Strategies for Success - Overcome Test Anxiety
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Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Strategies for Success - Overcome Test Anxiety

Improve Focus & Concentration, Manage Time, Be More Productive with Hypnosis and NLP
5.0 (3 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
50 students enrolled
Created by Becky Hays
Last updated 10/2015
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  • 38 downloadable resources
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What you'll learn
  • Overcome Text Anxiety
  • Boost Confidence and Eradicate Self-Doubt
  • Improve Focus and Concentration
  • Learn Effective Time Management Strategies
  • Be MORE Productive in LESS Time
  • Apply NLP Methods to Learn Faster
  • Listen to Self-Hypnosis to Solidify What you Learn
  • No requirements necessary

Most college students (and business people) worry ALL DAY LONG about how much they have to do. They even wake up in the middle of the night, still thinking about it. But, they are NOT being productive.

In this course you will learn to be more productive in less time. By using the techniques of Hypnosis and NLP you will condense your workload into shorter periods of time with better focus and concentration. Take the step to build a strong belief in yourself and improve the quality of your work.

By taking this course, students make better grades, employees produce better results, and everyone enjoys more FREE time (time off for yourself). Every client who has used these techniques in private sessions has benefited from the results.

Mastering Inner Resources using Hypnosis and NLP

  • Learn to Focus like a Laser Beam
  • Stop Distractions that Get in the Way
  • Eradicate Self-Doubt
  • Raise Self-Confidence to Mastery Level
  • Tackle Projects in Less Time
  • Make Better Grades

Master Your Ability to Achieve with Ease

Do you want to improve the quality of your work, and get MORE DONE in LESS TIME?

By the end of this course you will be able to improve the quality of your work, get more done, and enjoy more FREE time for yourself.

This course combines strategies from studies conducted in Universities about what works, along with simple yet effective methods from Hypnosis and NLP to bring you fast and effective results.

In fact these are the same methods I use with clients in private session. In this course we will share a few examples of how my clients have used these strategies to improve grades, produce better quality of work, tackle work projects and meet deadlines.

This course leads you, step-by-step, on how to put these methods into practice. The steps layer upon each other, repeating the process until they become automatic. You want these methods to become habit.

With a combination of PDF documents, audio recordings, and video, you will have everything you need to absorb the material presented.


A commitment to show up, to continue through the course, and to apply the simple methods presented. The ability to listen to audio recordings (earbuds or headphones preferred), to read PDF documents, and watch video online.


In this course you will learn methods from Neuro-Linguistic Programming to turn your work/study space into a Hyper Productive space. You will learn to access the inner resources that you already have to reach states of excellence, similar to what athletes call 'being in the zone' or performers refer to as 'being in the flow'.

By the end of this course you will understand how you can move from distraction or lethargy into a place of producing high quality results in a short amount of time.

Self-Hypnosis audio enhances your experience and helps reinforce the knowledge you are learning at a deeper level.

Target Audience:

College Students wanting to stop distractions, pass their class and make the best possible grade.

Employees and Professionals obtaining a degree or certification, and wanting to pass the exam without stress or worry.

This course can be applied to students in classroom settings, and also those obtaining certifications or taking exams online.

Who this course is for:
  • College Students Wanting to Focus, Learn Faster, Absorb and Recall Information
  • Employees Wanting more Focus, Concentration and Ability to Manage Work Flow
  • People Obtaining a Certification or Advanced Degree Wanting Better Grades
  • Professional Employees Taking Exams or Certification Testing and Wanting to Make the Best Grades
Course content
Expand all 28 lectures 01:15:16
+ Introduction - Success vs Failure
5 lectures 06:48

Lecture Description:

Who Should Take This Course

When to Use This Course

Benefits of this Course

How to find Supplements, Handouts and Exercises in this Course.
Preview 02:20


Why do some people fail while others succeed?

This overview covers some of the top reasons why people fail when pursuing goals at college and in their career. By understanding these roadblocks to success, you can overcome them.

These are some ofthe roadblocks to success that this course will cover, and address with

hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming techniques to overcome these obstacles.

NOTE: Please also listen to the audio recording, and read over the PDF download in the resource section.

