Advanced Stock Options Daytrading with Chart Pattern Trading
4.1 (81 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
11,731 students enrolled

Advanced Stock Options Daytrading with Chart Pattern Trading

Day Trading Stock Options as a Profitable Business using Chart Pattern Trading
4.1 (81 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
11,731 students enrolled
Last updated 1/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Master all parts of Options Day Trading
  • Be professional in their approach to trading. Be thorough in the places that need it.
  • Complete our course number 2 and some experience as a trader
  • You’ve got the basic concepts. You’re clear on the Mindset aspects (very very very important). You know the purpose of the indicators and how the market moves about. And you’re treating this like a business or profession, so you want to be thorough. Note: This course refers to some proprietary indicators because they work better than the old indicators. They are available to you with the software. Success may cost a few dollars but failure to act can affect a whole lifetime.
  • What stocks and options are and how to trade them

This advanced course is for graduates of our beginner and intermediate courses on trading stock options and Chart Pattern Trading. DO NOT take it if you have not taken our other courses. You will not understand it.

It presumes  a strong foundation in how the stock markets work, how our proprietary software, Waves of Profit, works. And that you have been trading successfully, but want to improve.

If you have taken our courses, you know who we are and you know that we answer your questions and comments very quickly. You know that there is tremendous support in our private Facebook group, which you receive access to as a graduate of this course.

In this advanced level course, you will 

  • Delve deeper into the Waves of Profit software, how to understand how to use the Replay functions to fine tune your trading.
  • Discover how to transition smoother from Replay to actual live trading
  • Learn how to set up the buy/Sell buttons
  • Dive further into your subconscious mind to prevent your self-sabotaging behaviors from destroying your account
  • See how to handle a bad trade, so that it doesn't snowball into financial catastrophe
  • Learn the mindset of a professional trader
  • And much more

Successful traders join us to share their secrets to successful trading. 

In the final section, we dig into the bowels of the Waves of Profits software and teach you the small features in the program which will give you massive advantages in the Options market.

Many, if not all, of these indicators are exclusive to the software, created over fourteen plus years of intensive testing, back-testing and calculations. We took indicator ideas and concepts from the Forex market and tested them on Options. Tweaked them. And the ones that worked, we incorporated into the software.

Now that you are familiar with the software, it is time to take your trading to the next level.

This course is not a mass market course. Only graduates of our earlier courses should take it.

Who this course is for:
  • Stock Option Traders
  • Interested in Options trading
Course content
Expand all 56 lectures 07:49:36
+ Live Trading
4 lectures 12:57

The speed of information in Live trading is faster. In Replay we master the principles. In Live, we see more details and that might be too fast at first. Here's what to do.

Preview 00:47

Moving from Novice to Expert is a graduated process. Need to learn steps in an order that builds on the previous knowledge. The Replay tool is great for principles and practice. To keep it manageable level of learning, some parts of Live trading are left aside until the principles are mastered. Then we can adapt to faster data, the specific Option contract details, etc.

Be Familiar With Your Stocks Before Live Trading

[See this as a five year plan. Patience. No rush and fail.] (excel sheet has lower failure rate... if failure rate is higher... looks like this.) e.g. Rule 72.

Live Tick Prices

What are the differences that makes one trader get paid, and another not get paid?

Live Trading Bid or Ask or ?
+ Waves of Profit as a Trading Platform
5 lectures 38:00

The system is a trading platform. That helps making getting into and out of a trade very quick if you want that speed. This lecture guides you through the steps to make it perform the way you like.

Preview 09:40

How to set up Waves of Profit Buy/Close settings.

Setting up the Buy / Close settings
In Depth Trading with the Buy Button

Allen shows you how quickly your trades are executed using the Buy/Close function in Waves of Profit.

Example of the Buy/Sell Button Speed for Placing Trades

This lecture shows the steps needed to integrate the software with an IB Advisor account. Just a couple easy things to do are shown here.

Advisor Account Setup
+ Advanced Trader Mindsets
11 lectures 01:13:08

Being emotional compromised is a risk to our results. We might think we're "ok" to trade but if we're not 100% present and focused, we will lose money. Make sure that you have no emotional distractions.

Preview 03:12

Do you know what works for you? There are an infinite number of indicators that you can have on your screen. There are an infinite number of Windows you can have open. There are multiple screens that you can have. Allen shares why you can have too much and how that negatively impacts your trading.

