Color Psychology, Make-Overs and Chakras
4.2 (216 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Color Psychology, Make-Overs and Chakras

Learn the deeper meanings of color and their impact for your spiritual, professional and private life.
4.2 (216 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,215 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Discern which colors set them up for success and which ones set them up for failure
  • Know exactly which colors to use in your bedroom or office
  • Which colors attract and which ones repel, depending on what your motive is
  • What changes to your website to reach a 20-60% conversion boost
  • What colors that intimidate people and which ones to wear to generate a peaceful aura around you
  • Which colors to wear and not wear when you're sick
  • How to read whether you or someone else has excess or deficiency in any particular color, and what to do to get or remain balanced
  • You will also learn about the 7 chakra colors and how to get into balance within your own system to achieve optimum health
  • You will learn men and women's favorite and least-favorite colors (and how this impacts your business)
  • You will learn about the most-favorite color of them all and how to use it appropriately in your own business
  • You will learn how different colors emit different energies and what types of feeling each color evokes from your audience (in both your business and persona life)
  • This course requires no previous skills - all are welcome

"I found the course to be illuminating about colors and their influence on people.  Since I did not know much about Chakras, this was good basic information on Chakras for me." John Cotton


"This is a masterpiece of how to balance your life in colors and chakras. It is packed full of useful information for everyday life and how it all connects to your spiritual evolution as well. Cha~zay really shows her deep knowledge of metaphysics in a way anyone can understand and use." Guy Girard


Do you want to achieve more success in life and business?

Why are companies spending millions to brand their logos and choose specific colors for their websites?

Feeling a bit blue or things are not going the way you want them to?

Not sure why you can't quite attract a loving partner?

The psychology of color is a fascinating one - especially given that it takes so little to make such a huge shift in our life; simply by making little tweaks here and there. If you want more success in your career, business or your personal or romantic life, then this course is for you!


If you've been sick for a while and you want to help your body shift into a frequency of self-healing, then this course is for you!

There is a reason rainbows have 7 colors. There is a reason every body has 7 chakras (and more). We'll cover the 7 chakra colors in this course as well.

We'll even talk about make-up, hair and skin color and how impactful a remodel or an accent wall or carpet can be.

This course will help you think differently about colors, those you wear, those you surround yourself with and those you choose for your day-to-day business (websites, brochures, business cards, logo, and more).

This course will undoubtedly elevate you to higher plateau in the field of personal development and spirituality while giving you a huge advantage in business. Know exactly why you are dressing the way you do. Know what colors to wear (and not wear) when you have an important interview, speech or presentation coming up (or even a date).

In fact, I will even show you how businesses get a 20-60% conversion boost by making the tiniest little change to their website buttons. And how you can do the same.

Dress for success! Design for success! Feel confident and empowered and in control!


"This class effectively explains the significance of the colours around us and with many practical tips how we can use colours to help balance our bodies/lives including food, clothes, make-up, home decor. I also appreciate that the instructor includes lots of pictures of colours in this class. This course enriched my knowledge and corrected some of my false impression toward colours... I recommend this interesting course to anyone." Y.J.


"I got this course because I am interested in colors and because we will move into a new home soon. Now I feel more confident in choosing the right colors for the different rooms. I loved everything about the chakras. I thought I knew everything already, but I did learn new things. It also made me overthink my wardrobe. Very exciting." Caroline Long



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Who this course is for:
  • This course is for business executives, consultants, business owners, employees, coaches and healers
  • This course is for anyone who is interested in personal development and how to influence your own world with the power of colors
  • This course is great for graphic artists, web designers, interior designers and realtor that do "staging."
Course content
Expand all 28 lectures 03:16:50
+ Day 1: Start Here - Color Psychology, Make-Overs and Chakras
4 lectures 44:47

This short video is a summary and break-down of the upcoming lectures. Please note that I have sectioned the lectures into "days" instead of lessons. Feel free to review all "days" in one sitting or take them in bite size.

Please download your learning objectives from the downloadable resources button in this lecture.

Preview 02:03

Color can make all the difference in the world. This video talks about why color is so important to the human psyche and how we are heavily influenced by the colors we look at, the colors we wear and the colors we surround ourselves with.

Preview 05:49

This video presentation gives you a good overview of how our chakra system is much like a computer system and how it all applies and ties into ascension and the human evolution. If you've ever wondered why rainbows have 7 colors and how it all ties into your physical body - and what it all has to do with colors and the dimensions we live in, this is the lecture to pay attention to.

Preview 29:41

Companies are spending millions of dollars every year in figuring out just the right color for their logo, their new product or service and what color gets the most clicks. This lecture will show you how some businesses can increase their click-rate or conversions from 20-60% by making one tiny change.

Preview 07:14
+ Day 2 - Brown, Black, Red, Men's Before & After Fashion - Color Psychology
5 lectures 16:26

Listen to this video and watch those pictures for some personal stories about colors and their impact.

Some Stories About Color Choices

See the attaches resources or amazing before and after pictures for men's fashion. Sometimes we think that men have it easier to dress professionally, but as you can see, the fashion and color makes just as much difference as it does for women. Women's before and after fashion is coming up in another lecture.

The Impact of Color in Men's Before & After Fashion

Brown is one of the least liked people by men and women alike. I find this interesting since brown is the color from where all our food grows from (or at least most of it). Brown has amazing benefits for us. Whether you are wearing it, sitting on it or walking on it.

Color Psychology - The Color Brown and Foot Chakras

Please download the attached resources PDF file about the color black. Black is an important 'color,' although many do not call it a color at all. And yet it is the color most wear for important business meetings, black-tie events, and more.

