Success During Rapid Change: Survive and Thrive

Make Peace with Technological Change Through an Attitude of Lifelong-Learning and Mastery
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Make better decisions about their education & careers & personal lives.


  • You should have a general understanding of how society, economy and technology work together.


When you have completed this course; you will understand the direction of change in the world (and especially in work life) better and be able to make better decisions. Industry 4.0 revolution is here, and only those who understand the change will survive. 

The past model of the world, in which change happened in abrupt periods is no longer useless. Now, change is relentless and unstoppable. The only way to thrive in this new model of the world is to make peace with change. 

That is possible through a)finding a strong "why" as a foundation to the change b) understanding the direction and implications of rapid technological change and  c) internalizing the ancient yet modern principles of mastery.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who needs the tactics and principles to deal with rapid technological change

Course content

4 sections13 lectures1h 9m total length
  • Welcome
  • Introduction


Startup Mentor | Author of Startups Grow With People
Ozan Dagdeviren
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Startup Mentor | Author of Startups Grow With People | Founder of CommonWisdom

Ozan is the founder of CommonWisdom(dot)co and CommonWisdom Consultancy, London.

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Centered around a love of knowledge, Ozan intensely studies topics such as the future of work, technological disruptions regarding work culture, sociology & psychology as well as how companies (including startups) grow and become successful. Combines equal measures of work experience & knowledge of social sciences in all of his practices and content creation efforts such as books and video content.

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2) Creative Hiring: The Pinnacle Model for Spontaneous, Imaginative, Collaborative Interviews

3)The Other Way: Happiness Through Critical Thinking

And... originally published in other languages:
4) Sert: Sorgulayarak Mutlu Kalma Sanatı (Translation - The Other Way)
5) Ait: Çalışan İnsanın Anlam Arayışı (Do you Belong? The Professionals’ Search for Meaning)
6) Yetenek Kaşifi (Translation - Creative Hiring)
7) Kariyer Kitabı (The Book of Careers)

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