Stocks Algorithmic Trading Masterclass [Tradestation]

Get started on your Algorithmic Trading journey.
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How to code using EasyLanguage.
Robust Edges to trade the stock market.
When trading edges work best.
How to avoid overfitting your strategies.


  • Know the basics of the stock market.


Welcome to this masterclass,

In this course you are going to learn how to start the right way on your Algorithmic Trading Journey, from selecting a trading platform to analyzing the market using robust edges.

This course is aimed for beginners who wants to learn from scratch

1. Efficient Coding.

In this masterclass you are going to learn how to use Easy Language, Tradestation’s own proprietary programming language.

This language allows you to create Trading Strategies on a few lines of code with a language that resembles natural speech. Forget about learning difficult languages and start trading TODAY.

2. Robust Edges.

Learn simple proven strategies that still work after 30 years, from classical pullback edges to seasonal patterns.

At the end of this masterclass you are going to be able to differentiate between a good and a bad edge.

3. Filter your Edges.

Learn how to adapt your systems to the market in order to avoid unnecessary risks and improve your metrics knowing how your system works best.

4. Optimization Basics.

Overfit is the main enemy of any trader: Have you ever seen a model that has great metrics on paper but loses money trading live?

You are going to learn how to avoid that.

Avoid overfitting using basic techniques, once you understand how this process works, any edge you analyze is going to give you more robust results.

Who this course is for:

  • Traders who want to automatize their strategies.


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Traders often try thousands of failed strategies, they get desperate seeing how no matter what they do the market ignores them and takes away their capital.

We teach you to overcome these problems and finally find your profitable algorithmic edge.

In our masterclasses you are going to learn how to use cutting edge technology to regain your edge in the market.

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