Start a Creative Career in Audio as a Sound Engineer

Your personal introduction to the nuts and bolts of a fulfilling career in audio.
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Choose the right career path in pro audio for them
Find sound engineering jobs through automated online search engines
Dominate the mental game to make a living as a sound engineer
Use their home studio as a tax deduction
Invoice their customers or clients with the right details


  • Electronic journal like Workflowy or Google Docs


This is an introductory course for people who are considering work as a sound engineer or other job in the field we call pro audio. It will help you ask the right questions to build a strong foundation for a lifelong career you can be proud of.

Discover how you can transform your audio hobby, into a paying career.

You will learn:

  • How much real sound engineers make
  • Whether you should get a job or go freelance
  • How to find the right sound engineering job
  • The most common tax deduction you may be missing
  • How to invoice your customers

Get the knowledge you need to start making money in pro audio right away.

Do you know how to become a sound engineer?

Poof! Now you're a sound engineer! ;)

Lots of people know how to connect a microphone to a mixing board, but very few people actually know about the nuts and bolts of a successful career in audio.

I will walk you step-by-step through the initial phase of setting up your thriving business.

Each section will include a short video lecture where I will share the most important lessons I have learned during 14 years in the industry working in 7 different cities and 3 different countries. An information-packed article will follow each lecture with insider details that would normally take you years of experience to find out.

Let's get started!

Who this course is for:

  • Sound Engineers
  • Sound Designers
  • Audio Visuals Technicians
  • Audio Engineers
  • Students at Audio Schools
  • People in career transition who love music
  • Counselors & Coaches who help people with career choices
  • Musicians who want to transition into a Pro Audio career

Course content

7 sections16 lectures58m total length
  • Introduction from Nathan Lively
  • How much do sound engineers make?
  • Business Model Examples


Career Coach for Audio Engineers
Nathan Lively
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I am a recovering sound engineer.

I used to really hate my job. I know working on concerts, theatre, and recordings sounds like a fun fancy job, but a lot of people get into it for the wrong reasons and get burned out. Through a lot of moving around and trial and error I have come to really love being a sound engineer.

If you or someone you know is working in audio, but struggling to get the kinds of jobs, clients, or money that they want, I hope you'll think of me because I love to help people find their best fit in pro audio and create a fulfilling career that they can be proud of.