Super Simple Excel 2016 for Beginners (MS Office 365)

A blended course with exercises - learn as you create a working Gift Budget worksheet step by step with the instructor
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1hr 2min of on-demand video
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Launch Excel and start a blank workbook
Alter size, colour and alignment of text and numbers
Set cell format as a currency with decimal points
Create basic formulas and use AutoSum
Use Conditional Formatting to highlight a problem
Insert and resize images
Manage language, check spelling and use the thesaurus
Print, save and close Excel
Find help within Excel and from the Instructor
Use the above skills to create a working Gift Budget for any occasion


  • You'll need Excel 2016 already installed (or use my link to a 1 month Office 365 trial)
  • I will explain the basics such as left, right, single, double and triple mouse clicks
  • At the beginning of the course you will need to click a file and save it to your computer and be able to find this file for use later in the course


Super Simple Excel 2016 for Beginners is a concise course with exercises, aimed at getting you from no knowledge to to creating and using a gift buying budget. Follow along as we create the budget together step-by-step.

What type of learner are you? 

  • Reading Learners will benefit from reading the written step-by-step instructions
  • Writing Learners will benefit from using the printable ‘Personal Quick Reference Guide’ download sheet as they make their own notes throughout the course
  • Visual Learners will love the screen shots and video tutorials
  • Auditory Learners benefit from the step-by-step commentary on the videos
  • Kinaesthetic Learners will enjoy the hand on exercise at the end of each section as they get their work to the same stage as that part of the course

You are most likely a blend of learning types.  Each topic is covered in a way that ensures that every learner gets the maximum out of the session. 

This course is not a spectator sport; you won’t watch hours of video and hope it sinks in. Also, it will take you longer than you might expect if you do it right. We'll start with a new, blank workbook and gradually build it up until it is ready to run a basic budget for buying gifts. Here's how we'll work together:

  1. You'll read the lesson notes; step by step instructions supported by screen shots
  2. Watch and listen to the 'how to' video - I tend to talk on these videos as if I'm sitting right next to you
  3. You'll do an exercise at the end of every section to get your own workbook to the same point as I got to in the lesson. Either do these exercises by following the instructions on-screen or by using the downloadable exercise book
  4. Finally, you'll make make your own notes, a kind of quick reference guide to refer back to using the 'Personal Quick Reference Guide’ 

If you have a question about a topic just ask in the lesson or in the supporting Facebook Group and I'll answer.

What are you waiting for? Sign up and get started, If you're not delighted you can have your money back, no questions asked.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for you if you are brand new to Excel and already have it installed on your computer
  • This course is for you if you want to put in the work (this will include reading lesson notes) and finish with confidence KNOWING you can apply your new knowledge
  • This course is NOT for you if you want to just sit back, watch video demos and can't be bothered to read the step-by-step guides and do exercises to apply your new knowledge
  • This course is NOT for you if you already have a good level of knowledge with a version of Excel from 2007 onwards


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Mark Thompson
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I am a huge fan of Microsoft 365 & Teams and have nearly 25 years of I.T. training experience.

Skills and experience include the responsibilities of a lead trainer; production of training materials, train the trainer, user community engagement, supporting non-technical project team members and end-user training. I take my commitment to agile work and remote training delivery seriously; a dedicated home office with twin computers and twin super-fast broadband connections ensure I can always deliver.

I am passionate about sharing everything I learn and am one of the main sources of Office 365 updates in my current organisation of 8000 staff. I use my blog (including a monthly round-up of Teams updates affecting end users), Twitter and Facebook to share my own knowledge along with the best Office 365 content from other experts around the world.

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