many differences and similarities between hypnosis and meditation. The interview is a little and spontaneous result of our inspiring conversations that I decided to record.

Similarities & Distinctions of Mindfulness & Hypnosis that you never knew about
+ Interview With a Famous USA Professional Wrestler, Unpredictable Johnny Rodz
2 lectures 29:47

Johnny Rodz is a legend and it was an absolute pleasure to find out how he deals with pain even though he does sometimes use the pain killers. I'm promoting drug free solution to pain symptoms but I'm not conservative about it. If you are at the stage in your life where you have to take pain killer to release the pain then do it, don't resist. Although start exploring other ways of dealing with pain because remember, it's not a drug that changes our physiology but rather our body that reacts to it. Therefore you can practice and master eliciting the same reaction of your body without using the drug. Check out Medical Journals on Placebo Effect.

Johnny Rodz on Dealing with Pain Symptoms - Part 1
Johnny Rodz on Dealing with Pain Symptoms - Part 2
+ Interviews With Brooklyn Professional and Amateur Boxers
2 lectures 13:12

Big John is a man of a great sense of humour but also a man that will share with you techniques of dealing with pain that you've never read or heard before but once you do you will never doubt in the power over pain. Enjoy!

A Retired Professional Boxer Big John on Pain Before, During, and After Fights.

Ju is just starting his career as a boxer but the information and insides he shares during the interview about ways of dealing with pain are way beyond healing. He's a real gentleman.

Beginner Boxer Ju on Pain and Participating in His 1st Amateur Boxing Tournament