4.4 (8 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Start Your Own Small Business with this Quick Start Small Business Course
4.4 (8 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,172 students enrolled
Last updated 5/2019
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This course includes
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  • Assignments
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What you'll learn
  • After completing this Small Business "QUICK START COURSE" you will have the tools you need to Start Your Own Small Business including Your Phone & Phone number, E-mail Address & Youtube Channel, Website, Business Cards, Flyers & Logo using little to no money to get started!
  • No College needed to start your own SMALL BUSINESS
  • You should have the desire to Start Your Own SMALL BUSINESS
  • This Quick Start Small Business Course is all about Selecting your new Small Business & Setting it up!

This Small Business Quick Start Course builds a solid foundation empowering you to Start Your Own Small Business. No matter if it's a Service Type Business, a Brick and Mortar or Online Business. Follow these 10 simple easy to follow modules step by step. You can work part-time with full-time pay. Or work full time, hire a team and grow your business. It all starts with selecting your type of Business and name, getting a Phone, Phone number, E-mail & YouTube channel. You will learn how to create your starter Business Cards, Flyers, Logo, get Testimonials and build a free Website. This course is Simple, it's easy and it works.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to be their own boss.
  • Anyone who wants to work their own hours.
  • .
  • Anyone that wants to open a small business in the future.
  • Anyone who wants to keep their current job and have a part-time business.
  • .
  • Anyone who drives for Uber, Uber Eats, Lyft, Doordash, Postmates, Amazon or any delivery service.
  • .
  • This is perfect for a Service Based Business: Any plumber, electrician, heating & air conditioner contractor, cleaning service, dog walker, plant watering, photographer, self-defense Instructor, massage therapist, gardener, hair stylist, gift basket making, mobile pet grooming, computer repair, handyman, window washer, etc. Anyone that provides a service can turn it into a business.
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Course content
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+ Selecting your Business Type, Name & Entity
3 lectures 20:31

MODULE ONE: Selecting the TYPE of your Business


Welcome to "Small Business Quick Start Course". It is designed to get your SMALL BUSINESS started with little to no money. Your are not getting a business license, a contractor's license, insurance, a bond, creating an LLC or an S-Corp or opening up your SEP (Simplified Employee Pension) account. YET!  This is just Guessing & Testing to see if you even want to continue with a small business. If you make the moves you will have a solid foundation to build on.


What can you do? What would you like to do?  You should know the answer to these questions. 


From Window Washing to getting your Contractors License and everything in between. You might work for a Contractor now, a private party bar-tending company, a Cleaning or dog walking service, etc. and have been doing side jobs or moonlighting. Now it is time to step up and make it a real business. You will start part-time and work at it full-time when you are ready.

Preview 06:25

MODULE TWO: Selecting the NAME of your Business


Start with your name then the name of your small business.

Example:  JR'S Window Washing Service


What is your intention with the business. Will it be a family legacy or something you want to sell down the road?

Decide on a name to get started. You can change it once you go legit. Remember you are Guessing and Testing.


Let's talk about "Future Pacing". In this module, there are a few things you might want to consider in case you want to stick with the name you selected or this process will help you choose a new name for your new SMALL BUSINESS.

How to name your business



You will start your Small Business as a Sole Proprietor. 


This means YOU are the company. So we will focus on that and briefly talk about other Business Structures such as: LLC's, S-Corps, C-Corps & Family limited partnerships. Jon ran his small business as a sole proprietor for 20 years before he upgraded to an S-Corp.


In this Module we will also talk about your physical address.

What entity? Sole Proprietor, LLC, S-Corp?
This is your first assignment: . 1. Select your business type . 2. Name your business . 3. Pick your entity . 4. Decide on your business address (optional)
Serve 2 Succeed Assignment One
4 questions
+ Phone & Number, E-mail & YouTube Channel
3 lectures 27:23

MODULE FOUR: Getting Your Phone and Phone number

Jon started his 1st Service Business when he was twenty using only his personal land line at the time. JR's Plumbing Service. He never made it into a real business because he had no idea what he was doing business wise at that time. He knew how to fix things in exchange for money, but I didn't know how to make it into a real business. He was going through some guessing and testing like you are now. When he started his Retrofitting Business he got a separate business phone number dedicated just for his new business. When cell phones went main stream he transferred his land line number to his cell phone. He bought an inexpensive one that works perfectly for a Small Business and he still uses it today. He does not have a cell phone payment or insurance on it. If it breaks, He goes to e-bay and I gets another one for $25 dollars. Remember you want to spend as little money as possible. He will show you exactly "how to" do this.

Phone & Number

MODULE FIVE: Getting Your E-mail Account


Now that you have secured your business name and phone number, you will now create a new E-mail account.


If you did your "Future Pacing" assignment you should already know the name of your e-mail account. So this should not take long to create.

Preview 03:37

MODULE SIX: Creating your YOU TUBE Channel


Now that you have your new E-mail account, you will create your YouTube Channel.

We will also secure your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for future use. If you did your future pacing exercises in Module 2 then your done already. If not take the time out now and secure those names.

YouTube Channel
This is your second assignment: . 1. Select a phone & phone number 2. Create your G-mail account 3. Create your YouTube channel
Serve 2 Succeed Assignment Two
5 questions
+ Website, Logo, Business Cards & Flyers
4 lectures 01:24:52

MODULE SEVEN: Getting Content for your Website & Business Cards


It is time to start getting Content for your Business Card, and Your Business Website. 


You will need to design your website first, because you will need your URL (website address) to put on your business card. If you did the assignments you already have your business name, phone, phone number, e-mail address and YouTube channel. If you did not do the assignments, go back a get them done. You will now find or design your company logo, take your pictures and start getting a few testimonials. 

Content for your Cards & Free Website



Jon will show you a free website solution to get you started. 


You could upgrade to a word press website later, once you know you have a business. But what Jon shows you here is good enough. You really do not want to spend any money or waste any time at all to get started, as you are still guessing and testing. Let's create your FREE WEBSITE.

How to get your free website online

MODULE NINE: Getting Your Starter Business Card

Jon shows you a website to obtain cheap professional business cards to get you started. 


By now you have a logo and a picture of yourself showing the way you would like to be perceived. Let's get started on your 1st business card. Just do it and getting business coming in. You will make it better and better each time you get new cards. 

How to create your 1st business card

MODULE TEN: Getting Your Business Flyers


Flyers are one way and the easiest to get your business started.


You will now make flyers that represent your Cards & Website. Once ready pass them out everyday.  It's a no brainier.

It's time to make some flyers
This is your third assignment: . 1. Get the content for your cards & website 2. Get your free website online 3. Create your 1st business card 4. Design your 1st flyer
Serve 2 Succeed Assignment Three
4 questions
+ Bonus Training
2 lectures 20:57



This is a BONUS TRAINING on "how to" create your YouTube Channel Header. You should have all the content you need from designing your Cards, Website and Flyers. Download my sample Template then drag and drop your content in. Save then Upload to your newly created YouTube Channel. Youtube also has a template you can download or just google it. 

YouTube Header Creation

This is a bonus video to show you "how to" wash a window. If you can't think of a business to start this is the simplest and easiest way to start your own business. This training includes a lecture from someone who actually lived in his van and drove to a several small towns over an 8 year period and survived just by washing windows with no business cards or flyers. YOUR WELCOME!

Start a Window Washing Biz