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How to Use the Art of War to Win All Sales
5.0 (2 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
17 students enrolled
Created by Andy Ng
Last updated 4/2020
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What you'll learn
  • How to use the Sun Tzu Art of War in their sales
  • Able to read and listen to simple English

Sun Tzu wrote the military classic Art of War more than 2,500 years ago.  Today this book is more relevant than ever.  As the concepts and strategies in the book are very powerful, many people have applied them into business, especially sales.  This course combines two of our most powerful sales courses: How to Close Every Sale and Sun Tzu Art of War into one course:  SUN TZU ART OF WAR FOR SALES.

This course is for people who are:

  1. Looking for ways to achieve breakthroughs in their sales

  2. Find the answer to close every sale

  3. Interested to apply Art of War concepts into their daily work and life

  4. Not interested to just know the Art of War, but to make it part of their life

In this course you will all the important points to win per Sun Tzu Art of War, and How to Close Every Sale.  We have conducted this course since 2009 in more than 13 countries.  Now you can learn it anytime anywhere at a fraction of the cost.  Enroll for this course now! 

Who this course is for:
  • People in sales, marketing, customer service and business development
  • People interested to learn about Sun Tzu Art of War
Course content
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27 lectures 01:30:49

In Lecture, students will accomplish the following:

  1. Know how to become an Art of War Practioner by applying the concepts into everyday life

  2. Know the contents of this course, where there are a total of 27 video lectures, with each video averaging 3 to 4 minutes long

  3. Get the assurance that this course is conducted entirely in English in a simple, easy-to-understand and fun way

  4. Know the 3 types of salespeople: Warriors, Strategists and Realists

  5. Know the importance of winning and what winning means to you and your customers

  6. Understand how companies used the Art of War and win in their sales: Google, Costco, Huawei and Pest control company

Preview 03:35

In this lecture, we will demystify Sun Tzu and the Art of War.

Many people wondered why the Art of War is so special. It is special because it works!  It has worked for thousands of years before.

This lecture will also look at what's so special about the person Sun Tzu?  He is a military specialist.   In those days, military specialists make big money.  Why? Because they can change the world.

Indeed, if you were to apply the Art of War in your sales, you will

  1. Sell without selling

  2. Win over the price war without dropping your price

  3. Build raving fans

  4. Get your customers to sell for you

  5. Earn higher income for yourself and build value for the society

There are 13 chapters in the Art of War, made up of 5,900 words.  But we shall make them simple for you in this course.  No Chinese words, all English

Preview 04:19

Win Before the Battle: can it be done?

This lecture looks at how we can win before the battle.  The answer is to win without fighting.

Sun Tzu said that we must win to fight, not fight to win.

Sometimes losing is winning.  Find out how in this lecture

Only go for war when your chance of winning is higher than your opponent. The same for fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic

In sales, we don't sell. We help people to buy.  This lecture shows you the top 20 ways that you too can win without fighting in sales. The method that I use the most is simply don't sell and let customers sell for me.  How? By giving customers big money (40% commission) when they sell for me.  Sounds incredible? Find out in this lecture

Preview 04:29

In this lecture 4, we look at the first 2 elements of the Art of War 5 Elements.

The 5 Elements are: DAO, TIAN, DI, JIANG, FA

Which means Purpose, Climate, Support, Leadership and Methods.

1. Dao

Purpose: what is the purpose of war? What is the purpose of our organization?  What is the purpose of sales?

2. Tian

Climate is everything.  In sales, we create the right climate for customers to buy.  Most importantly, we don't just sell without checking the weather.  If the weather is bad, meaning the customer is not in a good environment, we have to use the other 3 elements more

Ultimately, Dao is everything in the Art of War.  Dao also means moral. In sales, you have to be moral

Dao and Tian of the 5 Elements in Art of War as applied in your sales

Di, or Support, is the 3rd Element in the Art of War 5 Elements

In sales, you must have the support from your company first before you can get support from your customers.  The entire team must support you, not just the management.

