Stand Against Violence - Street Safety for Young Adults.

Make young adults aware of the risks and consequences of street violence. 50% of all course profits donated to charity
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Provide you with the research evidence to inform your kids about the best way to avoid injury from street violence.
Protects the head and centre line of the body using the hard bony areas of the lower arm.
Appreciate the true level of knife crime and the difficulty for the average person to defend against it.
Gain release from a strangle hold.
Identify your level of self-esteem and determine where you need to improve.
Use affirmations and positive self talk to build self esteem.
Use on-line resources to identify crime hotspots.
Talk with experienced people about the warning signs that people who have had a drink are about to become aggressive.
Utilise local resources able to inform the discussion about the influence of alcohol.
Feel safe on the streets knowing that 85% of the risk of injury can be significantly reduced.
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  • Willingness to engage as a family in a rational debate about self protection, self esteem and alcohol awareness.
  • Be ready to test your level of self-esteem which can feel intimidating.
  • Visit your local Police Force website or talk to Officers about Local Crime Hotspots.
  • Reflect on your experience to date seeing people who have had a drink change in their personality.
  • Talk to other parents about their experiences and set up a group discussion about alcohol, play the Skyscraper and Knife Games.
  • Bring a Tee Shirt and Marker Pen for the Knife Game


Half the proceeds of course sales are donated to the Charity Stand Against Violence.

Teachers, Parents, Teens and Young Adults need to know the facts about street violence. Ideal for PSHE lessons.

Contains graphic images of a violent attack.

The media focus on knives and guns but the research proves that:

85% of injuries come from punches, kicks and head-butts.
50% of incidents occur within 50 metres of licensed premises.
Victims are selected on weakness in their body language.

In this course you will learn how to:

- protect against head injury
- project a confident profile on the street
- talk about how alcohol changes some people

We back up all our material with research from experts including the University of Wales, Harvard Medical School, the Mayo Clinic, the Sorensen Self-Esteem Test and the self defence skills of a leading martial artist.

We also take a look at dealing with knives and assault on females (which usually takes place at home and by friends) but these skills do require expert assistance.

This course will give you peace of mind knowing you did your best to keep informed and safe. The course summary is FREE to view.

Who this course is for:

  • Proactive families who want peace of mind by understanding the dynamics of keeping safe in the modern world.
  • Teenagers who are venturing out into pubs and clubs for the first time and having their first experience of alcohol.
  • Young adults who have become more aware of the dangers on the street from people who might have a tendency to become aggressive.
  • Schools and Employers keen to ensure that pupils and employees do not get harmed.
  • Local authorities and Police Forces seeking a way to engage Teens and Young Adults with the basics of Street Safety.

Course content

8 sections21 lectures1h 14m total length
  • Introduction from Adam Fouracre - Founder of Stand Against Violence
  • Course Overview


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