Personal Effectiveness Blueprint: 17 Life-Changing Lessons
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Personal Effectiveness Blueprint: 17 Life-Changing Lessons

Achieve personal effectiveness and unlock your potential
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4.9 (12 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
90 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Become a natural winner
  • Achieve success as entrepreneurs and employees
  • Increase your sales ability to close the deal every time
  • Manage a team effectively and develop your people
  • Create a healthy work life balance where both are seeing huge success
  • Start a business in areas where there's huge earning potential
  • Be universally liked and learn from others
  • Tune out negativity and surround yourself with inspirational people
  • Not prior knowledge or tools are required
  • An open mind and willingness to apply practical tips is essential
  • Real life examples from home or work may be useful to draw on

Personal Effectiveness is not something you're born with, and people aren't naturally winners or losers. Effectiveness and success are developed through habits, mindsets and tools - and this is what we'll develop in this course.

Would you like to see exponential success in your personal and business life? Then Personal Effectiveness Blueprint training is for you.

Course Description:

Chris Mower is a successful serial entrepreneur, and has established several highly profitable businesses. Now he is passing on his top 17 Personal Effectiveness Life Tips to cultivate success across all areas of life. Ranging from quick fixes, to significant lifestyle changes, this course covers every aspect of your life and career. Many of these tips can be applied to family/personal life as well as rocketing your business and career growth, so truly will embed the Personal Effectiveness potential in you.

Whether you're an entrepreneur or employee there are ideas in here that will change your life. This course is suitable for all ages and all levels of the career ladder - you're never too old or young to learn fantastic sales, management, and people skills. If your life is not how you always dreamed, now is the time to develop your Personal Effectiveness.

Creating this course took a lifetime of learning. Chris has read hundreds of books and interviewed some of the greatest business minds in the country. All of that has been combined and distilled into 17 core lifestyle changes that will build your path to success.

The Personal Effectiveness Blueprint Overview:

  • Be memorable and popular at networking events
  • Dramatically increase your sales closing rate
  • Tune out negativity and become a positive thinker
  • How your closest network of people determines your income
  • Making a great first impression
  • Identifying the common denominator of success
  • Adapting your leadership style to suit any employee
  • Finding your point of excellence to put you ahead of the pack

This course also comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Take this unique home-study course at your own pace and gain clarity, and confidence in areas ranging from sales, management, people skills and more.

There's no time like the present to start building a life of success. Join the Personal Effectiveness Blueprint today.

Who this course is for:
  • People who want the essence of success drawn out of academic literature and industry leaders
  • Anyone looking to accelerate their career growth as an entrepreneur or at a company
  • Those searching for quick and practical tips to change their life
  • Not suitable for anyone perfectly content staying exactly where they are
Course content
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+ Welcome
1 lecture 01:12

Welcome to the course. Here you'll meet your trainer, Chris, hear about his life experience and what you'll learn in this course. We'll be covering 17 tips and tricks ranging from life changing to deal closing, which can be used both at home and at work. Chris has discovered these through a lifetime of entrepreneurship, and my asking influential people for their secrets. We really hope you enjoy them.

Preview 01:12
+ Interpersonal Skills
6 lectures 14:19

In this next section we're going to be covering 5 top tips for improving your people skills. You may think you're already good with people, but these simple and practical changes will make all the difference. People skills are essential for selling, management, job applications, and even home relationships, so this section could potentially change your life! Enjoy.

Preview 00:28

It's important you consider unintended impacts when looking at how you speak. It might be that you accidentally offend someone with the words you use or the way you frame a question. Without putting yourself in other people's shoes, and openly asking for feedback, you can't avoid these situations so those are essential skills. You could be missing out on sales or once-in-a-lifetime relationships just because of a well meaning misplaced word or two. Don't let that be you.

Preview 02:36

People often worry others don't/won't like them, but in this lecture we look at the magic secret to being universally liked. If you're starting a new job, or going to a party alone, you NEED this tip. It's unbelievably simple, surprisngly hard, and 100% effective. Give it a go and see for yourself.

Preview 02:17

Listening is a very valuable life skill, and is the quickest way to learn all about the world and people's success secrets. In this lecture we look at a very useful technique called Active Listening - what it is, how to use it, and why it's so powerful.

Preview 02:53

If you're selling a product, or wanting to leave your mark in an interview or presentation, imagery is a very powerful tool. When you think back through your education there are probably a few random bits of science or maths that you simply can't get out of your head because they had such a memorable metaphor. This lecture will help you create similar situations in your adult life to leave a lasting impact and have your theory heard.

Using imagery to sell more, and be remembered

First Impressions are without a doubt essential. It takes a long time to undo a bad one, and a good one can help you get away with a lot along the way. In this lecture we'll look at practical advice for making a great first impression. Some will sound simple, but those are often the ones you're likely to be doing wrong, and some might surprise you.

