Probability startup

Basics of Probability
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Student will learn the basic of probability
Problem based on each of the topic discussed


  • Basic knowledge of coin,dice,cards
  • open mind to learn the content


This course is a light insight into probability theory.

Fundamental likelihood ideas are talked about in natural manner to build

a strong foundation that can  assist students with deriving and learning better concept.

It focus students to  build skills in autonomous  way.

The course may take a short time to finish.

However, it gives away a portion of significant ideas.

Who this course is for:

  • Student pursuing BE with ECE,CSE,IT background,Master in sciences.

Course content

6 sections15 lectures44m total length
  • Introduction
  • Define the terminology used in probability
  • sample space, outcomes


Amina Begum
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My professional teaching career at a  reputed engineering

college with a experience of 18 years as a Senior Assistant Professor

having  master's in electronics  with specialization in VLSI .I hold

various technical professional certification in  probability,machine learning ,python, microelectronics circuit to devices and switching circuits.

               My passion is to reach the target  students who want to

gain knowledge.I have excellent knowledge  in signal and system,electromagnetic, probability,Internet of Things,I assisted students utilizing the modern teaching aids effectively and supervised many projects for undergraduate and post graduates

students based on VLSI AND IOT.

               Ability to create quick interest among the students about the subject.

I look forward to serve and share my best lectures with many lifelong learners.