Preview 01:50

Lecture Description:

By learning about the main traits and habits leading to failure, and recognizing them within yourself, you can change them. This short written exercise helps you begin to recognize those traits within yourself, so you can address them as you move through this course.

EXERCISE: Why People Fail
1 page


The Keys to Success

This lecture covers the common themes that the most successful people have in common. These are the traits, habits, and characteristics that you want to adopt to have the most success in life. By understanding the characteristics of successful people, you can begin to MODEL those traits, by using the NLP exercises covered in this course.

Some of the most successful people tend to have these traits and characteristics in common. By adopting these traits you will greatly improve your chance of success. We will be reinforcing these points throughout the course.

Preview 02:38

Lecture Description:

in this short written exercise, you will begin to recognize the traits of success that you already have. These are traits you want to focus on, and amplify, to enhance your success.

EXERCISE: How People Succeed
1 page

Reinforces points learned in the section Failure vs. Success.

Quiz - Failure vs. Success
5 questions
+ Get Motivated
2 lectures 02:43


Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, knows the importance of having a 'strong burning desire' This video covers the importance of having a Big Why and how it can help you get motivated.

NOTE: Please also listen to the audio and read the PDF in the Resource section of this lecture.

Preview 02:43

Lecture Description:

This lecture is a PDF handout with a written exercise. In this exercise you will uncover your Big Why, to increase your desire and motivation to succeed.

2 pages
Quiz - The Big Why
7 questions
+ Core Curriculum - Hypnosis and NLP
1 lecture 00:00


This lectures covers a brief overview about Hypnosis and NLP which stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. These two modalities incorporate some of the main techniques and methods we will use to enhance study skills, stop distraction, and be more productive.

What is Hypnosis and NLP?
1 page

Lecture Description

Reviews the main points covering the benefits of hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

What is Hypnosis and NLP Quiz
3 questions
+ Stress Buster - Belly Breath Layer One
3 lectures 06:21


Brief overview of how stress blocks success and why the combined research findings and neuro-linguistic programming techniques are so important.

Get Ready to Bust Through Stress

This Video is a summary of the steps to do the Belly Breath Exercise. This is the first technique applying simple NLP techniques to lower stress and improve focus and concentration. Begin doing it NOW, and as you move through the course, you will continue to add more layers.

NOTE: Please also listen to audio recording for more in depth explanation of HOW this exercise integrates into the course, and WHY it is so simple, yet effective. You may also read the PDF overview. Both audio and PDF are included in Resource section.

Preview 03:33


This is the Belly Breath Handout. Download this handout for your step-by-step guide in how to do the Belly Breath (phase one).

In later lectures you will add more steps, and replace this handout with more advanced techniques.

EXERCISE: Belly Breath Exercise Layer One
1 page

Reinforces the information learned and how to do the exercise in this section.

Quiz - Stress Buster Level One
5 questions
+ Get Organized - Design Your Work-Study Space
5 lectures 16:32


This lecture begins to explain a basic Neuro-Linguistic Programming technique of anchoring to be incorporated into your work environment or study space. This method can help you to have better focus, stop distraction, improve memory, and begin to learn how to manage time.

These methods are at the core of how to be successful in college and in your career.

NLP Technique - Creating an Anchor


This lecture goes into more detail about how you can specifically create the ideal work/study space, integrating NLP techniques and findings from research studies about how to have the best study skills and be more productive.

You will also gain ideas on how to create your ideal space (and WHY this is SO important) by listening to real-life stories about how some of my clients applied these techniques, and raised their grades from barely passing to the highest level grades, in a very short time.

Create a Work Study Space

Lecture Description:

This lecture covers the steps for creating the IDEAL work-study space for hyper-focus and concentration. The handout includes real-life examples from some of my clients who have had real-life success. Read through the examples to give you ideas for your own space. Then do the exercise at the end to optimize your study/work time.

EXERCISE: Create Work-Study Space for Success
1 page


This lecture covers some of the latest ground-breaking research on the best methods about time management strategies, study techniques, and a very specific way to create a schedule that works.

These basic common sense themes are in integral part of this powerful session series that has helped people learn how to be successful in college and how to succeed in business.

