Storyboarding for Beginners

Free, in-depth walk-through of the free, open-source tool Storyboarder for the pre-production storyboarding of any film.
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Know how to use Wonder Unit's Storyboarder tool
Understand the basics of storyboarding
Plan for pre-production storyboarding


  • Wonder Unit's Storyboarder (free software)
  • Passion and Good Follow-Through
  • Optional Drawing Tablet (e.g. Wacom)


Are you someone who cannot draw for nuts?

If you aspire to make a film but struggle to get your vision and shot ideas across with storyboards, this course will arm you with the needed know-how to using the latest tool in masterfully conveying that vision - without pain.

Learn How to Storyboard in an Instant, with Wonder Unit's Storyboarder.

Learn through this in-depth walk-through on the essential steps and features that come with Storyboarder in creating a professional and understandable storyboard, that you and anyone on your film crew can read, interpret and execute without questions asked about what that squiggly mess on the right is supposed to represent.

Why This Course?

  • Taught by someone who is technologically-savvy (visual effects specialist), produced a number of short films that screened at multiple film festivals, and understands the storyboarding process as an artist and producer

  • Step-by-step guide from start to completion of a sample sequence

  • Insights and know-hows that would save you time and money when storyboarding with Storyboarder

  • Networking and open collaboration opportunities with instructor and students


Forget Drawing your Shots, Let Technology do it for You.

You will Learn How:

  • Storyboarding works and its basic principles

  • To use key features of Wonder Unit's Storyboarder tool

  • To accommodate your existing design skills with the tool

  • To work with various storyboard export options that fit your filmmaking style

  • To plan for pre-production storyboarding

If you participate in this course, you will walk away empowered and equipped with the tool that will not only save you time and money in the film production process, but also, spare yourself the embarrassment of showcasing your drawing skills - or lack thereof.

The best part of it all - this course is utterly and ridiculously FREE, just as the tool itself, is free.

Who this course is for:

  • Film students and graduates
  • Professionals from other industries looking to make their own short films
  • Aspiring or new filmmakers and producers
  • NOT for seasoned independent film professionals who have been in the industry for at least 5 years


Multi-Hyphenate Artist, VFX Pro, TEDx Speaker, Author
Vicki Lau
  • 4.5 Instructor Rating
  • 2,894 Reviews
  • 65,710 Students
  • 11 Courses

Vicki started as a humble student of digital media back in the small city of Singapore with a background in visual effects in film and television and computer programming. Without any contacts or connections in the United States, she began her career at the age of 18 from Singapore, working her way up into the Hollywood film industry and landing her first break working on AMC's hit series, The Walking Dead (Season 4), as well as other movies such as Guardians of the GalaxyWar for the Planet of the Apes and the recent Aquaman.

Already recognized by her country and by major organizations as an expert in her field, Vicki has made great strides for someone her age, being in consistently high demand for jobs - averaging about 4 job offers and requests for interviews per freelance month(s) of availability, whilst her peers are still struggling to find their first entry-level position in the field. At only 24 years of age, she was one of the youngest speakers and presenters at the SMPTE Annual Technical Conference in its time, where she was a panelist and speaker for virtual reality in motion pictures.

She gave a TEDx talk on visual effects and virtual reality in May 2016 at Napa Valley, CA and in November 2018, was invited to speak as a keynote speaker at Elliott Masie's Learning 2018 conference, along with keynote speakers Former First Lady Laura Bush and Hamilton star Leslie Odom, Jr.

Why Learn from Vicki?

What makes Vicki different from other VFX instructors is that she actually worked IN Hollywood, California itself, brushing elbows with many names and even being invited to the Emmy Awards in 2014. Vicki shares with her students REAL insights that people in the Hollywood industry uses.

Learn from someone who actually worked IN Hollywood, CA at the MAJOR studios and blockbuster hits, and not some project outsourced to a small country or city at an unknown studio or from someone who claims to know "the secrets," by mimicking other successful instructors' language and content.

Trust, but verify. You can check out Vicki's IMDb page as proof. 

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