STRUMMING SIMPLIFIED: 51 Guitar Rhythms For All Styles!
4.8 (242 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
4,321 students enrolled

STRUMMING SIMPLIFIED: 51 Guitar Rhythms For All Styles!

Strumming and Fingerstyle for Acoustic & Electric - Beginner to advanced. FUN Guitar Lessons!
4.8 (242 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
4,321 students enrolled
Created by Steve Glazer
Last updated 7/2019
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What you'll learn
  • 51 strumming and fingerstyle rhythms on Acoustic and Electric guitar
  • Techniques for percussive strumming, palm muting, fingerpicking, and more
  • How to play along with drums beats (In 3 different time signatures)
  • Rhythms used in several different styles of music (Pop, Rock, Blues, Funk...)
  • Keep a more consistent tempo in your playing
  • How to play faster, and without fatigue
  • Get a better feel out of your rhythms
  • You only need to know a couple basic chords to get started!
  • Just love playing your guitar :)

Learn 51 awesome Strumming patterns and Finger-picking patterns, in ALL styles of music! Pop, Rock, Blues, Country, Indie, Metal, Funk...

STRUMMING SIMPLIFIED demonstrates, in detail, how to play each Rhythm using a different musical example.  Includes over 4 hours of video lessons, charts, tablature, drum beats to download, and more!

The Benefits:

  • Improve all aspects of your rhythm playing on Acoustic and Electric guitar

  • Play more interesting and complicated rhythms

  • Learn your favorite songs much more easily

  • Create awesome original music with the all new rhythms you've learned

  • Sing and play guitar at the same time much more easily

  • Learn to keep a more consistent tempo

  • Have a better feel in your rhythms

  • Play faster and more easily without fatigue

After learning these 51 rhythms and the techniques behind them, you'll be able to tackle any rhythm you run into, or want to create, in the future! 

I guarantee it!

Who this course is for:
  • Any guitarist who wants to improve their rhythm playing
  • Guitarists who want to be able to learn popular songs more easily, create more interesting music, or sing and play guitar at the same time
  • Guitarists who want to get better at playing different styles of music
Course content
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+ Introduction
1 lecture 01:52

Welcome to the course!  Here's how to get the most out of it.

Preview 01:52
+ Fundamentals of Rhythm Guitar
6 lectures 24:14

The fundamentals of your strumming hand.  It's your built in metronome!

Your Strumming Hand

Playing Quarter Notes & Eighth Notes in 4/4.  The basis of half of the rhythms you'll play in popular music.

Quarter Notes & Eighth Notes

Playing Sixteenth Notes in 4/4.  The basis of most rhythms you'll play with a "danceable" groove.

Sixteenth Notes

A fun exercise to do with a metronome to greatly improve your strumming hand's feel and tempo accuracy.

Putting Quarters, Eighths, and Sixteenths together!

You'll learn what triplets are and how to use them.


The shuffle beat is the basis for all blues music, and blues influenced music - which is more music than you think!

The Famous "Shuffle"
+ Basic Strumming Patterns
10 lectures 30:32

Description of how to read the charts and tablature, and the "virtual chalkboard."  Download the attached PDF too! "The Rhythms" PDF includes detailed charts for each Rhythm you'll be learning in the course.

Understanding Charts and Tablature

Download your drum beats (Mp3s) to practice with!  I've included many tempos for each drum beat.

Download Your Drum Beats!

Let's find the downbeat with the downstroke!

Rhythm #1 (Downbeat)

Let's find the upbeat with the upstroke!

Rhythm #2 (Upbeat)

Let's play an Eighth Note groove with up and downstrokes.

Rhythm #3 - STRAIGHT

Let's play a shuffle.  You'll recognize it from Blues music.

Rhythm #3 - SHUFFLE

Let's strum a very popular rhythm!

Rhythm #4 (Basic 4/4)

This is probably the most used strumming pattern on the planet Earth.  And it's easy!  :)

Rhythm #5 (Basic 4/4)

It's "time" for a new Time Signature!  3/4

Preview 03:39

Time for another Time Signature!  6/8.  This one always feels like flying or sailing.

Rhythm #7 (Basic 6/8)
+ Percussive Rhythms
8 lectures 28:50

Our first percussive rhythm will sound a bit Reggae.  A great start for getting used to incorporating this technique into your playing!

Rhythm #8 (Percussive)

A very popular percussive strumming pattern

Rhythm #9 (Percussive)

Another fun variation on percussive strumming

Rhythm #10 (Percussive)

Let's take a famous strumming pattern and add percussion to it, using Electric guitar.

Rhythm #11 (Percussive)

Yet another cool percussive rhythm!

Rhythm #12 (Percussive)

Now we're going to combine "missing" the strings AND percussive strumming sounds.

Rhythm #13 (Percussive)

It's time to learn a new and different way to get percussive sounds with the strumming hand.