More is not More

When traders start they might do well for a while, but then start to lose money. Here's why and what you can do about it.

Beginners Luck and Experience

What happens to us after a bad trade? With Steven W. How to circumvent the emotional turmoil that occurs after a bad trade. How to set up your mindset for success.

Handling a Bad Trade

Day Trading comes with a faster pace than investing and with bigger rewards. What can we use from other fields similar to Day Trading? Don't hold on too tight: Top Gun movie had scenes about "losing the edge". How to make sure you don't lose your edge.

Lessons from Pilots and Race Car drivers

Reducing some bad habits that cost money. With Steve W, becoming a more evolved human. This was also in the Mindset course.

Being Human 2.0

What do seasoned traders know? What do they integrate into their trading habits.

Mindset of a Pro-Trader

It's a business. Model your business after the necessary things a successful business does. A few good points that prevents big unnecessary expenses.

Preview 13:46

Many traders get into a trade late because they are looking for comfort or assurance. This looks at that topic from another perspective.

Making Hay While the Sun Shines

There is a right time to enter a trade. Everything else is not the best time. Many people hesitate and get in too late. This lecture should fix that forever, if you follow the wisdom herein.

The Right Candle For Entries

Doing well for a while and then drift off the things that work. Habit of watching the videos again. Written rules.  See the trade rules on different stocks (different conditions). Why shouldn't I get that one?

Simple Strategy For Success From Tataouine, Tunisia
+ Interviews with Successful Traders
2 lectures 22:56

Reviewing a Live trade by successful trader. Walk through what he was thinking (part of his normal process for making money).

The Market line

Example of a strong day in the market and profit reached in 90 seconds. Discussion about when to place your stop / exit order. Personal choice applies here.

Getting Paid on a Strong day
+ Trading Details With the Tools
10 lectures 01:26:04

With coach Murray and how to find trades using the list and the markers on the chart. Specific rules.

Using the Dynamic Targets list

The Lists have an outline. You can change it. There are improvements based on feedback.

Working with Lists
Bid, Ask - Live Trading

Need to know if the market is moving mostly in the same direction. Affects success probability and also if we can trade against the market (if the market is weak and our stock is strong).

Knowing if the Market is coherent

How to catch bigger runs using one extra indicator for that specific time. You must practice this significantly because its not like normal trading we teach to get you started. You will still need other indicators like EA. It can be used on any stock.

Preview 19:02

Clarifying a couple points about the SPY Trader strategy. The basket is powerful unless you sabotage it as explained.

SPY Trader Case Study and Basket

Some support markers are available to help follow the rules for the "Bigger Trades" lecture.

Support for Bigger Trades

There are many trading ideas. Let's look at one of the better ones and the alternatives.

The Half-Candle rule

Sometimes it's unclear if we should ride out the "flutter" or leave the trade. This shows a simple helpful indicator.

Using the Cross over bars for Exit decisions

Learning Chart Patterns can assist you in getting a feel for the market. See the patterns we like best.

Chart Patterns
+ Advanced Filtering and Rules
9 lectures 01:19:58
Using Filters to Test Your Rules Filter 1
Filter 2
Filter 3
Filter 4
Filter 5
Filter Plan

Some traders succeed and others don't for a long time. What's the "magic"? The software does alot of the work. You need to use your supercomputer (you natural abilities) to do the rest. The feeling of this being good or not exists in all industries. Trading, business, sports. Getting "the feel" (the art) puts the final piece in place. Takes the practice so the supercomputer of the human has what it needs to determine "this is good" or not.

The "Magic"
Discovery Tool
+ Jedi Level FIlter Rules Strategy Session With Coach Murray
2 lectures 40:23

Live in Cancun, Murray leads the group in Exit Filter Rules Creation.

Exit Filter Rules Design

Live in Cancun, Murray leads the group in Exit Filter Rules Creation.

Exit Filter Rules Design Part 2
+ Live With Steven Wright in Cancun
3 lectures 46:18

Follow Master Trader, Steven Wright, as he prepares for the Market to open.

Trade Preparation

Moiel Steven as he talks you thru the first hour the market opens.

Opening Market

Is there opportunity today or is it time to get out the roller blades?

Opening Market Part Two
+ Advanced Options Trading Strategies
3 lectures 41:45
Trigger Happy Trading Part One
Trigger Happy Trading Part Two
The $45,000, Ten Minute Trade That Broke the Rules