Storytelling for Marketing and Entrepreneurship
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Storytelling for Marketing and Entrepreneurship

The Storytelling Guide to Attracting Better Customers and Building a Powerful Business Brand
4.5 (586 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
6,354 students enrolled
Created by Alex Glod
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What you'll learn
  • Effectively Pitch the Story of Your Business
  • Sell the Core Benefits of Your Products and Services
  • Leverage the Power of Word-of-Mouth and Networking
  • Understand the Influence of Emotions on Customer Behavior
  • Leverage the Social Influence of Your Customers, Employees, Fans and Supportes
  • Create Valuable Content that will Drive Traffic and Interest in Your Business
  • Enter with an open mind and with the willingness to reflect, come up with creative ideas and put them into action.

What would you say if I told you that with a great story you don’t need to have any credentials, connections or marketing budget to kickstart your business? There is no sense in investing a lot of money in advertising if you don’t have a story that sticks in the mind of your customers. The stories that convert the most are the stories that people tell about you and that is where your attention should be.

This course is designed for Marketers and Entrepreneurs that want to extend the reach of their business, cause a ruckus in the market and make their businesses stand out. I know how tough it can be to convince people to try something new and a good story will open doors for you that you never thought existed in the first place.

Each section is dedicated to teaching you these skills, the course manual will assist you during the learning process, valuable resources are scattered throughout the lectures and every section challenges you to take action by completing a project.

Feel free to explore what the course has to offer. Check out the free preview videos and remember that you have a 30-day money back guarantee once you decide to take the course. I look forward to seeing you in the virtual classroom and to hearing your story.

Who this course is for:
  • The ideals students for this course are marketers that want to expand their area of expertise and are on the lookout for cool and innovative ideas, as well as entrepreneurs that want to grow their business and offer great value to their customers.
Course content
Expand all 40 lectures 02:39:33
+ Introduction
4 lectures 17:10

Let's make sure we start off by setting the right expectations regarding Storytelling in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. In this lecture, we will look into the 3 main mistakes people make when they think of Storytelling applied in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Preview 04:52

Before fully embarking on this journey, t's important to first acknowledge the progress your business has made so far. This course will encourage you to do a lot of self-reflection and here is our first pitstop.

Where Is Your Business Right Now?

At the end of every section, we recommend to always take action in order to consolidate what you have learned. Welcome to your first project of the course!

Section Project: The Specifics of Your Industry & Your Most Valuable Lessons
+ The Story of Your Business
7 lectures 31:31

What is the story of your business? In this introductory lecture, I will share with you the story of our training company as an example of how impactful such a story can be.

Preview 04:40

By using the Golden Circle concept from Simon Sinek and  the 5-Why Exercise, in this lecture you will uncover and clarify the WHY of your business, the vision that drives it forward.

Preview 07:45

After clarifying the WHY of your business, let's look into the HOW - your organizational culture and the way you interact with the outside world.

Your Internal and External Values

Let's look into the history of your business. It surely has not been an easy ride. It was paved with challenges and the context might have not been favourable. No need to hide that away from us. We encourage you to openly share it. Sharing such stories establishes credibility and it demonstrates your determination to stay on the market, regardless how hard it will get.

Context, Challenges, Accomplishments and Mission

A business and a brand are represented by the people behind them. Who are the people working for your business? An important component in Storytelling for Marketing and Entrepreneurship is your team. They need to be up front and center on your website, blog and social media channels. Make them a part of your story!

The People Behind The Business

Besides your core business objectives, how are you contributing to society? In order for your story to stick, you need to demonstrate how much you care and how involved you are in the community. With the help of this lecture, we want you to consider and outline what are the social issues you care about and the resources you can invest in changing them for the better.

Your Contribution to Society

Now it's time to compile the story of your business! Use all the elements you have crafted in the last lectures and create a 1500 character text that will sumarize why, how and what your business does, your history, your team and your contribution to society. Share your first draft in the Q&A section.

Section Project: Tell Us Your Story
+ The Story of Your Product or Service
6 lectures 19:00

Welcome to The Story of Your Product section. The purpose of this section is to teach to effectively tell the story of the products and services you are looking to sell. Let's begin, shall we?


Knowing the history and evolution of your product can give you valuable insights into why the product exists in the first place and the need it satisfies. In this lecture, we invite you to explore the evolutionary process of your product. Enjoy!

Preview 07:58

Now that you know the history of your product, what does it tell you about your customers and the need that drives them to your product? With the help of this lecture, you will unlock some valuable insights into the mind of your customer and into how to better market your product.