Be sure to do this step now, as the next few lectures will begin to add more steps that integrate with your schedule.

Study Time - Schedule


This is your handout to use and apply the techniques from the previous lecture to create a schedule for your studies or work projects, using the exact methods outlined in this course.

An example worksheet is also included.

EXERCISE Create a Schedule Worksheet
1 page
+ Master Inner Game - Belly Breath Layer Two
2 lectures 03:11


This lecture reviews the Belly Breath, and adds the second layer, utilizing the concepts of hypnosis and NLP, along with findings from neuro-science and physiology.

This video leads you through the basic steps of the Belly Breath exercise: Layer Two. in this exercise you will add one more layer to the technique, and apply it to your study schedule in a new way.

NOTE: Please listen to the audio and read the PDF handout in the RESOURCE section of this lecture for more details and information about HOW and WHY this works.

In the next lecture you will begin doing the exercise, and print out the guide that summarizes the steps.

Belly Breath Layer Two Video


This is the handout of the Belly Breath, Layer Two. It adds additional steps to this exercise, and this handout will now replace your previous Belly Breath Handout.

EXERCISE: Belly Breath Layer Two - Relax Let Go
1 page

Covers Section 8. Remember, each quiz helps you to learn, and making mistakes is a form of learning.

Quiz - Belly Breath Layer Two
6 questions
+ Concentration - Belly Breath Layer Three
2 lectures 03:24


This video is a brief overview of how to do the Belly Breath Layer Three. This is the FINAL version of the Belly Breath, and incorporates an Auto-Suggestion.

Please also listen to the audio lecture and review the PDF download in the resource section of this lecture, for more information about HOW and WHY this works!

In the next lecture you can print the handout as a step-by-step guide to do the exercise.

Belly Breath Layer Three Video


This is the Handout for the Belly Breath, including the third layer. This handout replaces the previous two handouts and includes all of the final steps of the Belly Breath. In this layer you will add Auto-Suggestion, after the Belly Breath, at the beginning of each study period.

EXERCISE: Belly Breath Layer Three
1 page

Reinforces how to do the exercise Belly Breath Layer Three.

Quiz - Concentration Belly Breath Layer Three
7 questions
+ Believe in Yourself
3 lectures 02:23

This video is an overview leading up to the two exercises found in this section to increase self-esteem and develop a strong belief in yourself.

Believe in Yourself - Video

Lecture Description

This is part one of the exercise in this section to help you install a strong, positive belief in yourself. Complete this exercise and use it in the next lecture.

EXERCISE: Record Your Strengths - Part One
2 pages

Lecture Description

This lecture continues from the previous by providing exercises to enhance self-esteem and build a strong level of self-confidence and belief in your own ability to succeed.

This exercise continues from the previous exercise and incorporates the previous exercise in a way that this strong self-belief can be installed at the subconscious level.

EXERCISE: Install Positive Beliefs - Part Two
2 pages

Reinforces the information learned in this section and reminds you how to do the exercises to raise your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Quiz - Believe in Yourself
5 questions
+ Self-Hypnosis for Success
2 lectures 08:55


A brief overview of self-hypnosis, what to expect.

includes helpful suggestions on HOW to listen to your self-hypnosis recording for best results.

Self-Hypnosis Overview
2 pages


This the the self-hypnosis recordings you will want to listen to daily, to reinforce the habits and methods being learned in this course, including improving memory, learning time management strategies, raising self-esteem, study tips for college, how to be more productive, to meet deadlines, and stop distraction to have better focus and concentration.

EXERCISE: Self-Hypnosis Recording
+ Summary of Core Curriculum
3 lectures 04:59


This summary covers the concepts learned in this course utilizing better studying tips, time management tools, NLP anchors, self-hypnosis, and other concepts.

This summary is a great reminder of everything you have learned, to make sure you are putting all of the pieces into place.

Putting it All Together - Core Curriculum Summary

Lecture Description

This lecture covers habits that can make or break your success.

Final Notes & Habit Breakers
2 pages

PRINT THIS HANDOUT and put it in your study space. This lecture contains tips and strategies discussed in the course, including how to manage time, test taking strategies, and additional resources.

Additional Resources & Tips for Success
2 pages