Stock Trading Strategies: Seasonality

Learn cutting edge techniques to analyze the stock market
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Identify Seasonal Patterns with which to analyze the markets
Trade proven robust strategies that could make real profits
Analyse the stock market to develop exloitable insights
Discover how to use a seasonal analysis toolbox to find edges


  • Know the basics about the stock market


Most traders will never look outside a trend.

When analyzing the stock market there are several factors to consider, but most traders will never get out of the basics: trends and technical analysis.

In this course we are going to teach you how to think outside the box and use all the components of a time series to perform better analysis: trend, seasonality and noise.

Using these three components and our free tool you will learn:

  • How to identify what cycle the market is in.

  • What seasonal patterns you can trade.

  • Backtest hundreds of combinations to create simple, robust and profitable trading strategies.

This way you are going to get a full picture analyzing your trades using all of these components.

Usually in order to do these you need to have a heavy background on coding, but not for this course.

We are going to use a visual, hands on, no coding tool, that allows you to analyze any market (Forex, Futures, Stocks, ETFs) and most common entries and exits.

Finally, we discuss the best implementation methods so you can manage your risk and be eficcient.

Feel free to also check our other courses in this platform to complete your learning.

We hope you enjoy this course!

Who this course is for:

  • Traders and Investors curious about advanced trading techniques


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Traders often try thousands of failed strategies, they get desperate seeing how no matter what they do the market ignores them and takes away their capital.

We teach you to overcome these problems and finally find your profitable algorithmic edge.

In our masterclasses you are going to learn how to use cutting edge technology to regain your edge in the market.

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