Black has often been called a color absent of all color. The dark abyss, absent of all light. But is it? Why do grooms often wear black suits to their own weddings? Why do most business people wear black suits? Black is an amazing color and definitely has a lot to communicate with the world.
Color Psychology - The Color Black

Red is not only the color of our life force (blood), red is also the color of our first chakra (root chakra). Watch this video to learn about red. When to use it, when not to use it. Oh yes, there are moments and places where red should definitely be abstained from.

Color Psychology - The Color Red and Chakra 1 (Root)

Let's test your attention span.

The Perfect Color For Bedtime
1 question
+ Day 3: Pink, Orange, Gold, Women's Before & After Fashion - Color Psychology
4 lectures 04:17
Color Psychology - The Color Pink
14 pages

Orange is one of the least favorite colors for both men and women. I'm surprised given that orange is the color of our 2nd chakra, which is considered the 'sex' chakra. The 2nd chakra is also where ideas and new life spring forth. Orange is a beautiful color, in every shade. Learn more here.

Color Psychology - The Color Orange and Chakra 2 (Sacral)

Gold carries value no matter what country or place you're from. We love gold jewelry, gold pillows, gold accents on door knobs, purses and lamp stands. Gold is a color of royalty. But is it possible to surround yourself with too much gold?

This lecture teaches you all the ins and outs of the color gold.

Color Psychology - The Color Gold
6 pages

Look at these amazing before and after pictures of women! Make-up and hair and changing out of some raggedy clothes can make all the difference. See attached presentation.

Color Psychology - Women's Before and After Fashion
24 pages
+ Day 4: Yellow, Green, Mint Green, Color Psychology in Make-Up, Hair & Skin
4 lectures 07:46

Yellow is another color that is interestingly not very high on the "favorite color" list. Yellow corresponds to the 3rd chakra, which is the seat of our self-esteem, confidence and our ego. It's quite challenging to find yellow clothes too. Yellow has amazing healing properties! Read more here.

Color Psychology - The Color Yellow and Chakra 3 (Solar Plexus)

Green is peaceful, it makes things grow and it is the color of our heart chakra. Green foods are healthy for us and much of the earth is covered with green trees, green grass and without green there would be no life on earth.

Color Psychology - The Color Green and Chakra 4 ( Heart)

Mint green is a powerful color that is in the 'green family' but can have quite different effects. Learn more here.

Color Psychology - The Color Mint Green
2 pages

Make up has been used for thousands of years to enhance the eyes of women. Our eyes come in different shades and to make it even more appealing we use different color make-up to change our appearance. See these before and after pictures to see just how much it can change people. Especially celebrities.

Color Psychology in Make-Up, Hair and Skin
25 pages
+ Day 5: Blue, Silver, Indigo, Colors In Your Home, Accent Walls and Remodels
4 lectures 07:52

Blue is the color of the sky and of the water, which covers most of our earth. Blue is also one of the most used colors in business, and I'll share with you why. On the scale of favorite colors, where do you think blue falls?

Color Psychology and The Color Blue and Chakra 5 (Throat)

Silver may be considered a 'metal' to most but it is also a color. A color we assign to 2nd place (1st place goes to gold). Silver is elegant and has much power, not only alchemically but also in how we perceive ourselves and others. Read here for more information.

Color Psychology - The Color Silver
3 pages

Indigo, our 6th chakra, is a beautiful deep dark blue/purple, that is considered royal in many traditions. It is a mystical and magical color and there is much that can be done with this color.

Color Psychology - The Color Indigo and Chakra 6 (Third Eye)

Does color on our walls affect us? If so, are there colors to stay away from in certain rooms? Yes, there are. Read here for more information.

Color Psychology In Your Home - Accent Walls & Remodels
27 pages

Which Color Is Associated With The 3rd Eye?

Which Color Is Associated With The 3rd Eye?
1 question
+ Day 6: Gray, Violet, White - Color Psychology
3 lectures 02:26

Gray is a favorite color of men but not of women. Gray gives off a certain vibe and there are many different shades of gray. It is also the "in between" color of "black and white." When people don't see things in black or white, they meddle in the gray. Is that a good thing or not? Read more here.

Color Psychology - The Color Gray
2 pages

Violet has often been called the color of the 7th chakra. Some say the 7th chakra is white or pearl white. Violet has a very soothing, calming effect and when used properly this color can do some great wonders.

Color Psychology - The Color Violet and Chakra 7 (Crown)

White has been called a color with no color. A color void of any other color, much like black has been called that. White is the opposite of the color black. White has been used differently in many cultures around the globe. It is a very powerful color and when used properly can have a positive impact on us.

Color Psychology - The Color 'White'
5 pages

Where is the 7th chakra located?

Quiz: Location of the 7th Chakra
1 question
+ Color Psychology Course Summary - Final Words
4 lectures 02:17

Thank you for leaving a 5-star review. If you are not able to leave a 5-star review, will you instead just send me a person message and let me know how I can improve the course so you are satisfied? I may not be able to please everyone, but I can certainly try. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to me.

Your Review Matters To Me
3 pages

Here is what you have learned in this amazing course! I hope that you are now more conscious of the colors that surround you. Why you may be feeling blue or burst with energy. Colors to wear to help you feel better and what changes to make on your website so you can get that click.

If you have any questions about this course, please submit them in the discussion area so others can see your question and see my answers. Together we can learn so much faster.

To continue your learning, may I suggest you enroll in the Basic Dowsing and Advanced Dowsing courses? You can get special discounts for both of these courses (see last lecture). Dowsing is an 8,000 year old technique that utilizes the energies of this Universe. You can use dowsing in conjunction with your newly gained color knowledge. In other words, if ever you are unsure of which color will have the most significant impact on your meeting, dowse for it!


Check this resource library often as it will continue to get updated with articles, podcasts and more.

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