Superb Linux Bootcamp - Become Certified Linux Professional

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Student will be able to find a job
they will learn all Linux knowledge


  • Basic Knowledge in Personal Computer
  • Knows how to use keyboard and mouse


What will you gain about this course?

  • This Linux course is more hands-on than theory.
  • Learn latest trends in Linux Environment.
  • The only Linux course that teaches you every detailed and fast.

Welcome to Superb Linux Bootcamp - Become Certified Linux Professional

This is the best course to fulfill your dream to become Certified Linux Professional. I will teach you more hands-on to enhance your Linux skills.Linux is a free and open-source operating system. Operating system is the first piece of software that the computer executes when you turn the computer on.we will tackle Linux using Ubuntu Operating System.

With this course you can be beginner to Professional in just 4 Days.

What will you get in this course?

  1. Download and install Virtual Box
  2. Download and install Ubuntu in Virtual Box
  3. Introduction of Linux
  4. Command Line in Terminal
  5. Linux Editor
  6. File Content
  7. Linux Network and Security
  8. Bash Scripting
  9. Install Application
  10. Install windows Application in Ubuntu Linux

Get this course today and be life changing careers.

The quicker you get this course the quicker gain Superb Linux Bootcamp.

Thank You :D

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who want to know Linux
  • Anyone who want to change there career


Professional Full-stack Developer and Teacher
Paul Carlo Tordecilla
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Hi, I'm Paul Carlo Tordecilla. It’s great connecting with you. 

I'm a Professional Full Stack Developer for more than 10 Years.  As Developer I am enjoying creating system and website. Because being a developer is not about making money.  It's all about doing what you love.

This why I want to share my knowledge to everyone around the world.  It's my passion to help people to learn to an easiest way.  I here to help you to achieve your dreams.  So that you can apply it in the real world projects

If we have knowledge we have the power to change the world.     

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