30mins animation with stress management

Learn stress management with animation in simple, easy and fun way .
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Stress management ability
Improving mental self-care skills


  • PC or tablet are desirable


This course is the perfect choice if you would like to learn Stress management with easy and fun way.

It is made of  animation and just 30 mins.

Therefore you can study in a spare moments from your business or housework.

This course is mainly  based on expert knowledge from leading expert of psychological stress model   in JAPAN

[Course outline]

Section 1 : Introduction

Section 2 : About mental health      : mental health , example and exercise

Section 3 : 3 factors of stress           : stressor ,stress reaction , resources of support and exercise

Section 4 : Stress coping                  : stress coping and exercise

Section 5 : Summary of this course


  • I  kindly ask for your understanding that CBT basic course included this stress management .

    Because these skills interact with each other to improve mental self care skill.

  • This is an Animation designed with easy English for visual and auditory learners.

  • Therefore it might be suitable for the people whose English is second language .

  • There are no prerequisites for taking this course - It is suitable for beginners and will benefit everyone.

[What is CBT :Cognitive Behavior Therapy  ? ]

CBT is a treatment that changes how you think (cognition) and what you do (behavior).

You can make yourself feel better by changing these.

Unlike various other dialogue therapies, CBT focuses on “now and here” problems and difficulties. Instead of looking at the causes of past worries and symptoms, look for ways to improve your current state of mind.


  • It would be really appreciated if you could comment for this course after taking it  to improve the course

Who this course is for:

  • People who would like to learn stress management
  • People who would like to improve their mental self-care skills
  • General Affairs Department at work who would like to improve mental health


TAISHI Expert of mental self care  (心のセルフケアの専門家)
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心のセルフケアの専門家 TAISHIといいます。























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