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How To Get Way More Done In Way Less Time and Create All The Success You Want!
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Live An Exceptional Life
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  • No prior experience or skill set is necessary.
  • Simply bring your enthusiasm and your sense of humor!


Success Is Your Birthright

Bestselling author, unashamed overachiever, musician, and self-made motivational guru, Rob Parnell, presents a fun-filled journey into success, super-productivity and the secrets behind self-mastery. 

Far too many ordinary people trade their freedom for a paycheck and never realize that everything they desire is available to them - all of the time - and that all they have to do is FOCUS on what they want and work toward it, just a little, every day.

The world is changing. The ways of the previous generation don't work anymore. We all need to be independent and self-motivated to stay healthy, wealthy and free. Let Rob show you - with his customary wit and intellect - exactly how to take control of your goals, your productivity - and your destiny - so that you can forge any future you want.


Who this course is for:

  • This course is for people who know deep down they're special and deserve much more from life.
  • This course is NOT for the cynical, easily discouraged or the lazy!

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  • Welcome to Super Success 101


Freelance Writer, Educator, and Bestselling Author
Rob Parnell
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Rob Parnell has been teaching authors online since 2002. He has published over fifty bestselling books and courses on genre writing, motivation, productivity and getting rich and healthy. 

You'll enjoy his down to earth style and the sense Rob somehow knows you like a friend! 

He has been writing since he was five years old. He writes every day without fail - it's a compulsion - and he still hasn't run out of things to say... His preferred genre is the thriller - sometimes with a supernatural edge - in which he writes short stories, graphic novels, screenplays, and adult thrillers. 

In between published fiction projects, Rob has written over 40 nonfiction self-help titles and has been published all over the world for the last twenty years. Also a musician and composer, singer, media producer and budding movie maker, Rob is ecstatically happy to be married to Robyn Opie Parnell, his savior and the popular bestselling children's author.