Successful Crowdfunding: How to Win Backers And Raise Funds

An in-depth conversation around crowdfunding, what works and what not when it comes to sourcing money from the crowd.
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 Hello and welcome to "How to build a successful crowdfunding campaign" video training.

This training is for creators and entrepreneurs like you who want to know more about sourcing money from the crowd to fund your projects and ventures.

It is also for supporters and investors who want to know what it means to fund a project or venture you’re passionate about and make the world a better place.

Join us for an in-depth conversation around crowdfunding , what works and what not when it comes to sourcing money from the crowd. We will be covering topics such as what are the advantages and disadvantages of crowdfunding, what are the Main Components of a crowdfunding campaign and what makes it successful, how to prepare your crowdfunding project, the importance of the video pitch and much more.

We love crowdfunding and we love to share our knowledge and we are really hopeful that the course that you’re watching will bring significant value to the success of your crowdfunding campaign.


CrowdFunding Bank
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 Peter is passionate about crowdfunding and start-ups that bring innovation to our lives. Before finding his passion about start-ups he worked as FOREX Dealer, Software Developer, Systems Administrator, Graphic Designer, Business Directory Analyst, Product Development, Sales Manager, National Operations Supervisor, CIO, Managing Director, Member of the board of directors, VP Operations for some of the largest companies in the world such as: Kraft Inc. (aka Kraft Jacobs Suchard), Nestle, Allianz, Deutsche Telecom.

He started crowdfundingbank.com back in 2010 with the idea of developing a site that is different from what other platforms had to offer. CrowdFundingBank.com is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs raise funds for creative business projects and also provide a platform that angel investors can use to support businesses they strongly believe in.

Projects posted on the site can seek support through: micro-donations, micro-loans or in exchange for company shares. Project owners decide the form, backers have the choice to donate or be partners with them, as long as they see the project as an attractive one.

The idea of the platform is to combine crowdsourcing with crowdfunding. In other words it’s a combination of a start-up accelerator with a crowdfunding platform. Open to new members and transparent in terms of operations, we are focused on helping projects to succeed.

We not only help fund great ideas utilizing: donations, loans or company shares, but we also build strong business community around each and every project which is an inexpensive, effective way to grow and expand any business. Funding isn’t enough! Entrepreneurs need the support of the crowd!

The benefit comes from the strong relationship between start-ups and business community who collectively have greater chances to succeed. Together we can provide a unique perspective, lend you credibility, thus helping you secure customers, financing, or a crucial introduction. You need this type of community to bounce ideas off, to provide a reality check, to tell you when you’re about to mess up, to confide in when you’re alone at the top.

Come join us!  We’ve got great ideas how to utilize your knowledge, ideas or funding!

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