Starting to write

Be a more creative you. Take small steps and start writing today.
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (501 ratings)
23,892 students
Starting to write
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (501 ratings)
23,892 students
You'll develop a writing habit.
You'll learn to write without waiting for a big idea.
You'll get some tips for moving on to the next stage.


  • An interest in writing and in exploring your creative side
  • A notebook
  • Basic knowledge of word processing helps, but isn't essential
  • Time and space to write (but that could be 15 minutes on a bus or in a cafe)

This beginners course in Creative Writing will teach you that you don't need to have a 'big idea' to start writing, and will give you proven strategies and practical techniques so that you can start writing straight away. You'll create word sketches and sense impressions, and take your writing out with you so you can write on location. You'll learn the secrets that all practising writers know, and why you should try to make your first drafts as imperfect as possible. I'll also give you some next steps so you can take things further when you're ready. 

Who this course is for:
  • Absolute beginners who haven't tried creative writing before
  • Anyone who wants to rediscover their creative side
  • Copywriters and nonfiction writers who want to try writing fiction or poetry
  • Teachers starting to teach Creative Writing who need ideas
8 sections • 44 lectures • 1h 5m total length
  • A one minute writing activity to get you started
  • What's this course all about and who is it for?
  • An overview of the course and a bit about me
  • How to download resources
  • Starting Words
  • A quick reminder of the Starting Words exercise
  • How to approach this course
  • What equipment do I need?
  • What we covered in this section
  • Word Sketches
  • How can I help you?
  • Sense Impressions
  • Noticing things
  • What we did in the 'Start Writing' section
  • Introduction to on the road
  • Go outside
  • Writing in cafés and on trains
  • A quick summary of 'On the Road'
  • Introduction to start where you are
  • Getting over yourself
  • Don’t wait until you feel like it
  • Turning up
  • Create a space
  • What we covered in 'Start Where You Are'
  • Test what you know so far
  • Introduction to drafting and redrafting
  • Have a go at drafting and redrafting
  • Weather writing
  • What we did in the drafting and redrafting section
  • Introduction to What Next?
  • Your Writing Habit and Writing Prompts
  • You did it! Now keep writing.
  • Your Writing Calendar Challenge
  • Your Writing Goals Challenge
  • Your Gratitude Challenge
  • Invitation to take part in my other Udemy courses (coupon codes in resources)
  • Connecting with other writers
  • The Power of Dedicated Writing Time
  • A writing prompt to use when you've run out of ideas
  • Looking at the world with a writer's eyes
  • Your Two Free Books
  • The books in the small steps series
  • The Best Time to Plant a Tree
  • Habit stacking
  • I need your help!

Writer and teacher
Louise Tondeur
  • 4.3 Instructor Rating
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I've published two novels with Headline Review,The Water’s Edge and The Haven Home for Delinquent Girls , and I've been teaching for 25 years. I've also published a book on time management, a short story collection and several writing guides. I help creative people find time to write amongst the hectic-ness of everyday life.