Making a great first impression
+ Developing People
5 lectures 14:25

When it comes to managing people, every team and every business is different. You'll have a unique style and your team will have unique needs, but that's not to say you can't still learn and improve from practical overarching advice. In this chapter we'll be looking at top tips for managig people effectively and helping them dedvelop into their full potential.

Preview 00:45

As a leader your number one job is to develop your people - both individually and as a team. In this lecture we look at how you go about that and why it's so important.

Guaranteeing your people produce great results

At some point in your career you might be asked 'what is your leadership style?' This is a common debate amongst academics and it often feels you need to pick one and stick to it. However, in reality every day, employee and situation is different, so your leadership style should reflect that. In this lecture we look at differing styles, and why each one has it's place.

Leadership Styles

Delegation is a life changing skill - both for work and home. Knowing who in your team is ready to take on new challenges, and taking those tasks off your plate, is extremely rewarding for both you and them, and arguably essential to your career progression and lifestyle balance. However, it can be harder than it sounds and many many people get it wrong on a daily basis. This lecture looks at how you can master delegation once and for all.

Knowing when and how to delegate

A big part of management and leadership is allowing your team to solve their own problems, and therefore being available when they need you. It's all to tempting to take problems onto yourself but then they won't get to learn, and you'll be too snowed under to help in an emergency, or better yet be thinking long term enough to preempt and prevent problems. This lecture gives a very visual representation of why you shouldn't take peoples' problems upon yourself.

The management tip that changed my life
+ Thoughts on Selling
3 lectures 06:15

In this next chapter we'll be looking at Sales. Whether or not you're full time work is a sales role, you'll be surprised how often these tips can be applied to daily life. You need to sell yourself in interviews, at networking, and even on dates. We'll be covering two very practical tips to help you move your sales figures up to the next level.

Preview 01:00

When you're creating a product or deciding who to sell to, this tool can help you rethink your strategy. Who should you sell to? Whoever has got the most money! If you spend the time investigating your market and seeing who's been neglected or who would be most interested in your product, you could just hit on a gold mine no one else has noticed. Follow the money and the sales will come easily.

How to rob a bank

This tip may seem small or silly, but it could make you thousands in sales. It addresses a very common sales barrier, and presents a beautifully simple answer. All those customers who leave the meeting to go home and think about it, but never come back, will be a thing of the past. You've done all the hard work by presenting a fantastic product, now you just need to close the deal.

When a customer "wants to think about it"
+ General Points
7 lectures 17:16

This final chapter includes all the 'other' genius ideas and tips Chris has gathered from his mentors that didn't fit into the categories above. You'll learn about self branding, planning effectively, avoiding negativity, and surrounding yourelf with great people.

Preview 00:23

All it takes to get first place is to be a tiny bit better than second place. Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to win business, an employee hunting for a promotion, or even a single person looking for the perfect match, everything comes down to being the best available option. Identify your point of difference, and make sure you're one step ahead of your competition.

What puts you ahead of the pack?

Planning - for projects or strategy - can seem like a daunting or boring task. However, it has huge bearing on the success of the event so it's vital you form a well thought out and effective plan. These two handy tools make planning not only simple and manageable but also comprehensive - so you can be sure you've covered every aspect and needn't worry about creating a sprawling mind boggling plan.

Planning, without the headache

Negativity is a poisonous thing - just a small amount seeping into your world can stunt or even prevent your progress. It's bad for both your work, family, and personal life, and so in this lecture we give a tool for tuning it out entirely. It might sound silly but a visual image of blocking out the negative noise is extremely effective, and will soon have you motivated and happy once again.

The secret to tuning out negativity

It's very important to allow thinking time in your life. Delegation helps a lot with this, but so does self awareness. If you feel things are running away from you or there's a problem you can't solve, perhaps you need to remove yourself from the daily grind and set some time aside to think about solutions and your overall goals.

Knowing when to hit the sauna

It's been scientifically proven that the people you spend the most time with determine your success. This may sound dramatic - but if your close friends are not in the financial or social position you want to be in, then they could be holding you back from your potential. In this lecture we recommend taking a look around at who you've invited to be in your inner circle, and consider whether they are helping you grow and progress towards your goals.

Who is in your inner circle?

Do you have a mantra? It's something a lot of successful people have used to keep themselves motivated and focused on a goal. Perhaps now is a good time to think about what yours is, and embed it in your daily routine.

Finale: What's the common denominator of success?
+ Wrap Up & Bonus
2 lectures 01:08

Thank for finishing the course, and congratulations. We really hope you'll put these tips into practise straight away. Some of them may seem simple or small but if you do them you will notice a huge difference in your life. Change is never easy and you'll need to keep checking back to keep on track, but we're confident you can do it!

Conclusion and Thank You

Congratulations on completing the course. As a thank you we'd like to offer you a discount code for any of our other courses. Enjoy!

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