Strength and Weaknesses.

Self Progression.
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Five Important Aspects of Human.
Five Senses and It's Strength.
Five Basic Things of Human.
How to Apply Strength.
How to Reduce Weaknesses.
Stress and Depression.
Design Your Goal.


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Strength and Weaknesses.

In this topic there are six content.

Five important aspects.

  1. Mindset

  2. Enthusiasm

  3. Motivation

  4. Action

  5. Self Learner

Before started to our course you need to understand these five important aspects of human life.

Five senses and it's strength.

  • Definition of Strength.

  • Definition of Weaknesses.

  • Identify your strength.

  • Five senses

  • Slight

  • Touch

  • Smell

  • Taste

  • Hearing

  • Importance of five senses

  • Strength of five senses

Five basic strength or weaknesses.

  1. Mindset and willpower

  2. Human Health

  3. Time Punctuality

  4. Money

  5. Fear.

These five basic things which show human strength or weaknesses.

We will identify your strength and weaknesses and we will make strength and weaknesses table.

How to apply your strength.

  • Transfer your strength into habit it is the best way to apply your strength.

  • If basic five things are your strength then how to apply it.

How to reduce weaknesses.

  • Weaknesses are not permanent we can overcome from them with our corrective plans.

  • If basic five things your weaknesses then how to reduce them.

Stress and Depression.

  • Definition of Stress.

  • Definition of Depression.

  • Stress and Depression has very short period we need to handle it positively.

  • Why the age group 20-30 youths are very stressed or depressed

  • Stress and Depression is part of our life not end of our life.

Design your Goal.

  • Definition of Goal.

  • Each and everything you want to achieve in your life that is the goal.

  • Design your goal with SMART technique.

  • Requirement of redesign of your goal.

Who this course is for:

  • For Every Youths.


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Hello everyone,

My  name  is  Bapu  Shamrao Shinde .  I  am  from  Maharashtra , India .  I  have  more  than  fourteen  years  work  experience  in  automobile  industries .  But  in  the  last 4/5 years , I  realised  that  in  the  beginning  I  had  to  struggle  a  lot .  Each  youth  struggle  to start their career. But a simple solution to overcome from this struggle is building awareness in fundamental things in human life. Our course depends on fundamental things of life. If you wish to succeed in any field in your life you will required this all fundamental things. We believe in relationships so build community to achieve individual goal for everyone. If you wish to part of our community then book your seat now.

Thank you.

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