Strings in Python

Python: String manipulation, built-in methods and functions and formatting to generate useful information and to display
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Strings declaration
Accepting and displaying string
Built-in methods of strings
Built-in functions of strings
String slicing
String Concatenation and string multiplication
String formatting


  • Basics of Computer programming


This course introduces string handling in Python. Strings play a very important role in storing a variety of data such as email ids, website names, PAN card number, ID card number, license number, passport number etc. Using string built-in methods and functions we can process this data as per our need by writing python programs. Strings can be sliced to generate different sub strings of the given string using string slicing. Also, multiple strings from a list can be combined together to form a single string. Strings can split to form multiple sub strings based on the character of separation between words of the given string. Using string formatting, data can be displayed as per the need. This course discusses a variety of ways to format string literals. f-string is the easiest way to format the string data. Using function, ASCII value of a character can be obtained and a character for ASCII value can be obtained. Calculating the number of words and number of characters is possible by writing small Python programs. Data stored in different types of files can be accessed and stored in string literals in Python programs and these string literals can be operated to retrieve useful information. Many domains in software development like Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing etc. are dealing with strings data type and this course will help you to know basic and important concepts of strings in Python.

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I have completed my graduation in 2007 in Computer engineering and post graduation in 2012 in Computer engineering. I have total of

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