To get good support from the customers, you must have good on the ground feelings.

What is the market sentiment now?  How receptive are people towards you? 

To me, the best support you can get for free today is the social media support.  I have attached a video link that explains how the Art of War can apply to your social media.

Ultimately, how do you know that you have good ground support?  When you have referrals and when your customers sell for you.  You are truly sell without selling.

Our case study here is to challenge you to sell Huawei Mate 30 and P40 newest flagship phones WHEN THEY DON'T HAVE GOOGLE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS.  Yes, the price is high and you cannot use this phone outside China as it has no Google support, right?  Let me know what you think in the comments. 

Di: How to Get Strong Support in Your Sales

Lecture 6: JIANG or Leadership per Art of War

In sales, you too can lead over your prospects when you ask questions.  For questions are the answers.  After you have answered your prospect's question, ask a question.  This will make you a leader.

In sales we can also lead the market with our USP, and by our action.  Look at the article I attached here: how Xiaomi lead over Oppo and Vivo with leadership.  Also watch the video in the link here: How to Incapacitate the Leadership.

Ultimately, when you don't lead your customers, you will be led by your customers. The customer will simply say no to you, and you will be led to failure in business. That's why it is so important to lead all the time.

Case study: What can you do when the prospect says no to you? What are the things you can do to make yourself a leader and not a loser?

Either you lead or you lose. That is what Sun Tzu is telling us

Jiang and the Leadership in Sales

Fa means methods in the Art of War.

Sun Tzu said that the Fa is the same for any army of any size. Same for sales

  1. Need to adopt the right method to sell to different people

  2. Strategy first, then tactics

  3. Only 3 steps in sales: prospect, present and pull

  4. All customers have 3 concerns: time, money and people

  5. The best method is to help customers make money

  6. Systemize your sales process

  7. Communicate right

Case study: How to Sell Huawei P40 and Nova 7ii without GMS?

The FA Method of Winning Sales in Any Environment

The 7 Considerations before you go to war:

  1. Who has a stronger purpose?

  2. Which leader is more capable?

  3. Who has a better climate and ground?

  4. Which team has stronger discipline?

  5. Which army is stronger?

  6. Who has better training?

  7. Who has better constancy rewards and punishments?

Only go to war if you score higher than your opponent.  This is how we predict sales too

Preview 02:32

After completing this lecture 9, you are able to know, understand and apply Sun Tzu Winning Philosophies.

Win without fighting

If have to fight, need to go all the way for losing is not an option

How to apply that in sales?  Does it mean that you have to lower your price just to win sales?  Let Sun Tzu teach us on this

Sun Tzu Winning Philosophy as applied in Sales

The 6 Key Strategies of the Art of War:

  1. The 4 levels of winning strategies

  2. Inner and Foreknowledge

  3. Occupy the high ground

  4. Right Time and Timing

  5. Be Efficient

  6. All Wars are based on deception

This lecture looks at the first one: the 4 levels of winning strategies.  There is also a case study

The 6 Key Strategies of the Art of War as Applied in Your Sales

Sun Tzu taught us to win without fighting and in sales, there are 20 ways that you can sell without selling. Watch also the TED video attached here: how to sell without selling your would and read our article on 6 criteria of a sustainable business

How to Get Customers to Come to You per Art of War strategies

Sun Tzu said, if you know yourself and know your opponent, in a hundred battles, you will have no peril.

How to know yourself?  Watch the video inside here

How to know your opponent?  There are only 2 ways: have inner knowledge and foreknowledge

The fastest way to know your opponent is to have empathy

Preview 04:58

Occupy the high ground in sales means

  1. High moral ground

  2. High trust

  3. Superior product and service

  4. Contact customers at the highest level

  5. High mental ground: use the law of attraction

Occupy the High Ground in Sales with Dao

Lecture 14 talks about Time and Timing

What is the best to sell?  What is the worst time to sell?

Whatever it is, never prolong the sales process.

How to apply these in sales?  Shorten the sales cycle

How to Catch the Perfect Time in Sales and Get Your Timing Right

To be efficient in sales is not to say but make the prospect say.

