Stress-free Mommy Blueprint(Hindi) By Stress-free Superstars

Heading towards a Stress-free Lifestyle.
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Help Indian Mothers in dealing with Stress


  • Strong Urge to a live a peaceful and stress-free Lifestyle


This course is for the Mothers who are stressed out due the limitless responsibilities of Motherhood as well as the pressure she gets from the soceity to be the best at every step. The Mothers enrolling for the course must be Hindi Speakers, as Instructor talks in Hindi most of the time.

In order to live a happy, healthy, peaceful and fulfilled life, it becomes crucial to learn to handle Stress gracefully.In this course you will get a crisp idea about how you can transform your life by learning the art of handling stress gracefully.

You will also come across shocking facts about behavioral changes in mothers and the effect it has on the Mother-child bond.

You will also learn about the signs of stress and how to recognize them and get the overview of Scientifically proven Techniques to handle stress gracefully and live a more efficient Life.

Who this course is for:

  • Stressed Mothers of India (Hindi speakers)


Stress-free Lifestyle Strategist
Neha Sharma
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I am a Certified Life Coach and a mother of two beautiful daughters, who conquered the stressful period in the motherhood journey by using scientific techniques to handle stress gracefully.

Now, I am on the mission to help atleast 100,000 Indian moms to handle stress gracefully and live a happy, healthy, peaceful and fulfilled life.

Hence, I started making courses which can help Indian mothers learn to handle the stress they encounter on daily basis and become more productive and enjoy the motherhood journey and develop a very strong mother-child relationship.