Success (Certificate): Productivity & Time Management

Set yourself up for success! Increase your productivity, manage your time and become more successful!
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How to monitor and manage your own success
Improve your time management
Setting realistic goals
Skills to succeed in your goals
Creating a balanced lifestyle


  • Dedicated to better yourself
  • Moderate computer skills
  • Willing to make life changes
  • Prepared to practice with the tools we provide


Success Management

  • The 6 activities that we spend a day on

  • How much time you spend on these activities currently

  • Time you want to spend on these activities in the future

  • Goal setting with realistic time frame

  • Monitor your progress as you work towards your goals

  1. Manage a healthy resting habit that will help you recharge

    - Create a bedtime ritual

    - Set a relaxed mood

    - Reduce stress

  2. Develop a fulfilling career and gain financial independence

    - Make your career enjoyable

    - Increase productivity

    - Set career goals

    - Educate yourself

  3. Focus on meaningful relationships

    - Enjoy people with the same goals

    - Surround yourself with people that want to see you succeed

  4. Continuous education for personal development

    - Education starts at home

    - Attend workshops

    - Study a new language

    - Make education a part of your day

  5. Manage your physical and mental health

    - Exercise daily

    - Enjoy a healthy diet

    - Increase your core strength

    - Learn to control your emotions

    - Reduce stress

  6. Be present and mindful of your surroundings

    - Learn from your past

    - Hate and regret is toxic and counterproductive

    - Enjoy the moment

    - Prepare for the future

Setbacks will happen, how we manage the setbacks will determine success. Identify challenges and create a plan to manage the challenges.

Theo Heath is helping to shape goal-focused, healthy and balanced individuals to work out a very personal Success Factor

We all have different personalities and goals

Because of that, Theo Heath help students create success for each individual

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals wanting to manage time better
  • Anyone wanting to create balance
  • Career driven people wanting to create structure
  • All individuals interested in managing a more successful life

Course content

8 sections8 lectures55m total length
  • Introduction to success management


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