How?  By asking questions. Questions make the sale. Watch the full 47 minutes video by Top Hopkins where you will learn the questions process

The simplest sales process is just this: find the need, maximise the need and fill the need

How to Be Efficient in Sales by Using this Sun Tzu Strategy

The 6th strategy is the Right Use of Deception.

What is deception in sales?  It is not about deceiving people but adjusting of the perception so as to achieve the Dao or purpose.

It is about psychology.  There are a few ways to deception in sales, read the attached article. Also watch the video on how we can fight COVID-19 with Art of War Deception. Enjoy! 

Preview 03:26

The 36 Stratagems is the most misunderstood book. It is not part of Sun Tzu Art of War but another book.  Sun Tzu said that all war is based on deception, but he did not say what deception tactics you can use.

I have another course called Win at Work with The 36 Stratagems at Udemy too

Preview 05:58

Sales Objections can be overcome easily using the Sun Tzu Way of Win Before the Battle. Here we build in sales objections right at the start of our sales presentation. We also select our customers and that's why we have few sales objections. Read the article here and watch our video on Fear Removing Way to Remove Sales Objections

Overcome Sales Objections The Sun Tzu Way

The most powerful tactic in the 36 Stratagems must be this Kill with a Borrowed Knife.

Sun Tzu used this method to train the army of Wu to be the top warriors in China 2,500 years ago. Listen to the story of the concubines and you'll draw many inspirations for your sales and leadership too

Borrow a Knife and Kill in Sales

In sales, you can use the customers' objections as the reason to go ahead.

Other ways include giving free gifts and your free gifts help you to kill the objection.

By far the best way is to simply question the objection. 

Preview 03:03

The perfect words and phrases to use in sales are always to use back the prospect's words and phrases. Because people never argue with themselves. When you use back their words and phrases, you can always turn them around by asking questions.  This lecture looks at that in details

Perfect Words and Phrases in Sales

Price wars can be won easily without dropping your price but by using Art of War strategies.  The 6 Strategies that we looked at earlier and all applied here in your sales

Win the Price the Sun Tzu Way

In this lecture, we want to teach you how to handle difficult customers the Art of War way.

Sun Tzu teaches us that we don't want to win over wars, so when the customer is difficult, we don't want to win him over. We want to use emotions because logic will not work anymore.  We can use the Art of War 5 Elements, and tactics.

But the most important lesson from Sun Tzu is about this: treat your soldiers as though they are your children.  So we must treat our customers as though they are our children. We need to pacify difficult customers and give them the benefit of doubt. 

Ultimately, use Fire Strategy, which will be covered in the next lecture

Handling Difficult Customers using Art of War 6 Strategies

Sun Tzu talks about using fire strategy in the traditional physical military war sense. We apply his concepts into sales.

The fire that everyone should be talking about must be the fire in the belly. That means motivational selling. In sales, we don't ask people to buy, we don't even motivate them to buy.  We merely create the conditions for them to be motivated by themselves.  Take a look at the video link here, it shows how Huawei won the 5G war using fire strategy.  Enjoy! 

Preview 04:42

Many people don't understand what spying is in business.  The art of war said that we need to have foreknowledge in order to win without fighting.  Foreknowledge is obtained primarily through the use of spies.

In business, there are 10 ways that you can use spying, this lecture talks about that. Read also the good summary of the 13 chapters in the Art of War.  Also watch the classic movie Red Cliff part 1 by John Woo, now available free on YouTube.

Use of Spies in Business and Sales

The ultimate of the Art of War is to win the entire nation. For us in sales, it means to win over the entire person: body, mind, heart and spirit.

To do that you need to go all out and treat each day as the last and only day.  Be the strongest sales warrior ever: Sun Tzu Art of War is to become a better person.  When you are better, you will do more sales.

The Ultimate of the Art of War: Win the Entire Nation and How
Bonus: Top 11 Stratagems to Up Your Sales and Profits