Rhythm #14 (Percussive)

Here's a new rhythm using the new percussive strumming technique.

Preview 03:00
+ "Rock" 8th Note Downstrokes
6 lectures 27:48

Let's play Eighth notes with all downstrokes.  This adds nice energy to the Eighth note feel!

Rhythm #16 (Downstroke 8ths)

Let's learn how to palm mute!

Rhythm #17 (Palm Muting)

Time to mix palm muting along with letting chords ring out!

Rhythm #18 (Palm Mute/Strum)

Here's a different way to use palm muting with a single open string.

Rhythm #19 (Palm Mute/Strum)

Another cool and very popular way to utilize palm muting and open strumming!

Rhythm #20 (Palm Mute/Strum)

Yet another cool rhythmic variation of palm muting and open strumming.

Rhythm #21 (Palm Mute/Strum)
+ Sixteenth Note Rhythms!
8 lectures 40:41

Let's jump right in to our first 16th note strumming pattern.  These are a lot of fun!

Rhythm #22 (Basic 16th's)

Very cool "danceable" rhythm!  Famous from the song "Faith" by George Michael.

Rhythm #23 (16th's Pop/Dance)

An EXCELLENT 16th note strumming pattern to learn!  It'll help you so much with these types of rhythms across the board.

Rhythm #24 (16th's Pop/Rock)

Another great 16th note rhythm used in ALL styles of music. Jack Johnson used it a lot for example.

Rhythm #25 ("Jack Johnson")

This one is impossible not to get up and move to!  Dave Matthews uses this style a lot.

Preview 04:47

This is our first FUNKY rhythm!  Prince would play this style, for example.

Rhythm #27 ("Prince")

New technique here!  Chord sliding.  Very bluesy with a funky feel.  Stevie Ray Vaughn would play this one!

Rhythm #28 ("Stevie Ray Vaughan")

This one is super funky!  Sounds like Motown Funk!  And more Chord Sliding

Rhythm #29 (Motown Funk)
+ Hard Rock/Metal Rhythms
6 lectures 26:08

You'll totally recognize this one!!  Very fun.  Based on 16th note strumming you learned in the previous section.

Rhythm #30 (Hard Rock 16th's)

This is a killer rock rhythm, but sounds great with any style of music!

Rhythm #31 (Hard Rock)

Here's a cool Metal riff using triplet palm mutes on the Low E string.

Rhythm #32 (Metal Triplets)

Here's a cool Metal riff using triplet palm mutes on the A string.

Rhythm #33 (Metal Triplets)

This one's a classic Metal riff with a 16th note feel, and palm muting on the Low E string.

Rhythm #34 (Metal 16th's)

One more Metal riff!  This is the famous "gallop" rhythm.

Rhythm #35 (Metal Gallop)
+ Iconic Rhythms
9 lectures 34:33

Let's take a simple rhythm you already know and doing something very new with it!

Rhythm #36 (Upbeat Changes)

Here's a new strumming technique for you!  It's often called a Calypso strum or a "rake".  Very Spanish sounding!

Rhythm #37 (Calypso Strum)

The famous Blues Riff!

Rhythm #38 (Blues Riff)

This is a cool 6/8 Motown style ballad rhythm.

Rhythm #39 (Motown Ballad 6/8)

This one's a nice, up-tempo, Motown rhythm. Kinda like "Rollin' On The River".

Rhythm #40 (Motown Rock)

Let's alternate the bass note and get that cool country sound we all know very well!

Rhythm #41 (Country - Alternating Bass)

Let's separate the bass note and get another cool country sound!

Rhythm #42 (Country - Bass Separation)

A super cool pop/rock rhythm with percussion on the beat of "1."  Very unique.

Rhythm #43 (Pop/Rock)

This one is all about those Triplets!  Very Beatles sounding.

Rhythm #44 (The Beatles)
+ Fingerstyle Rhythms
9 lectures 39:25

Let me introduce you to the basics of how fingerstyle playing is done.

Intro To Fingerstyle

Really cool fingerstyle rhythm here with a percussive slap.  "John Mayer" style.

Rhythm #45 ("John Mayer")

This is a great fingerstyle picking pattern to know.  Works great with any chord!

Rhythm #46 (Folk/Pop)

You definitely want to learn this one!  This picking pattern is used all over the place.

Rhythm #47 (Indie/Folk/Pop)

"Travis picking" is essential to know for playing Country and Bluegrass music. It sounds like two people playing at once!

Preview 04:42

Let's steal this technique from the Banjo players to play another cool fingerstyle pattern on the Guitar!

Rhythm #49 ("Banjo" Roll)

This is probably the most famous fingerstyle picking pattern on the planet!

Rhythm #50 ("Dust In The Wind")

Let's finish up the course with another fun Travis Picking rhythm!

Rhythm #51 (Travis Picking)

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Bonus Lecture