The Need That Drives Clients to Your Product

You play an important role in the life of your customer. This lecture will help you understand it and communicate it more efficiently to your customer. Excited? So are we!

The Product's Role in The Life of The Client

At times you have to present your business and product in just one sentence. Isn't that frustrating? It might be, but with the help of this lecture,  you might discover it's not as hard as you might think. 

The Product Slogan

Apply all you have learned in the Story of Your Product section and craft a 1-minute product pitch on video.

Section Project: The Short Story of Your Product
+ The Customer Experience
5 lectures 35:09

Treat your customers they way you would like to be treated by a service provider. The goal of offering a complete Customer Experience is to satisfy the customer so that he or she can tell the story of your products and of your business. The stories that your customers share will convert more customers than any other marketing strategy.


Discover the 8 stages of the Customer Experience and their importance in reaching the final goal of turning a customer into a brand ambassador.

The Customer Experience Model

Emotions are the main drivers of customer behaviour. They either reinforce the positive relationship with your business or they create distance between you and the customer. Let's analyze how emotions can impact the Customer Experience Model.

The Influence of Emotions on Customer Behaviour

In this lecture, you will evaluate the quality of your Customer Experience and you are invited to check where to make the most important improvements.

How Could You Fill In The Gaps?

Time to put what you have learned into action, but don't get too excited. Take these steps one at a time and you will start seeing results. Your customers will be forever grateful.

Section Project: Client Experience Action Plan
+ Activating Your Tribes
6 lectures 26:35

Welcome to Section 5 where you will learn how to leverage the influence of your employees, customers, fans and supporters.


Never underestimate the power of human connections. In this lecture Alex will share with you the story of how he managed to speak at 2 TEDx events in one year through the power of word-of-mouth, storytelling and networking.

Preview 05:27

What are the key ingredients for creating a tribe? As it turns out there are 5 important conditions that need to be met in order to expect a group of people to function as a tribe.

What Tribes of People Need to Function

The first tribe that needs to be activated is your internal tribe - your employees. They are the first brand ambassadors of your business. Engaging them and giving them a sense of belonging will increase your business's credibility, as well as their performance and motivation.

Activating Your Internal Tribe

Next up are your customers, fans, supporters and external influencers. What cause would they be interested in fighting for? What context for connection could you provide for them?

Activating Your External Tribe

Time to put these learning into action once again! Take inspired action and bring people together around a cause you care about. Check their reactions and build up on their input!

Section Project: Bring People Together!
+ Content Storytelling
6 lectures 21:49

Content Marketing has been on many marketers lips and for good reason. It's a great way to build relationships with your potential customers and display what your business has to offer.


Who would survive in the long run? The altruist or the cheater? The answer might be counter-intuitive, but it holds an important insight regarding how to approach Content Storytelling.

The Virtue of Giving and Service

Let's explore together the various types of content we can create and deliver to our customers. Out of all these options, which do you find the easiest to create and which do you believe is the most challenging and most time-consuming type of content?

Types of Content We Can Create

In this lecture you will discover the content marketing plan template which will help you structure the type of content you create and the sales funnel it supports.

The Content Marketing Plan

It's important to do Content Storytelling in a smart way. There are many ways to get it wrong. In this section are 3 valuable tips that will prove useful for your Content Storytelling strategy.

Tips & Tools for Creating Content

Share a piece of content with us on the topic of "The Most Common Mistakes People Make When...". We will gladly offer your feedback and even promote it further if it proves to be of great quality.

Section Project: Publish a "Common Mistakes" Blog Post
+ Whatever You Do, Just Keep Walking
6 lectures 08:19

Welcome to the final section of the Storytelling for Marketers and Entrepreneurs course. Now it's time to sit back, relax and reflect on the course experience.


First of all, what have you learned from each section of the course? Rewind the clock and revisit the insights gained in each section.

What Have Been Your Main Learning Points?

Whar are your plans for the next year, given all the knowledge and insight you gained throughout the course?

What Do You Want Your Business to Accomplish in The Next Year?

There is a bumpy ride ahead of you! Let's analyze what could be the internal and external factors that could stand in your way in the following months.

What Fears and Challenges May Await You?

Have you had the courage to interact with your fellow students? If not, this is your chance. Share your fears and challenges with us in the Q&A section and contribute with useful advice to the other students in the course.

Section Project: Share and Contribute

Congratulations on following the course all the way through! Wish you a lot of succes and courage! May we meet again soon, hopefully even face-to-face.

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