Being Strategic And Communicating Strategy

Understand the mindset you need to plan for the future. Use a template that communicates the core elements of strategy
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Students will learn the OVERVIEW ONLY on how to position your team to be future focused and transform thinking on how technology is used in the organisation.
Students will be able to define strategy and gain consensus to see where change is required and plan those changes based on the impact to the organisation


  • Students who will benefit most from this course will be those who already have had at least a couple of years experience working cross functionally and those who can appreciate the context of a technology department.


Strategy Management Overview

Change is increasingly driven by technology and it’s being adopted by customers and your competitors at an ever-faster rate. You need to think further ahead than the next 18 months and help understand the impact to maintain a competitive advantage. You need more than forecasting next year's budget with requests coming from business peers…..You can help inspire that change by providing an understanding of what options are available to executives to make better decisions on furthering the vision of the company.

To gain alignment and direction with your business peers on the opportunity that technology can bring means a fundamental shift in mindset and approach. Think "Create, Innovate and Communicate" when you have a strategic opportunity:

  • Create: Define a corporate strategy with basic market analysis, focusing on the values and the vision of the company.

  • Innovate: Practice prototyping. Understand how to provide insight to inform business peers. Be introduced to minimum viable products and business models. Track lessons learnt as a means to innovate.

  • Communicate: Understand the power of capability models and practice their creation. Define a roadmap that represents your team's long term plan. Create a strategic plan that you can use to align with other departments.

This course is the overview of Strategy Management and is the first in a series of modules that covers the CIC framework. The Overview includes:

  • Strategic Fundamentals - focus, character, culture, lifecycle and approaches

  • Bonus - Communicate a Strategy using Strategy On A Page" (SOAP)

The modules that complete the rest of the CIC framework are found here: . Benefits of applying the CIC Framework workshop techniques:

Insight and Innovation

  • Position your team to be future-focused by starting activities that will transform thinking on how technology is used in the company.


  • Understand clearly the goals of your organisation.

  • Work with Key Influencers and Decision Makers to assess whether their business activities support the goals of the organisation.

Organisational Clarity

  • See where change is required in the organisation and visualise the impact required through defining capabilities.

  • Create a roadmap that depicts both the technology changes and business changes, Through a process of prioritisation, analyse dependencies and alignment.

Strategic Alignment

  • Cross-reference different department's plans and their technology enablers.

  • Check for gaps or duplication.

  • Validate whether the strategic intent of individual departments align.

Who this course is for:

  • Typical roles include Customer Success Managers, Account Managers, Business Analysts, Service Managers, Product Managers, Project Managers, Business Partners and Solution Architects.

Course content

3 sections14 lectures1h 4m total length
  • Introduction


Coach & Advisor on Strategic Partnerships for Technologists
Jon Baxter
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Jon has been passionately leading change in the UK in Strategic Partnering for the past five years since recognising the gap of where most organisations currently work at and where they want to be. He has created the proprietary SDBP® certificate and training programme. He has led the Strategic IT Partner Forum, a bi-annual conference that provides thought leadership, CXO level insight and practical application to 95 delegates in the UK.

Jon continues to write about and research Strategic Partnering, especially in the context of Digital Transformation. He has a top tier global corporate client list who subscribes to his coaching and workshops - recognised for their integrated, practical and implementable approach. Well over 300 delegates have attended one of Jon's workshops and events over the past 4 years.

Delegates on Jon's workshops appreciate his candour in bringing to life his experiences of working as a leader and manager in sometimes very challenging corporate roles that help audiences reflect on how they work and what they could do differently in order to step-change their own performance and that of their organisation.