Startup Finance: How To Approach Family And Friends For Help

Free Course for businesses. A Step by Step Guide to raising startup finance from Family/Friends without any fallout!
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Understand how to raise money from family and friends
Know how to manage the relationship process
Ask and receive the right kind of fininace
Create win-win situations with family and friends
Become aware of the pitfalls and how to circumvent them


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  • Access to those that can help


This Is A Beginners Level Program

After all is said Family & Friends tend to be the first place most people turn to when they need general help or business finance. Yet if this process is not managed well, it can result in long term tension, unforgiveness and heartaches.

In reality, it does not need to be that way if certain guidelines are followed. This will ensure that emotional upheaval and disagreements are completely removed and individuals can enjoy good relations with family are friends whether or not the business works out not. For surely, as we journey to success there are challenges to overcome.

In my effort to help entrepreneurs obtain the funding they need and still keep their relationships I will cover the following topics:

- Determining the type of finance being sought

- Advantages of borrowing from family and friends

- Disadvantages of borrowing from family and friends

- General guidelines

- The Agreements to sign

- The Business Plan to present

- What to think about

My hope is that as you embark on this course you use the information to raise the money you need and still keep all your relationships intact!

This course will teach and remind you of all you need to focus on when asking family/friends to support your enterprise. 

Who this course is for:

  • Any one who needs financial help for their business
  • Those who know they have family and friends that can help them get started
  • This course is useful for those writing a business plan for the first time
  • Anyone starting in business


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I strongly believe that people need to know their deepest interests to be able to function in their unique gifts and chosen areas. They should indeed develop all these gifts and become an expert in that space. This way, they fulfil their dreams and also serve a lot of people.   

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I am Boomy Tokan, a Udemy Premium Instructor, a speaker, a small business consultant and an author of five business books. I have helped over one-thousand enterprises before from the idea stage down to the start-up. I had obtained an honours degree in business and finance from Greenwich University.     

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In the past few years, I have helped small businesses in raising money for their specific ventures. My experience and my knowledge of writing and presenting business plans are commendable. Even my understanding of the ways to raise finance has proved to be a benefit to many people.

A Udemy Premium Instructor. Here is one of the many 5 Star Reviews:   

The Best Yet   

I am reluctant to say a course is the best on Udemy because there are so many different courses covering many different subjects approaches etc. OK. Well for this course I am going to put discernment before my principle. This course is probably the best course on Udemy..phew there I said it - why? Because it covers the fundamentals of life of growth in a very simple step by step way. A lot of common sense here..but don't sniff at that...commons sense is not very common. And to find a teacher of this calibre who has a way of making you sweat: (and smile) Truly a gift what a heaven-sent course this is - by Paul Soffe,   

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